Smoke + sex = love it

Discussion in 'Show Off' started by blackcameron, Nov 20, 2007.

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    I'm not a regular smoker and I don't plan on becoming one (hopefully I have strong will power) but I noticed I react very strongly to tabacco/nicotene. It started when I had my first cig while studying in Italy. I smoked a Camel (or two :p) and noticed that I got really dizzy but then very...horny. It was basically a new experience. I'm assuming that my lack of exposure to the drug gave me a big high.

    I haven't smoked since then but a few days ago my friend brought back Camels (hehe) from Italy and I had a few. I noticed again that smoking really got me going. I mean I masturbate regularly and am quite acquianted with my packe (he loves me and I love him...errr her :p) though I've realised that I can get far more out of my sexual experience. My libido (spelling) is way more powerful.

    Firstly I know smoking is bad, no one has to warn me to be careful, though I'm just wondering if people have the same reaction. Right now I'm thinking that the side effect is possibly just a result of good experience/memories from Italy then again perhaps more people experience the same thing?

    The reason I'm posting this in Young and Hung is because I want to ask people more towards my age (21-25). Also do some people smoke before they screw, would that be considered normal? ok?

    I'm still a virgin, unfortunately, and I'm wondering if I can consider this a youth-full experience or something very abnormal...wrong. Perhaps it's a freak fetish I enjoy?
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