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Size, Shape, or Hardness?

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by whatadork, May 21, 2010.

  1. whatadork

    whatadork Well-Known Member

    Oct 17, 2008
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    southern california
    Here's an interesting question for I guess either women or bottoms. Since this forum is what it is, I'm going to guess a predictable bias here, but I'm just curious what people think.

    What is the most important to you out of these?

    Obviously I'm not talking extremes. Ie not picking size doesn't mean "a tiny cock". Not picking shape doesn't mean it's misshapen, not picking hardness doesn't mean it's floppy.

    More like which of these would you pick

    * an average sized penis (for sake of argument let's say 6x5), of so-so hardness (has some give, but definitely no problem penetrating), but whatever shape you find optimal, be it really curved up, really curved down, completely straight, etc.
    * a larger penis (7.5x5.5), so-so hardness, normal shape (ie mostly straight with a tiny curve up)
    * an average sized penis, normal shape, but always almost absurdly hard, like next to no give.

    Which would you pick, why, and what do you think about the other factors? Just asking this because a girl recently told me the hardness was the most appealing to her (obviously given average other stuff).
  2. ArchKnight

    ArchKnight Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2009
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    Not a girl and not a bottom, but I'll still take the liberty of answering. Most of my female friends said the same thing. Right away I can remember one who said she doesn't care about anything but size. It has to be really big. Period.:smile:
    Two I know of explicitly said they don't like it big. One of them said she is too tight, and that it ruins the pleasure for her, she simply doesn't have the time or nerves taking it slow, lubricate additionally and all sorts of other things she has to in order to accomodate a big dick. She told me that all she wanted was "simple" sex without complications of that sort.
    My GF told me even before we had sex for the first time that it's important to her for the dick to be really, really hard and ready. That it's the thing that gets her "juices going". Later on she admitted that one of the things she likes most about my cock is that it gets hard so fast and that she has a feeling it's always ready to go! :biggrin1:
    I've always known I'm slightly above what one would call an average cock, but I don't think I've ever given it too much emphasis, until she said one day: "Maybe you should rethink when saying it's rather average. Believe me, it's not."
    I know that size doesn't play a major role for her, but I also know that she certainly doesn't mind me being on the larger side.
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