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Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by 8dot75, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. 8dot75

    8dot75 Experimental Member

    Jun 7, 2006
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    Straight to the point-

    Lately, I've been feeling kind of like Superman-
    My girlfriend and I (both in our forties) have been having sex on a very regular basis,(@10-14x /wk) and I've noticed our lovemaking sessions have been in the 2-3 hour range -excluding foreplay and oral, which we both indulge in.
    While this seems like I'm bragging (and to an extent, I am, LOL), I'm very aware of how my libido and stamina has changed over the years ; from a belly button-filling teenager to a horny 20 year old to maturity, I've noticed that I last longer now than when I was younger...which is intriguing to say the least
    I believe part of this is from a deep desire to pleasure and satisfy my lady,but I also have a firm suspicion (pun intended) tht it might be my age.
    I'm still VERY healthy,all the plumbing works well,no erectile probs or anything.
    I'm happy that this is happening (and so is she, by the way) , I'm still a bit disturbed by the sudden occurrence -for about the last 3 and a half weeks.

    Also,as per my gallery "The Experiment", I'd used 4 EXTENZE (t) tablets, now about 6 weeks ago, which I think would be too small a dose and to long a time without it to cause any ..um..MEASURABLE result .. yeah, I had to say it.

    Does ANYONE have any idea what's going on?
    I'm not WORRIED, in fact, It does give me an extra kick of confidence.

    Any Ideas??:confused:

    Also (and this is going to sound dumb, but I just HAVE to ask):
    1- How many other guys out here are hour plus guys, and
    2-Ladies/GB Guys-how LONG of a session do you prefer?
    I guess I'm just wondering how common this is.:eek:
  2. B_625girth

    B_625girth Banned

    Jun 30, 2007
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    I'm in my late 50's and married for 30+ yrs, wife not too interested in sex now. but when we were younger, it was pretty common for me to go an hour plus, and it happened with other gfs. I know with my wife I would just get caught up or enjoying what I was doing, get lost in the moment. Think of it. I'm laying on my back, blessed with a big cock, that is boner hard. I got a beautful woman riding on top of me. long brown hair, beautiful full breasts, pretty face and eyes. she loves every bit of me, not just my member which at the moment she is digging. and I love every bit of her. why would I try not to make that/these moments last. so that's what did. I even expressed the above to her one afternoon. told her I want to make sure she doesn't go looking for satisfaction from another man. she assured me that I satisfied her, and she never dreamt sex could be so fantastic. she had been taught it was mostly a chore, doing your duty kind of thing. enjoy your lady and lovemaking, truly one of the better times in life.
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