slowly opened my mouth and then

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    I was hanging out in an adult site chat room late at night, eager to finally fulfill the growing fantasy I had about sucking dick.
    After a long time of dead ends, I was PM'd by a guy asking if I was serious about wanting to suck a dick. I said, yeah, I'd been thinking about it for a long time and finally decided that I was going to go ahead and actually do it. He agreed that he'd meet me outside where I worked at a university, and we'd find a place to go
    I met Jamal outside my building, and we went into my building looking for a place where we wouldn't be disturbed. The cleaning crew was there for the night, so we moved around through hallways and lobbies looking for a good place. We finally found an empty lecture hall that was unlocked, and we went inside. I suggested that we do it right inside, between the pairs of entry doors so that no one could see through the windows at that angle, but he smirked and said, "No, I think I want you on your knees behind the lectern."
    I was extremely nervous, but I followed him up to the front of the lecture hall and behind the lectern. He walked up to it, grabbed the sides and said, "Yeah, right here. This will be good." He smiled.
    My heart was throbbing in my throat, and my cheeks burned.

    "So. ... You gonna do this?"
    All I could do was nod.

    "Good. Then I guess you better get down on your knees."
    "Yes sir." I murmured, and bent my shaking knees to the ground. I slid in front of him with my back to the lectern, and he began unzipping his pants. As he pulled them down, I couldn't help staring at the bulge in his boxer shorts, wondering how big he was, and what this was actually going to be like. Would the reality of giving a blowjob measure up the hot fantasies and the excitement I experienced watching girls suck dick in porn movies?
    Jamal slowly pulled down his shorts, and his mostly hard dick swiveled out from against his leg as he got a throbbing erection. His cock was a thick, uncut 10 inches long. Big Thick Black Uncut Cock. It was amazing luck that such a fantasy was inches away from my face.
    He gestured for me to get going, and I took his thick ebony shaft in my hand and stroked his cock a few times, slowly moving his foreskin down from around the head. He put his hand on the back of my head and pulled it in toward his cock. I slowly opened my mouth and then ... took the head of my first cock in my mouth. I was amazed at how WARM it was, and how his cock was simultaneously soft on the outside and rock hard on the inside. Jamal's hand urged me forward, and I submitted, sliding my lips down around his big black dick and licking around it with my tongue. I smelled and tasted the muskiness of his crotch and almost instinctively reached up and grabbed his balls. "Oh. Yeahhh. That's good." he said, and I felt the pressure of his hand push my mouth further down on his cock. I took him as deep as I dared that first time, and then backed off to lick around his thick, uncut head, and then proceeded to work my tongue and mouth slowly up and down his shaft. After a minute or so, I worked up the courage to go down as far as I could on his cock, and felt myself gag as his thick throbbing head pushed against the back of my throat and forced it wide open. "Yeah, that's it White Boy. That's REAL good." he crooned.

    Over and over, up his shaft, around the head of his cock with my tongue, and back down again I went, licking and sucking and slurping his thick, meaty black dick. I was still shuddering with nerves, but also with a growing excitement, and I began thinking more and more about what would be his inevitable climax. I was finally sucking dick - big uncut black dick at that - but I knew that SWALLOWING would be a whole 'nother mouthful. Or more. And I could tell from Jamal's "Mmmmmm's" and the slowly but steadily growing pressure of his hand on the back of my head that he was definitely going to cum in my mouth.

    I could also tell that my 5" white cock was rock hard in my now-very-tight jeans as I sucked a black man's dick behind a lectern at the front of a dark lecture hall. It throbbed. In fact, it was pressed tight against the denim, straining against it, my rapid pulse pounding it over and over again against
    the unyielding fabric. A quiver of excitement ran down me and through my cock and balls as I imagined the sensations I must be providing Jamal with my lips, my tongue, the inside of my mouth, and the back of my throat. And my ass puckered at the thought of being caught.
    With all of these things swirling through my head, it was difficult to tell how long I had been at it, but my knees began feeling the hardness of the tiled floor of the lecture hall, and my left hand began feeling the increasing tension building in Jamal's thigh. I knew his rising excitement would be quickening. I was breathing hard now, sucking and sucking and then thrusting my head down on him - forcing his cock into my throat and then back out. He began leaning forward, and then his cock swelled. Then almost before I could realize what what happening - at what it surely meant - I tasted him for a second, and then as it dawned on me that this was IT - he came. And I mean he CAME. A sudden, strong jet of his hot, thick sperm erupted in a solid stream into my mouth, followed by several more pulsations. I didn't know what to do, and I just kept sucking. It must have been too much, because he grabbed my hair and withdrew his glistening black meat from my mouth, glazed with a thin coat of his cum. He grunted, and I sat back on my heels. I hadn't swallowed yet - I didn't know how with his cock still in my mouth - and I was amazed at how MUCH he had cum in my mouth and by how warm and THICK it was. It was like a giant slippery rope dripping with sperm was completely filling my mouth, and all I could do was tilt my head back to keep it from running out from between my lips. I felt like I had volunteered to do an upside-down shot, and the bartender had overfilled my mouth so that I could hardly close it enough to swallow without having half of it splash out down my chin.
    "You OK?" he asked. I mutely nodded. He stepped back a bit and started fixing himself. "Well, I guess it's now or never - so, here it goes... I said to myself, and swallowed. His thick, hot sperm slid down my throat, and it was done.
    I did it. I could hardly believe it, and could hardly believe who I got to do it with, but I had actually gotten down on my knees for another man and given him a blowjob, and swallowed.
    "Thanks, man." Jamal said as he zipped up his pants. "See ya around."

    "Uh huh." I said in a half-daze.

    I wiped my lips and chin, and then stood up and adjusted myself in my pants. I could tell I was wet with pre-cum, and I licked my lips as I puzzled over the taste of sperm from Jamal's big black cock that lingered in my mouth.

    I waited a minute, then slid quietly out of the lecture hall and into the stairwell.

    I sat in my workroom for several hours contemplating what I'd just done, and I knew.
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    That was certainly an interesting and enjoyable read.
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