"Shooting" Out/ women shallower after child

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    So I have been fucking the same chick (now wife) for about 8 years now. When we first started fucking, we were both pretty new at it. She had a difficult time taking me at first, but we would do it mostly face to face and slowly it started working better. Now we are much more creative with positions and about 75 percent of the time she can take me all the way (though, oddly, she can take less after we had our child.) I must say, my wife is surprisingly tight.
    We decided to have an open relationship a few years ago but I hadn't pursued anyone else, until now. Last week I fucked this 21 yo Korean girl. I wasn't her first but I could tell that she does not have much experience. She was super tight, which worked ok in face to face positions, but any positions front to back didn't. I could get my cock in her but if I thrusted out so that there was only 2-3in inside, it would be shot out! It happened so much that we eventually just switched positions because it was ruining the flow. I've never had this issue before. In fact I find my wife can take more of me if we use a front to back position, but definitely no shooting out.
    What does everyone think? Can I just chalk this up to a shape issue (of both her and I) or maybe it is just a tightness issue?

    And my second question would be; has anyone else noticed/ or is a woman who became shallower after having a child?
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