Some questions to well hung men for correlation

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by wally75025, Nov 9, 2009.

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    Hi, I'm new here and took the test on volume at
    and not too far off from the purple zone. I searched long and hard for other charts on the size that the average woman finds the most pleasurable and the result came out to 7.75x6.375. This would end up right in the middle of the "purple zone" being in the top 1% of the male population.

    However, that is the size pleasurable most for the AVERAGE woman.

    I'm wondering what size is most pleasurable respectively to 9/10's and 10/10's, muscular, fit/athetic ones, volleyball players, porn stars, strippers, or any other woman with an ass that no guy would hesitate to have fun with? Its probably more than 7.75x6.375 but I wanted to be sure because I want to get mine to 9x6.75 which for the AVERAGE woman, I researched was said to be in between "very satisfying but not perfect" to "satisfying"

    Also, if you are 7.5 or over, then what is your size and what number of women on each criteria I listed have you slept with and how often do they talk about your size to others, giving you more opportunities for others aka the "domino effect"?
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    I seriously hope that this isn't a serious question. Nonetheless, I'll try and answer it. The chart that you're referring to is just a fun guide. It doesn't tell you anything that's of any use in the real world. You shouldn't be concerned about what the "average" woman enjoys. What should concern you is what the woman your hoping to have sex with enjoys. You might have your eye on someone, and she might like 3" penises because larger ones don't feel good to her. I hate to break it to you, but having a large penis doesn't get you any more girls than the smaller guy. Women are not men. They seek sexual partners based on much different criteria than we do. And, of that criteria, a percentage of 1% is probably penis size. So, you'll get far more women by working on your appearance and personality than by advertising your penis size.

    BTW, with a 7.75x6.375 penis size, there is absolutely no good reason to want to be larger. What you have is already in the top percentiles for size. So, turn off the porn, get outside, and be with some people. And then realize that for every 100 guys you see, you're bigger than 98-99 of them.
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