Photo Snapchat scam?

Discussion in 'Gay Photos and Videos' started by SlimNYC7, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Hello board!

    I follow a few really sexy guys on Snapchat and while most have Onlyfans accounts that can easily be joined, there is an account I am following of a really sexy guy but he has a supposed Google Drive of tons of pictures and videos. The way to gain access to his content is to send him an Amazon gift card and he will give you access once you provide proof of purchase.

    It's the second account I've come across that has the same wording on the pics/video previews and request of a gift card. Trying hard to think with my big head lol...

    The account in question is Rodri! (fire emoji)
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    Hi @SlimNYC7

    I think i can provide a little insight for you. So one of the businesses I've been involved with over the last year is a Snapchat Premium company. We offer the snapchat premium for a number of performers. The benefit of doing it the way we do is if there is a dispute and the customer doesn't get what they are promised then they can easily get a refund. In the case of an amazon gift card if you don't get what you are promised then you are screwed and out of money.

    I'd suggest not doing anything like this unless you are comfortable with the risk.
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