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    What are the song lyrics that better express your feelings in this moment?

    For me:

    The nearess of the sea and you
    obliterates all hopes of rest
    your salty breath has blown over the sea
    to penetrate my breast

    the rising of my love
    is like the waves at tide
    come, my bride!

    in a red moon over the sea
    your blood is burning
    in a red moon i can see
    our blood turning
    the rising tide
    will call and cry
    your name in yearning
    come, my bride!

    how can i close the window
    when the storm is near?
    how can i close my window
    when your feet are bare?
    how can i close my window
    when the ocean weeps?
    how can i, knowing
    you are awake somewhere?

    the owl shattered my sleep
    when in the night he cried
    come, my bride!

    ...dedicated to you, angel of mine!
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