Speedo which makes the difference (Beckham)

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    Why the same person looks completely different when wearing two different swimming suits?



    he looks normal, while here


    he looks more than huge. Do you know a brand which makes any person like picture 2? Aussiebum and other enhancing swimming wear make you more prominent but they are the same when seen from the front.
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    A white or light-colored suit is always going to show you off more than a black or dark-colored suit. That's why they say "black is slimming" - you don't see shadows and deflections in the fabric from curves and bulges due to the dark color.

    The tightness of the suit also makes a different. A new, tight, spandex suit is just going to squash everything flat against you. That's the job of a Speedo suit - to streamline you for swimming. If the suit is a little bigger and looser, or older so the spandex material is degraded some and sagging a bit instead of squashing everything against you, or the suit is made of 100% nylon and you buy it a bit oversized, then your cock and balls have someplace to go, and you get that bulging, hammock sort of look. Combined with the right color suit, it can look very hot or very scandalous, depending on your perspective.
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    A whole lot of possible explanations...

    Maybe he came not too long before the white one--my bulge is always bigger post coitus.

    Maybe the water's warmer.

    ...but usually the simplest explanation is the best. They probably photoshopped it to make it look bigger and sell more magazines. As you can see, the white one's on the cover of a tabloid magazine; the black one's on the inside. In my experience the pictures on the covers of tabloid magazines (as with the headlines) rarely bear a resemblance to reality.
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