Sperm bank fun

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    Sorry about the grammar mistakes, I'm from Europe and English isnt my first language :rolleyes:


    I was a young college student from a poor family and I worked my ass off at the local Wal-Mart to pay for the tuition fee and other expenses. Things suddenly started to go downhill, I got fired from Wal-Mart because I hit my manager in the face and my girl left me for a player who treats her like shit.
    I had about 100 dollars left, so me and my friend bought some beer, got drunk in the dorm and then we decided to go to the casino. I knew it was my day, I was going to win the jackpot, buy a nice house, marry a beautiful woman and never ever work a single day in my life.
    Yeah right.
    After losing all my money I felt really depressed.
    Then Josh said:"Dont worry bro, lifes not all that bad, youll find another job and another girl, Katie was such a slut anyway. She even sucked my cock."
    "She what?" I said angrily. In normal conditions Josh would have gone home with a broken nose, because I have a really bad temper, but that night I didnt even care
    "Yeah I fucked her a couple of times, I just couldnt resist those big tits. You know me, James."
    "Its ok I dont give a fuck." I said silently
    Josh:"Now you need to find another job and..."
    "Fuck no" I interrupted him "enough of those 8 dollar an hour bullshit jobs"
    "Naw man, there are better ways man"
    "What do you mean? I aint going to deal drugs or anything!"
    "No No, bro you got it all twisted. I think you should visit a sperm bank, all you have to do is wank a couple of times a week, get paid very well, not to mention other benefits like..."
    "Haha fuck you Josh, I'm heading home, see you later"

    It was funny that Josh mentioned sperm bank, because producing cum was the only thing I ever did well in my life. I could shoot at least as much as Peter North, possibly more. I remember the fun days when I used to fill Katies tiny little mouth and that whore would swollow every drop begging for more. She asked me to tell her every time I was about to cum, but I never said anything. She often got an eye infection, because I selfishly blasted all over her face, giggling like a little girl. She had to work really hard to get that stuff out of her hair. I couldnt care less.
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    I thought this was a real story. My oh my :p Good job so far.
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