Six Guys Together (2)

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    Here is the other half guys. I hope you enjoy and get horny over it.

    I led the group from the sitting room to the door which led outside. I stopped abruptly as the door was locked and I could feel Dan's cock touch my arse as he bumped into me. My cock pulsed slightly as this happened. Touching the glass doors, spreading precum on the window. I unlocked the door and stepped outside. I flicked the switch for the pool lights and they came on. The place was lightly lighted, nothing to bright, it was kind of romantic. The air was warm and it was nice to feel it against my naked body. I walked over to the pool and dived in. The others got in in various ways.

    Eventually we were all in the pool, its water luke-warm, and enjoying ourselves. I sat on one of the steps in the pool and we all started chatting. We soon began to ignore the fact that we were naked. My cock soon went from rock hard to floating gently in the water. It seemed everyone elses was doing the same. We swam around in the pool for a little while chatting about every day things.

    I saw Pat get out of the pool and lie back in one of the poolside loungers. His wet body glistening with the combination of water and lighting. I got out and sat next to him and we started chatting. The others continued their coversations in the pool. Soon Tony called from the pool, "You guys ready to go in, its getting a bit chilly". It was getting cooler, I could tell by the goosebumps on Pats defined abs.

    "Yeh, lets go in" I said. We went back inside and I grabbed everyone a towl so they could dry off. We all sat down in the living room again and I got everyone drinks and brought out a packet of crisps. We st comfortably watching a movie for haf an hour. All of us remained naked. For the mjority of the time we all remained flaccid. Every now and then someone would get aroused but it would soon go away. I was so happy just being naked with my friends that I didn't even care about getting anything more from them.

    About and hour into the movie Brad said he was going to take another quick swim. He had only been gone a few minutes when Pat followed him.I could here the splashing of the water as he dived in and as the two of them swam around. After a few minutes I got distracted by the movie again. I took quick glance behind me out at the pool. I could see Brad lying on his back on the lounger. Pat was kneeling on top of him, his knees up by Brads head, his mouth down near Brad's crotch suck on his cock. Brad was just directing Pat's cock into his mouth. The two were now giving each other oral sex. "Oii Guys look at this" I said to the others in the room with me. I pointed out the window. They all stared at Brad and Pat pumping their cocks into each others mouths.

    "I bet guys give better blow jobs" Said Tony.

    "Probably" Said James, "We know where feels best"

    "Wanna give it go?" Tony said to James.

    "Sure. Outside?"

    "Yeh" The two of them got up and went out side, leaving the door open. They stood near Brad and Pat. Tony remained standing while James got down on his knees and took Tony's cock in his mouth. I could see him sucking vigourously from here. Tony had his head back with his mouth slighlty open. He started to thrust with his hips a little bit so that James was taking his entire length in his mouth. They went at it gently for a few minutes, me and Dan watched intently as the four attractive men were servicing each other outside.

    "Looks good hey?" Said Dan

    "Yeh, they seem to be enjoying it"

    "Wanna give it a go?"

    "For sure!" I said. Dan jumped up and came over to the couch I was sitting on. I lay back on the couch, my feet at one end, my head resting on the arm of the other. Dan got on the couch and kneeled between my spread legs. He leaned over and ran his tongue around my navel, while stroke my half erect cock with his hand. He leaned further back and took my cock in his mouth. I could feel his warm lips around the shaft of my cock. Then I froze as his tongue darted in and out. He licked around my foreskin, then pushed the foreskin back with his tongue. Pleasuring me around the head of my cock.

    My cock was rock hard and Dan sucked up and down the entire shaft for a few minutes. As he did this I watched the exposed head of his cock rub against my sofa. He drew his mouth off the end of my cock after several minutes of ultimate pleasure. He then pulled back my foreskin the entire way leaving the top of my cock totally exposed. He wrapped his lips just below the head of my cock and moved his head in a circular motion, all the time his tongue lapping around my pulsing head.

    Suddenly I heard faint gasps and moans from outside. They sounded like a mixture of Brad and Pat. It seemed like both of them had orgasmed at the same time. I couldn't see them as the couch was in the way but imagined it in my head. Then I heard Brad and Pat urging on James and Tony. After a couple of minutes of this urging I heard tony shout out in pleasure as he came.

    I looked down at Dan sucking my cock, I ran my fingers through his blonde surfer like hair. I could tell I was about five minutes away from shooting my load down his throat when the other four walked into the room. Brad, Pat, and Tony were all standing there with their cocks semi-erect all of them slightly red with the work out. I could still see some cum dripping from the end of Pat's. James was standing there with his cock fully erect. Obviously he had only given Tony the blowjob not recieved one.

