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Discussion in 'Relationships, Discrimination, and Jealousy' started by B_Noctem, Sep 29, 2010.

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    I realized at quite a young age that I had various kinds of attraction toward other boys that I did not have toward girls. Around 13, I did some research and finally comprehended that I was gay, along with everything that it meant. I had no problem with that all. I came out to my family about 2 months after my 15th birthday ( and about 7 months from losing my virginity ) during a family dinner.

    It's actually quite funny. I announced to my parents and my siblings that I had a very important thing to tell them and that they might have a shock. I took a deep breath, said that I was 100% sure that I was gay and explained everything to them.

    Once my little speech was finished, my only brother and my older sister both smiled and winked, my dad looked at me with a smirk, my younger sister burst laughing and my mom blurted out: "That's your big news? Sweetie, we already know. We've known for a long time. As a matter of fact, we probably knew before you did". The surprise was on me. It was reallly well-accepted by almost everyone, except for a few cousins and uncles but their opinion was irrelevant since I was not really close to them and beside, my grandmother gave them a severe warning that any form of mockery or disrespect would not be tolerated. And believe, you do not want to mess with my grandma, lol!!

    I guess I was really lucky AND blessed to have been born into such a cool and open-minded family. I know many people had a much tougher route when they came out
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    That's a lovely story, and not a million miles from my own. I was 21 though and spoke to all my family members individually. Of course, everyone knew and had been deliberating whether or not to just ask me. They were all great - dad cried, mum cried, sis cried... basically they were all just so happy that I was happy.

    The best part was my dad who initially told me I didn't need to worry about coming out to his side of the family up north. My heart sank at this. But then the next time we spoke, he had brought everyone up to speed, even his terrifying matriarchal mother. She was the coolest. Watching telly, she'd sigh over the gays and say, "they're so sweet - just like our lad". It taught me that the older generations we're often afraid to traumatize are often the least flappable.

    Great album by the way. Carpe Noctem! 8)
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