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    So, God help us, little old New Mexico (you know, the nowhere between Texas and Arizona, that IS part of the Union) is a battle ground state, which can deliver a whole 5 electoral votes. And they are killing us! The Albuquerque police department is a million bucks over budget because you can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting someone from the shrub or Kerry camp. In the last 48 hours we've been blessed by Kerry, Theresa, cheney, the shrub, Clinton, Gore and any number of Generals and who knows who.

    On to my point (and yes dear readers, there is one) the shrub is here tonight! holding a rally at our largest outdoor venue The Journal Pavillion which seats about 15K (and it's snowing and 27 degrees, yippee). The only people allowed to attend are registered republicans, no surprise. However, the employees at the venue (which is owned by Clear Channel) had to sign loyalty oaths and all staff and management NOT registered republicans MUST LEAVE THE SITE. This amounted to over half the mgrs., security, lighting, sound, vendors etc. And saddest of all? the stupid place is at capacity.

    Gee, how I love living in a free republic.
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