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    I wrote Good Friends and I thought I would write something else. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Just as a by the way it really turns me on when you guys tell me how you got horny over my story and cummed. So if this story did that for you please tell me in detail.

    It was Brads bachelor party tonight. He was only twenty-five and getting married already. I had organised for the six of us guys to go out for drinks then come back to my place. Later than night I had ordered a stripper, but was not sure how Brad would feel about it. After a night of moderate drinking (none of us were looking to get drunk) we crashed back at my place. I set the guys up in the living room with some drinks and some music on.

    At about 11:30 I heard a knock on the door and knew it was the stripper arriving. I quickly got up and answered the door."Hey" I said to the stripper who introduced herself as "Crystal". "The groom to be is in the living room". We walked into the living room and all the guys got exited and started hooting. I checked to make sure there were plenty of drinks then gave Crystal a nod as if to say go ahead.

    Everyone was looking intensley at Crystal as she danced and stripped to the music. She was very young and fit. Her breasts a decent size without being too big. Once she had taken off her top half and bra I could see the guys were interested. She started moving closer to everyone rubbing her body a bit against everyone especially Brad. I soon noticed some of the guys rubbing at there crotches where they were obviously starting to grow hard. After another thorty minutes of stripping, teasing and lapdances Crystal announced that the time was up and she had to leave. I paid, with a generous tip, and said thanks.

    When I got back into the room I could see everyone had obvious erections and were almost bursting out of their pants. I sat down and we started chatting. I started talking about Crystal, trying to keep the guys hard. I began rubbing my cock through my pants. Eventually Brad, to my right, began doing the same, then James to my left began. Tony, Dan, and Pat all began rubbing on the couch opposite us as well.

    Brad leaned forward and took a sip from the beer on the coffee table in between the two couches. As he sat back is button came undone. He began to rub his cock through his underwear now, a obious outline visible to everyone. I quickly undid by button and fly, everyone copied. Soon we were all rubbing our decent sized erections through the fabric of our underwear. I decided to move things along, I slipped of my shirt, stood up and pulled down my jeans. I was now sitting there in my boxers rubbing my cock. Everyone followed suit except for Dan who didn't bother leaving his underwear on and just got totally naked. As he was sitting back down I could see that his stiff cock was about seven inches erect and he had fully shaved his pubic hair.

    We sat jerking our cocks like this for a further five minutes. No one quite ready to get totally naked yet. I saw Tony opposite me pull off his constricting briefs and sit down with his rather modest five inch cock. His pubes were neatly trimmed. I took off my boxers showing my seven and half inches of rock hard cock with neatly trimmed pubes. Brad, James, and Pat took off theire varying types of underwear and sat back down. We were all totally naked and I could see everyones cocks. I was probably the biggest of the group (and the only one that was uncut), although not huge, and was happy with that. Everyone else was probably averaging at about six inches, excpet for Dan. Everyone else had lightly trimmed their pubes except for Brad who had left naturaly and bushy. This was the first time I had seen any of the guys naked. Everyone was athletic and had well defined muscles. Decent upper body with well proported legs and muscular thighs.

    After another few minutes of just jerking off and listening to the music Brad said, "You got any lube? It's getting a bit dry down there"

    "Yeh sure. I forgot you need more when your cut" I stood up and made sure everyone could see my cock, "Do you guys want some as well?" Everyone said yes so I walked out of the room. I walked to the bathroom and grabbed some of my lube from the drawer. I hadn't used it in a while. As I reached the door the the living room I heard Dan start to speak. I stopped, wanting to know what he said, "He has a nice size hey? Wonder what it feels like bein' uncut"

    "Ask him" Said Tony

    I waited a few moments so they wouldn't think I had overheard and walked into the room. I passed the lube around after putting a tiny bit on my hand. Everyone took some. I could see that Brad was far more comfortable jerking off with his shaft and head well lubed. After a few minutes Dan said "Do you like being uncut?"

    "I don't know. I suppose. Don't really know any different. I would like to try being cut for a day" I replied

    Dan sat back and seemed to be thinking about my answer. He then said, "Well I can give you the next best thing" He seemed embaressed and hesitant.

    "Oh yeh, whats that?" I said, already expecting what he is going to say.

    "You can touch mine"

    I pretended to hesitant but had already made up my mind. "OK. If your alright with that I can't see why not" I got up, grabbed one of the cushions from the couch and put it on the coffee table in the middle of the two couches where the six of use were jerking off. "Why don't you sit their so we have more room" He sat on the coffee table and lent back spreading his legs a bit. I knelt inbetween his legs. His circumsised cock was pointing directly upward and looked so hard and good. He reached out and touched the base. Then I slowly took a firm grip. I ran my hand up and down his cock, paying special attention to just under the head. I could tell he was enjoying this because he kept moaning lightly every now and then.

    Out of the corner of my eye I could see the others were paying special attention. They would have a perfect view from where they were sitting, that had been the idea. I was concentrating hard on jerking Dan off making comments now and then about the difference between my cock and his. I loved to feel his head and massage it gently with my fingers.

    "Can I feel yours?" Dan said, I think he was getting close to cumming and didn't want to right now.

    "Yeh sure" We swapped positions. Now I was sitting on the coffee table, everyone watching Dan stroke my cock. It took him a while to get his technique right. He stroked for a couple of minutes, and like me, made comments about the differences. He stopped for a couple of seconds and pulled my foreskin the whole way back. He grabbed some lube and put mmore on his hand. He stroked the underside of my head and the part of my shaft that is normally covered with foreskin. It felt so good, and I told him so.

    "it feels really nice" Said Dan to me, "You guys should have a feel" He said to the others who were all watching intently.

    "OK" said James very quickly, obviously eager. He swapped positions with Dan and began to jerk me off. Everyone took it in turns. Each hand job felt better than the last. Eventually everyone had rubbed my cock.

    "I think I need to rest for a bit. You guys want to hit the pool?" I said. We had been going at it for forty minutes. My cock was beginning to redden.

    "Umm...I didn't bring anything to swim in" Said Pat.

    "Don't be silly, we are naked anyway. Why would we bother with clothes"

    We all got up our cocks still fully erect, with me leading the group of us athletic, muscular naked guys.

    Continued in Part Two
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    Good :D

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    So. California
    Well, I am very interesed in what happens next......because that is so hot!!!!!!!
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    Great story.. can't wait for part 2.

    Why the hell didn't this happen at MY bachelor party??
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