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    Southern California
    Ah as the first warm rays of the spring shine down on my nude body spread across this smooth rock high atop a trail in the Santa Monica Mountains I am revitalized after the wet and cooler temps of winter.

    Lying here, I have lubricated myself so as not to get burned by these first rays but to aid in my nude sun worshiping.

    The warm air and the heat generated from this rock excite my every nerve ending as the oil begins to warm across me. Beads of sweat now intermix with the oil to leave a glisten on my body as well begin to run every which way as they slide downward. Softly I brush the running oil across my body as it begins to tingle. My touch begins to go from that of brushing away excess sweat and oil to lingering exotic motions. These same movements begin to cause a rise in my body temp and in something else.

    Lying here in the open completely nude with my clean shaven body exposed becomes quite an erotic turn on. My throbbing shaft begins to swell as my blood races to fill it. I begin to circle its head rubbing the first droplets of my pre-cum around it. My nipples become swollen as my cock begins to come to full life bobbing up and down against my inner thighs and abs oozing its slimy sticky pre-cum on me.

    Soon I begin to gyrate and grind and buck my hips as the hot oil running across my body combined with the heat from the rock beneath me excite and turn me on. I am caressing myself and the warm fluid whether from the oil or sweat and now the pre-cum dripping from my throbbing shaft I am becoming aroused.

    I have forgotten that I am exposed above a common trail naked and obviously excited. Slowly I rub and pull on my cock as if no one could possibly see me…

    Then it happens I realize that someone is here close by as I can hear the loose rock and breaking branches beneath their feet. I say nothing and I dare not look for them instead I continue to explore my own body with my touch. Rubbing, pinching, and pulling on myself as if no one was there. As I pull my cock in my hands I meet it with thrust from hips moving slowly at first then almost deliberately bumping and grinding into my hands. My legs now wide open partially raised and bent at the knees allows for the warm fluid to run down across my groin and into the crack of my ass. I am becoming more and more turned on and now sit up. At first I caress the warm fluid across my chest stopping and circling my swollen nipples. Then blindly tracing my body downward, probing first my belly button then trailing my groin V towards my throbbing monster.

    Rubbing its head and catching the droplets of pre-cum, circling it and now admiring the shiny wet shaft. It bounces up and down uncontrollably as I touch it.

    Then I notice my voyeur hiding in a near by bush. He is tall with dark hair and dark sunglasses on and a t-shirt with kaki shorts that are wide open as his hand is hidden and busy.

    I move to get off the rock and stand beside it now acting as I don’t see him I begin to perform my solo act. Dancing and caressing my body paying attention to my ass and legs. Opening and closing them as if to perform some sort of dirty dancing. My cock is red and swollen now and excited as I touch myself erotically performing for my private viewer. I can see by his hands moving more rapidly that he indeed enjoys my show.

    Slowly at first, I proceed to fuck my hand then almost violently my thrust begin to intensify as does my own excitement. Soon I can feel my shaft is filling with my white hot lava building to its final eruption. As I look at my voyeur I can see his own excitement is beginning to intensify too. Then almost as quickly as it began I can hold off no longer as I begin to explode with hot white globules of my cum shooting on to the rock and ground beneath me fuck this feels soooo good!

    As I look for my voyeur he indeed enjoyed my solo performance and his own results too but is quickly zipping up and leaving the bushes without a single word or acknowledgement.

    I lean against this warm rock which started it all as I clean and wipe the oil and cum from myself. As I begin to dress I am already thinking of returning again as soon as possible to see what other sort of bush bunny I might excite. If nothing else I sure enjoyed it and got some sun too.


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    Spring Equinox is friday! hoooray!
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