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    Recently I had to run into my Mailboxes Etc location just before closing and to make it worst it was pouring down rain. When I came into the store to check my mail I didn’t see anyone working initially. As I walked over to the trash to throw away junk mail that’s when I seen the young woman who worked here. She was busy counting the drawer. I have been using this mailbox since moving to Westlake Village ten years ago from Honolulu.

    As I finished sorting my mail she asked if was going to be a few minutes and she said she was going to lock the door so no one else came in. Sure I said I wasn’t in a hurry to run out in to the rain again.

    I had noticed this girl before; she was a cross between Goth and punk I think with her choice of clothing and hair colors which seem to change with the changing weather. Her name was Kat or at least this was the name she used at work. She was in her mid to late twenties possibly early thirties and I knew from overhearing her previously that she was recently divorced and living back at home with her mother who had a place in Thousand Oaks.

    She had haunting green eyes that could make anyone melt. Standing 5’4” possibly barefooted but she always wore either heels or combat boots with platforms on them. She was very voluptuous not really fat but with obvious curves. Today she had on a white sheer blouse that only actuated her purple lace bra which shown through as well as her open neck line exposing a over abundance of cleavage as if the bra was too tight. She had on a black pencil skirt made from that soft elastic material and every move or bend she made she had to carefully wrestle with it to pull it down over her butt. She wore white ankle socks with black high heels. She wasn’t actually my type but there was always something about her; the way she would teasingly make comments or the way she would coyly move in front of you. Like when you needed help with the copier she always found it necessary to squeeze between you and the machine so tight you couldn’t help but brush up against her.

    As I was finishing with my mail she began shutting the lobby lights off and asked me to move around the corner so I could see with the remaining lights and this way no one would try to get in the store that she had now closed.

    So I moved my mail around the side and she was sitting on a bar stool counting her drawer, she had kicked her shoes off and was busy it seemed. I finished and began small talk with her. I told her I hated the rain and she was quick to point out that she thought the rain was very sexy. “If I could I would lay in bed all day making love as it rains”.

    Well to tell you the truth this caused me to look at Kat a little different now and as I did I was certain that she was flirting with me. Sitting atop the stool her legs were open pretty wide not a lady like position at all, I mean I could see her panties and those incredible soft thighs. She had a purple lacey panty on I could tell and I guess I was staring a little too long when she caught me; “do you like what you see”? She asked knowingly.

    She told me that she had seen me many time before in the store and that she always liked it when I stopped by in my workout clothes. “Do you workout everyday”? She asked. Yes I said, between weights and running (I coach track) I love to workout.

    As I stood watching her she traced her inside thigh with her free hand and as if I wasn’t there she seem to slide it up closer to her. I swear that as she did this her nipples must have grown several centimeters as they seem to burst through her bra and blouse.

    “How much longer until you’re finished”? I said. Maybe ten minutes. “When you lock up are you the only one here”? Yes she said, sometime she stayed and worked on personal stuff before going home too.

    She stood up barefoot and walked down around the counter bending down to get an oversized envelope I assumed for the drawers content. As she did that black skirt rode up that ass showing a brief but inviting glimpse of those purple panties. She didn’t seem to mind that I was looking nor did she hurry to pull it down to cover herself up actually she seem to take her time. As she stood and turned towards me it was obvious she knew I was checking her out and she seem to like it. “I’m sorry I said” and she said for what? She walked toward the drawer again and she commented “you must like what you seen”? I knew she was referring to my growing hard-on.

    Placing the contents of the drawer in the large envelope she then sealed it and dropped it in the drop slot in the company safe.

    Walking back towards me she cupped and grasped her breast and said so innocently “are you in a hurry to go”? She slowly started unbuttoning her blouse and then exposing her bra which was overstuffed with her ample breast. Standing close to me she released her bra and our popped these incredible full rounded orbs that were both pierced. Offering them to my open and drooling mouth I couldn’t help myself as I began to nibble and suck on them. Straddling my legs and hunching against my thigh as I sucked on these large tits. My free hands began to glide up her thighs and under her skirt which was riding up her ass as I caressed it and rubbed it.

    What was I doing? Am I making out with the Mailboxes Etc employee or am I dreaming this.

    We kissed and traded tongues as the passion increased and she kept groping at my cock which was straining to get set free. She stood and dropped to her knees and slowly pulled my shorts down exposing my black underwear with my ever increasingly swollen head was beginning to peek over the waistband. She wasted no time in freeing it and taking it in her mouth. She had a piercing in her tongue and it was cold and different at first (yes I was a piercing virgin) against my cock.

    She took me in and sucked and nibbled at it for sometime until I could feel the cum building deep inside my shaft; I was getting ready to shoot and I tried to pull her off it but she refused actually taking in more. As I grinded my hips and pulled her head into me I could feel it begin to shoot its white hot lava inside her waiting mouth. She looked up with a sly smile and then let some of the cum leek out the corners of her mouth only for her to lap it up with her darting tongue. Damn this was the BEST head job I have ever had.
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