Sharing your multi-orgasm experiences, BOTH!

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    I am not sure if my experiences can be defined as multi-orgasm. And I have it both with myself and my partners.

    Female: Only about 20% or so of my partners have ability of reaching orgasm more than one. And only about 3 girls are able to go past 5 orgasms in one game. From what I have read, multi-orgasm in female means orgasm after another orgasm within a very short time interval, says in seconds. But my partners take a longer time interval, says couple of minutes. What we have done is a short pause after any of the orgasm about half a minute or so. While my cock still hard and inside and no movement at all during the pause, I will be playing with other hot spots on her. BUT DO NOT CHANGE POSITION. I have found that changing position is a kind of pushing re-start button. Another trick I have found to help women reach multi-orgasm is that using cock interchangeably to stimulate between G-spot and clitoris. If she just has clitorical orgasm by ball-deep approach, then next is to stimulate G-spot by pulling out cock to the point that the penis gland ridge is at about her G-spot. It seems to me that these two women orgasm spots need some recovery time to go for the next round. Other may have different approaches though.

    Male: OK, I'm not sure if I can call this multi-orgasm in male. But What I have the most is three orgasms from one intercourse. I cannot have this everyday but once in a while say once every two weeks or so. I have to be in a super perfect condition, have had a lot of rest and very relax from anything else. But the most important part is at my partner! She has to know the right rhythm after my cum, using her vagina to do Kegel like action gentlely to my semi-hard cock without moving, because moving any inch could make me oversensitive and my cock will not stand the sensation. Also, it is very tricky move here not to rush into it because semi-hard cock could be pushed out from vagina during vaginal squishing action. About a minute, my cock will start to fill with blood again and then the gentle move may start. It may take another minute for my cock to get fully hard again and then off we go again the next round. It is more difficult but it is possible and fun. How about yours?
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