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    Is it possible to lose inches on your dick I look back at my previous pictures and my dick looks shorter. So I remeasure today and I was almost .5 inch shorter....maybe more. Before my dick was around 7 to 7.5 and today it measured around 7 to just a little smaller than 7. My girth was around 6 inches and now its 5.5. Am I having a bad dick day or what.

    Just a serious question I have.
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    That's a good question mate.

    I'm not a doctor yet, (pre-med student) so if you have genuine concern consult your doctor.

    My first assumption would be your erection you measured at it's largest was due to good blood flow in the body ie. you had worked out that day, had been jerking off for a while etc.

    As men age, blood flow to this region can slow down, so if you had been inactive, tired or possibly had a large meal.. you're blood flow would be focused on other parts of the body and prevent you from maximum swelling in your member.

    You always hear your doc tell you to exercise, here's just another reason.

    Hope this help bud!

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