Somali drought

Discussion in 'Politics' started by helgaleena, Jul 19, 2011.

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    just the beginning, love

    for some time I have heard investment advice directing investment dollars to agriculture, food processing, and distribution

    and, of course, advice and recommendations to resurrect urban food gardening,
    a la World War II USA "Victory gardens", which, were in fact, quite successful at avoiding domestic food shortages at that time

    see below for some insight -- isn't globalism marvelous?

    Confirmed: Coming Food and Financial Crisis of 2011 Set to Wreck Havoc :
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    I've been banging on about this for years!

    I've already turned a lot of my garden over to crops. We could all be getting chickens & sharing goats soon.

    Turning arable land over to ethanol production isn't going to help, but the number one reason that food prices are rocketing is population.

    All that foreign aid has done has been to explode developing countries' populations - quintupling in 60 years, & still motoring.

    The bitter pill that many have yet to realise, is that throwing money away on aid ,without a population strategy, is only going to make famine, war & pestilence.

    The average age in a lot of countries is just 16 - & that's with average life expectancy increased by 20 years. That means most of the population hasn't had kids, & therefore will more than double again in the next 25-30 years.

    Therefore, you'll have massive competition for scarce resources, erosion of most of the top soil, water depletion, mass youth unemployment, all leading to wars as people get angry, concomitant pestilence & famine.

    Take Ethiopia. Population 19 million in 1950, 33 million in 1984/5 with Live Aid, now 90 MILLION, & projected to double by at least 2050.

    To say that all that money was wasted, & that every cent was always likely to bring exponential misery in the long run seems axiomatic.

    Feeding a country 3 times larger in just 25 years, if there was a drought, is a total waste of time.

    Somalia had a population of 2.5M in 1950, & it's about 10 million now. That's despite all the war & horror there, & even with the current factors, it'll double or triple again.

    There's no hope of a Chinese style one baby policy in these countries, so whatever happens, it's only going to get repeatedly worse.

    The question comes down to, how much, as an individual are you willing to give up, & how much are you willing for your own descendants to give up too for the proclivities of others?

    Anyone who lives in a cozy dream world that the post WW2 harmony & relative prosperity in the west will continue, is soon gonna wake up to the reality that it's not.
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