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    so, some friends and I were talking about some of the things we've done sexually and women we've dated, etc. it got me thinking, so I put some of it down. here are some of the women I have dated/been involved with. some of these women might be the same. and this is not an all inclusive list, just some more notable things.

    my sister's best friend:
    they worked together, and we hit it off, dated a while.

    my best friend's sister:
    my "pseudo bride", as we almost married a while back in a drunken vegas stupor. we get along, sex happens, but we have never officially dated. and she is way out of my league.

    my brother's future (before they were involved) wife, her best friend, and the friend's sister (sisters not at the same time, of course):
    yeah, things happen when you are younger. never dated, just had flings with the sisters. the future wife was a one off thing with the best friend.

    a not well known wannabe actress. no, I will give her name. she has done a few films, some TV and commercials.

    at 34, I dated a girl who was 20. it didnt seem too bad, until we went to a bar one night, and I

    realized she couldnt get in. so we went to T.G.I.Friday's instead. damn, I just wanted to buy a few beers is all. at Friday's, its a whole meal and such. after a while, I just sort of stopped calling her. after the 20 year old, I dated a woman who had a son who was 20. def a variation between the two.

    I dated the sister of my cousin's wife. we kept it on the sly, as her family had issues with a difference of religions. I broke it off because her friends were lame. no guy should tell me how Nickleback "fuckin' rocks like no other." note: not all mormons are as uptight about sex as some might think.

    I have had sex with more than one member of LPSG. again, I will not name anybody.

    a midget/dwarf/little person, however you want to call them.

    I have bulled for cuck couples.

    I have had two women go down on me as I watched my ex gf get fucked. actually, I have watched her get fucked ALOT, in many circumstances.

    while at a club one night, met a girl. we snuck off to go fool around. we thought we were being discreet, but apparently not. the DJ made sure to give us a shout out as she was sucking me off. if anybody knows who Richard Blade is, he has a great sense of humor.

    a girl who has done some porn. again, no names. she has featured in a few films, but wouldnt say she is a "star".

    fucked a girl bent over a desk, while I wore a Zip drive, old school 100Mb SCSI version, around my neck like flava flave. yes, I am a geek.

    gotten many blowjobs while playing games. I have cumshot while giving a headshot on Goldeneye many times. I have actually fucked while gaming, but it takes its toll on your game ability.

    dated a girl who's father is a serial killer. 100% serious, he is currently on death row. there have been TV shows made about him. though we dont date anymore, she is still a very dear friend.

    had sex at an adult book store, with real women. both in the booth, and through the glory hole.

    had a threesome (on a few occasions) with a girl and her boyfriend's sister. and no, the BF didnt know.

    I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom. yeah, thats right, just like Humpty Hump.

    fucked in a cemetery. once with two girls while somebody filmed us.

    been a part of a few gangbangs.

    went into a club alone, left with 4 girls. sadly, I only took 2 of them home. they were cousins.

    while at a halloween party, I ended getting with a girl. I was very much into it, and didnt realize we had gathered an audience in the bedroom. a half dozen or so watched as Mr. T seriously plowed a ren fair girl from behind.

    I might add to this list if I can come up with some others and I'm not too lazy.

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    Where's the shame? Sounds like you've had quite a bit of fun and nothing to be ashamed of at all.
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    Uhm. Kind of. I've gone to a gay bar, and twice, picked up a woman.

    Felt up my wife's sister, while my wife slept next to me. Her other sister kept asking me for a fuck (never happened).

    Had sex with my babysitter's husband.

    Was molested by my older brother.

    My wife watched while I had sex with a trans sexual. She's also watched while I've had sex with other men and women, and joins in.

    Had three some with a weird woman and a guy. I kissed the guy, and he later realized he was gay....

    Screwed a friend's women and she dumped him for me (no I didn't marry her)

    Had a woman dump me for another woman (is this weird? No, not really)

    that i can recall now..
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