Spending problems?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by seterwind, Aug 9, 2009.

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    Well I had a conversation with some American friends of mine about Obama. They're fairly set in the conservative side of things, but I would say more towards the "Blue Democrats" then republicans at this point.

    I keep hearing "It's like he's spending another trillion dollars every day." So I go to look up info. He's slotted to spend, $878 Billion Dollars, with "Czars" to oversight the spending, and very specific planning on where each and every hundred of dollars is going.

    To the best of my research Bush spent $700 Billion dollars with no oversight and just handed it to wall street. There was also a clause clearly stating that there would be no oversight and that no one could investigate into it. I'll find the source for that later, I'm heading to sleep soon.

    I hear that Obama pushed for the Bush stimulus and that he even consulted Bush on it. Though the only source I found was that Obama did, like the majority of the senate, vote for the Bush Stimulus plan.

    I only tally that in Obama's admin he has only spent about $354 billion with $59 billion slotted to be paid back fairly quickly (as far as paying back billions goes).

    In the grand scheme of things, and considering the situation. I do believe Obama really hasn't spent all that much, or at least no where near the astronomical amounts of money they're stating he has.

    I look forward to Flashy pulling all the numbers on this one.
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    You are confusing TARP taxpayer funds with Stimulus taxpayer funds (Obama all by himself) but I will let Flashy break it all down for you.
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