Solo Girls w/ Orgasm(s)

Discussion in 'Straight Adult Websites' started by floopypoo22, Apr 5, 2011.

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    This thread may already exist somewhere, but I haven't seen it as of yet. No I don't want just any solo vid, but one where the girl has a fairly obvious cum (or at least is convincing enough that I can't tell the difference, which I think is rare). As a first example, I give you Lily Carter in this bathroom scene:

    Lily Carter - Spread Open On The Washroom Floor [ Mofos ] (2011/HD/720p/883Mb) - Download Movie, clips Hotfile fileserve rapidshare online streaming

    or on torrent, if you prefer (I do):

    [She' /] Lily Carter (download torrent) - TPB

    If there was ever a time I was certain a girl was getting off, this is it. I find that girls are usually more successful with vibrators than with dildos/toys, so I imagine the more authentic vids will more often be featuring those. Oh, and sybian/fucking machines vids count also. Looking forward to your responses.
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