    Dan began sucking quicker and harder. I could feel myself beginning to orgasm. I moaned slightly. I felt the rush of a pleasant feeling in my groin. "I'm gonna cum" I said quickly so that Dan could decide to swallow or not. I moaned again as the cum spurted out of my cock. Dan had decided to swallow. I gasped again as I continued to spray my warm cum into Dan's mouth. He continued to suck gently until I had finished. Then he lifted his head up off my cock and swallowed. He took a gulp of beer from his glass. He crawled a bit further up the couch and kissed me hard on the lips, his tongue darting quickly in and out of my mouth once.

    Dan got up off my couch and I sat up. Taking a quick breath. "So Dan and James haven't cummed yet have they?" I said to the group. "How do you wanna do it?

    "Well", Said James, "I have heard that anal sex feels really good. Could one of you fuck me up the arse while another suck me off?"

    "I'll suck you since you blew me" Said Tony

    "I'll give you anal if you want" Said Pat

    "OK. Well thats James settled. What about you Dan? You get two off us servicing you so it's your choice" I said.

    "Um...What James has going sounds pretty good. But I don't want you fucking me up the arse your a bit big, you can suck me." He replied


    "Can you do me up the arse?" Dan asked Brad

    "Sure" He replied

    James, Pat and Tony moved over to the other couch where they quickly discussed how they were going to proceed. We did the same. I watched as Pat lubed up his cock. Tony lay down on the couch and Jame placed himself on top so the they were in the same 69'er position the Brad and Pat were in earlier excpet James wasn't going to suck Tony. Pat climbed onto the couch and positioned himself behind, he slowly inserted his cock into James' hole. I could see james was getting great pleasure as well as a little bit of pain. Eventually they started to get a rythm going and all I could hear were slight moans and gasps from the three of them.

    We hd decided for a different approach. Brad sat on the couch lubing up his cock, while Dan was bent over infront of me and I was rubbing lube around his clean hole. Once I have got his hole well lubed we began. First I rubbed a bit more lube on Brad's cock then Dan moved into position. He gently sat down in Brads cock, with Brad directing his cock into the whole. For a few minutes they struggled to get it right then they were ready. Dan moved himself sloqly up and down Brads cock feeling it inside him. Brad just sat back thrusting his waist gently with Dan's movement. I could see the pleasure on his face.

    I knelt before the Dan's cock, inbetween the two guys legs. I put my hands on Brads legs and put my mouth over Dan's seven inch cock. I sucked with the movement of Dan's body. Eventually we got the rythm right and we really started to get into it. At one point I lifted Dan's cock out of the way and I took his low hanging balls in my mouth. I loved the feelin of his smooth testicles on my tongue. It was good to suck his cock and around his pubic area and not have to worry about his pubic hair.
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    We went at it for another twenty minutes. Eventually Brad said, "I'm close to cumming" in between gasps. Dan rocked faster and harder on Brad's cock, and I sucked harder and better on Dan. Dan was moaning hard with Brad's cock in his arse and me sucking on his shaft and head. I reached a free hand down inbetween the two mens bodies and touched Brad's balls. It was all too much for him. With a loud moan and gasp he thrust his hips up hard and I could here him going "yeh, oohh yeh," I could tell he head cummed. It seemed that Brad's final thrust and the feeling of his warm cum inside he anus was too much for Dan. I felt his cock throb more and he gasped as the cum shot from his cock into my awaiting mouth. I only took one spurt of cum before puling off. The rest went flying outward. I stroked his shaft quickly trying to ease more out. I sucked gently on the dripping head of his cock once he had finished.

    I got up and went over to the other group where it looked like they were about to finish. Behind me Brad and Dan slid down on the couch so that the were lying down, spooning. Brad's cock gently fell out of Dan's arse as it became soft. I watched as the other three kept going at it. Pat was fucking James quickly up the arse doggy style while Tony continued to suck his cock. I watched for a few minutes then Tony quickly took James' cock out of his mouth and pointed it at his muscular chest just as James began shooting his load. He orgasmed silently as the cum shot all over Tony's pecs and abs. Soon afterward Pat wipped his cock out of James' tight bottom and shot his load over james' back, yelling loudy as the first shot came out and moaning with the others. The group collapsed in a naked heap exhausted from their hard work.

    Tony got up and went outside for a quick swim. He lay down on one of the loungers outside when he was finished, his limp cock lying against his thigh. Dan and Brad has fallen asleep spooning naked with Brad's cock still lying slightly inside Dan's anus. I offered Pat and James a shower, James said he was too exhausted but Pat took me up on the offer. I led him upstairs to my bathroom where we took a shower together. We came back downstairs after washing each other to find James asleep on the couch, Dan and Brad on the couch where we left them and Tony asleep on the lounger outside.

    "That was the best Bachelor party I have ever been to" I said to Pat
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