she angled herself so that her most sensitive parts would rub directly against his..

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    She straddled him and buried her face into his neck but he remained motionless. The cold night air nicked and tickled their skin as it passed through the windows of the truck. They sat there for some time but then she slowly began to buck her hips back and forth, luringly grinding herself against his crotch. She breathed slowly and every time she exhaled she could feel her breasts flatten as they pressed into his well toned chest.

    He began to swell and she angled herself so that her most sensitive parts would rub directly against his shaft. The landscape of his genitals felt foreign yet familiar. She was experienced with men but the cloth between them made it hard for her create a mental image of his protuberance based on touch alone. One thing was for certain though he was large, the largest she had ever had the pleasure of humping and at that moment he was only semi hard.

    She was soft and supple, and smelled of vanilla. He closed his eyes inhaled deeply and allowed the sweet and filling fragrance to tickle the back of his brain. Even with his eyes closed he was certain that what he had writhing about in his lap was the very embodiment of femininity. He placed his hands as far away from her as he could in an attempt to restrain himself and she continued to grind herself against him.

    It only took a while for him to become rock hard, she amused herself by thinking of his manhood as a thick, veined pillar that had been erected as a monument to his desire for her. She stopped rocking and in one smooth motion whisked his jacket and shirt over his head and off his body and then removed her jacket and top in the same fashion.

    Her hands were cold and he squirmed when she touched his exposed chest. She sat there for a moment simply admiring his well toned physique by gingerly running her icy hands across him, then she leaned back and unfastened her bra and tossed it behind him, he didn’t blink once as he watched her cherry red nipples emerge from behind the curtain that had previously veiled them. She took note of that fact that her nipples were harder and more alert than she had ever seen them. A smirk crept to the corners of her mouth, she knew that he wanted to lick them, suck on them, and ultimately consume them, however he remained motionless. She pressed her naked flesh against his and started rhythmically grating herself against him once more. She gradually increased the frequency and force of each gyration until she was riding him with crushing force, and this caused her full c-cup breasts to wildly bounce every which way. She wrapped her hands and arms around his head and threw his face into her bosom and not a second later she felt something slippery and firm slide across her nipple and this caused her to shriek in delight. He had placed his entire mouth over her right breast and was using broad strokes of his tongue to violently thrash her teat. A jolt of electricity shot directly to her crotch and it was then that she realized that her panties were soaked with her own juices. He continued to suck and lick like it was all he was ever meant to do and she continued to rub herself against him. If they both had been made of wood they would have ignited from the friction.

    He leaned back and there was an audible pop due to the rupture of the air tight bond between his mouth and her hanging breast. His jaw dropped, his eyes glazed over and she knew that she had him. His breaths became short, he reached his hands back and grabbed hold of the car seat like it was the only thing keeping him alive. She was now thrusting herself into him so rapidly and forcefully that everything except the sensation of her body slamming into his became a blur.

    He snapped and his primal urges overtook him, he rose from the chair reversed their positions, pinned her down and began to plow into her with the type of force that allows a jack hammer to break concrete. Her toes curled as a visceral response to the firmness of his erection, the squareness of his chest, and the solidity and volume of his torso. She found the pressure, weight and friction of each blow deliciously satisfying. The cold night air was now intensely hot and she felt her body turn into putty and melt beneath him. She knew this feeling, the feeling of being dominated, the feeling that all your good for is getting fucked, she embraced this feeling and surrendered herself to his masculinity. She locked her legs behind his back in an effort to keep him there thrusting himself into her like a beast in heat forever.

    He was now past the point of no return, his breathing was irregular and fierce. His breath scorched her ears and she knew from the way he was panting and gasping for air that the only thing that mattered to him now was release, his jaw opened wider and he locked his arms around her waist as tightly as he possibly could and stopped thrusting. She felt he penis throb through his jeans and he shivered in rhythm with each penile spasm as he laid between her legs. She counted seven contractions followed by a late eighth and then a weak ninth contraction. He loosened his grip his breathing slowed and he was once again motionless. The cold night air danced across her skin once more and she marveled at how snugly he fit between her legs, as if he belonged there. She knew that next time she would un button his pants and he’d enter her and scratch the insatiable itch that resided at the back of her womb. She knew that next time he would empty himself inside of her. Even though she didn’t climax she found intense satisfaction in being certain that he was hers.

    She knew that when he rose a million thoughts would enter his mind. He would feel guilty for almost disobeying God and embracing the very desire that made him a man. She also knew that he would more than likely once again dwell upon his family’s disdain for her. However his family and his God would have to wait their turn because as long as he was between her thighs he belonged to her.
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