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    Not quite fiction ... more exaggerated truth.

    I'm not a bragger; at least not overtly. I'm not going to tell you about myself, but I will go out of my way to put myself in a postion to show other men that I am the better man.

    One of my favorite places to let you sneak a peek is in the men's room. It's not like I'm standing close to the urinal; I couldn't if I wanted to. I stand well back, just begging you to look. And when I see out of the corner of my eye that you're no longer paying attention to what you're doing, that's whenI lean back a bit, arch my back slightly and push my shaven pelvis forward. I'm jus ttrying to give you the best view of what you're trying to see anyway. As impressive as I am soft I may even make myself longer and harder, if I think you can handle it. (Then again, I love the attention so much I may not be able to control it.) By this point you've made it plainly obvious that I am the centre of your attention. I pretend I don't hear the quick inhale of breath, the muttered words, or even the low moan. I simply finish up, give a couple of large, exaggerated shakes and tuck myself back in. As I zip up I'm looking you right in the eyes. WHen you finally take your eyes off my bulge and look at my face, I'll give you a quick wink, and say "thanks buddy" as I turn to leave.
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