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    I've been dating this lady for 5 months now. We have a great and wonderful sex life and our chemistry is out of this world. One thing I've noticed though is, she will NOT tell me, "no" or deny me sex. I have a rather high libido, but I try to temper it. She self lubricates really well, and sometimes I use astroglide to help her out too, especially if we're in the throws of a marathon experience.

    On the otherhand, she gets really sore with me. She seems to always be sore the day after. This does not deter her from sleeping with me, but I don't want to keep her pertetually sore. She often wants me to orgasm twice, so this usually means an hour + of continuous sex. She has multiple orgasms when we have sex, and admits that I am the first man to have ever made her orgasm through penetration.

    I just don't know what to do about the soreness. Like I said, she lubes well and I will use additional lube when necessary. Is it just a matter of tempering my libido? How long does it take for a woman to recover from soreness? I'm 7 x 6.5, and she feels quite snug on me, as other lovers have in the past.

    Any thoughts?

    Not that it matters, but I'm 39, she is 29.
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