She offered anal 4 vday

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    my reputation should precede me here as a perv...very aggressive sexually and nearly insatiable one indulges in pleasure like me while also maintaining a side life as a normal functioning human being..I edge for hours at a time ..saving orgasms for the right moment.. I love the gym as much as i love to fuck..edge.. flex.., the group are intrinsically entangled.

    My lady has to endure a thick muscled fuck beast that after 5 years she hasn't gotten accustomed to in me...I sometimes feel bad for her, she hates my girth... i'm not an asshole, I am a considerate lover...i take my time..touch all the right buttons, get that back arching and that kitty frothing even before i start any head to clit action, but when it comes to fucking like I WANT TO FUCK, sex can be...underwhelming... i find myself tamed..or hurting her if i get too into MY kinda sex..after i wear her out i'll find myself scrolling old Tumblr..jagging off with our fuck juices in the living room...gripping this black rhino horn like i didn't just cum literally 6 minutes ago...I'm a mess, i know

    this weekend she said she wanted to give me that ass.. (valentines gift i guess). it's not the first time we tried but honestly, the first time she nearly ran across the room the second my fat head pushed through the ring. It confirmed at that point that my chick is sadly not a gamer...but she's up for a respawn 4 years later soo, kudos to her for jumping back on the horse so-to-speak.

    Wish us luck.
    Plus i know my writing is shiite, high asf.

    happy valentines day ya pervs
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