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    leotaylor: :D -well hung stud
    i certainly could use the cash right is kind of a problem.if doing porn helps me out-long as it is not gay porn.I will certainly consider it-especially if i get to have sex with hot blondes,red heads and brunnettes
    All I can say is one guy saw my big cock and said ''IF HE HAD THAT THING,HE'D FUCK ALL THE WOMEN.YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF THAT.''
    So if anyone here,wants me to do porn and it's safe,with a hot female-e-mail me.
    ready to go.
    know my dicks over 7 inches-cause thats only semi erect. <_< so 8 and a half is the full measure.but a man dosen&#39;t live by a big cock along-brains and looks helf,funny sense of humor.talent
    loving for love with a hot woman=must have beauty,brains-love a man with a sense of humor,intelligence and a big cock

    send e-mail
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