Shopping all alone...well kinda.

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    The day was Wednesday and I needed to get a few things for a night out with a new friend I met the weekend before. So I got up around nine-ish in the morning and took a shower. Put on my red thongs, a pair of nice girl jeans, a tight t-shirt and my tan boots. I like looking sexy for others, so I also put on my earings and necklace, and sprayed some sweet smelling body spray (womens). Oh I am a bisexual man in case your wondering. So I'm at the mall and I am looking for things to buy, when I accidentally bump into this hot guy who was shopping with his wife. He gave a little dirty look (because of my fem look) at first. I told him sorry and kept shopping, but I noticed him looking at me still. I thought he wanted to kick my ass, but he kinda smiled. He was totally hot, beefy and masculine looking. He had a nicely trimmed beard with dark brown hair, and blue eyes. I started getting nervous because he was just looking at me. His wife was very sexy looking also, and her presents left me to believe he was just flirting with me. I didn't pay too much attenetion after a while and was looking at something down close to the floor. When all of a sudden the wife walks by and starts laughing at me because my thong was sticking out of my jeans as I was bending over. She looked and said,"Nice thong girlfriend...and snickered." It was a little embarrassing, but that's kinda why I wear'em. Anyways I needed to use the restroom and since it was just up stairs, I decided to go up there and use it. I stopped to look at a few things before I went to the restroom. When I went in I used the stall with the door (a lil shy around urinals). Just as I was about to finish, I heard someone walk in. As I left the stall, I looked over and it was the hot guy with the beard. He was washing his hands and I walked over to wash mine. I was scared and nervous, he said,"Don't mind my wife, she's a lil bitchy at times." I told him,"That's okay, I get that alot." Then he asked me,"Do you get this alot?", I looked down and he had pulled out his cock, and it was a nice uncut thick hairy cock. He asked me to follow him into one of the stalls, needless to say my nervousness turned into horniness and did exactly what he instructed. He said we had to be quick because his wife was outside shopping and waiting for him. He grabbed the top of my head and forced me to my knees where I took his cock into my mouth. He had a manly stenched cock that made my cock so fucking hard. I started slowly and pulled his foreskin back to reveal a swollen purple head with precum already oozing out of it. As I worked my way up to a more rapid pace, I could tell he was getting close, he must have been real horny cause it took only five minutes for him to shoot his thick white load. The first spurt hit the back of my throat, then the second got away as I was pulling it out and the rest landed on my lips and chin. My cock exploded in my pants (this happens alot as I love to suck cock) just after he came. I got up and left before him. As I walked out I saw his wife and said ,"Nice cock girlfriend." Not knowing all along that I had a a long strand of cum from my hairline down to the side just behind my ear. Her mouth dropped so far to the ground and her skin turned red with anger. I have no ideal what happend to those people, but I'm guessing she was none to happy about that. As for me, it was NOT just another day of shopping.
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