Sports-men with enormous flacid penises.

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    Would you be so nice you of placing here names of sports-men (baseball, basketball, athletics, boxing, etc.) that is known and is verified that are "well-endowed men", that actually have very long flacid-penises (or erect penises).

    Another day, I saw a game of basketbal and there had a few very high and thin men and someone of them they was marking Anything in the short (to sorrow that is a wide short) and I I imagined that this man must have an enormous flacid-penis there … My imagination it started flying.

    Always I have listened to say that Mr. Harrinson Ford is a man who has it very long … Is it true?....

    Equally I have heard saying that they have a ENORMOUS penises, Mr Williem Defoe, Mr James Wood and Chevy Chace too.

    Please, you place a list with the name of the sportsman or actor of TV and inches (or centimeters) of his penis (flacid or erect).

    Thank you!!.
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