Size estimation methods

Discussion in 'Underwear, Clothing, and Appearance Issues' started by dongalong, Aug 4, 2008.

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    When you are estimating the size of a porn star's penis, what do you base your approximation on?

    One way I use is comparing the pelvis/buttocks length with penis length in side view.
    I'm average height and build, my pelvis/buttocks measure around 9.5" in side view so if the penis looks longer it is probably a 10 incher or more.

    Another way is when the penis is lying to the side (guy laying down), if the glans pass the side of the hips it is probably above 9" (mine is around 8" at 90% erection and doesn't quite reach past my hips)

    Obviously I adjust estimates if the guy is above or below average build etc.
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