Some of the LPSG-members ever did an action like this?.

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    In March 2011 I was travelling in New Zealand. We visited Fox Glacier. We walked over a long path full of rocks and stones. Half way we were passed by a group of 5 young men. It was sunny warm weather. They walked in T-shirts or tank-tops and boxer-shorts on flip-flops. I was thinking that flip-flops were not the most adequate footwear for walking on a path of rocks and stones. Ten minutes later at a look out point I saw all five posing in the nude with the glacier in the background. The camera was set with a timer. At the moment there were no other persons who could interrupt the posing. After the photograph was made they put on their clothes and walked to another look out point. I thought that it was just a joke but again all took off clothes and the camera was set on timer again. All was done in a hurry because other people were on their way to that look out point too. After the picture was made clothes were put on quickly and all five went to a place close to where the water came down a small waterfall. I was curious what would happen so I prepared my camera to be ready to make a photograph of them over a long distance. My feeling was right. Again they took off clothes and posed fully naked just fast enough to have made a photograph and put on clothes before other people could see them. The whole action went very fast. I could hardly make a photograph of it.
    I have asked later several persons if this is a special action and how this is called. I have heard of ‘mooning’ but that is just flashing your butt to some one. This was fully frontal naked at places where they could be caught by the public that is in the same area.

    Who can tell me how this action is called and does some one know where and why it is done?
    Is there a website where I can find proof of these pictures? Some of the LPSG-members ever did an action like this?

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    Misschien een weddenschap? Ze zien er nog niet slecht uit :tongue:
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