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    It's just a memory these days, so it's fake enough for me. Enjoy?

    I met this girl online, her pictures were cute enough, so we went and had coffee. She's adorable! 5'9, 105lbs, B cup, fantastic ass, short red hair. Cutest girl you could ever want to meet. A few Myspace messages later and the next day I'm bringing over a bottle of vodka, a bottle of kahlua, and my Big Lebowski DVD to her apartment. In the messages she suggested that we should "cuddle" on her couch if she gets too drunk. She gets way too drunk and we cuddle on her couch, and then she drags me into her room. We are touching and making out and clothes start coming off and she says "is it ok if we stop? I don't know you that well." I was too drunk to perform anyways, so we go to sleep.

    The next morning the kissing and the touching start up again and she eventually reaches into my boxers.


    "What did you expect?"

    resume touching, making out. I run my hands down her sides, along her pelvic bone, all the way down. She's so wet, it's everywhere!

    "Do you want to make love to me?" She says to the boy she didn't know well enough 8 hours ago.


    After the condom ceremony, she laughs,

    "This is going to hurt..."

    She gets on top and winces as she's putting it inside of her.

    "Is that ok?"

    "Yeah, it's really good..."

    We start moving together. I can see her starting to focus on something somewhere. I'm still kind of worried it's tearing her apart. I'm not that big, but she's pretty small! We start moving together a little more quickly. I'm putting steady strokes inside of her and I can feel the tip of my cock hitting something. It really feels like a button inside of her. She takes deep breaths every time it's hit.

    "You're so big..." deep breath

    "Does it feel good?"

    "Yeah..." deep breath, "I..." deep breath "don't" deep breath "normally... ah" faster breath "cum... ohh" faster "during sex.. ahhh"

    We're having hard sex now, the bed is shaking and hitting the walls. I can feel the tip of my cock hitting this little button of flesh inside her over and over again.

    "Oh my god! Oh my god! Fuck me harder" I grab her sides and pull her down deeper on to my cock. "You're so fucking big... I... ah... I'm... coming!" I hit it harder and faster as she was coming and her whole body shook. "That was incredible."

    She was pretty much worthless for the rest of the day after that.

    Same girl, we had had sex 3 or 4 more times since then. As she had gotten used to the size and how it was used she could come more and more. Second time she came 3 times, 3rd time 4 or 5 times, it maxed out at around 6 in one session.

    One of those times she was on top of me and it was all the way inside of her. It was still hard fucking, but not the piston pounding with the dick going in and out. More like really intense grinding. The tip of my cock still hitting that magic button, only now it was always in contact with it, just harder and softer at any given point in the stroke. I grabbed her by the side and wrapped my other arm around her shoulder and shoved her down harder on my dick. A few strokes like that and she started the inaudible talking that let's me know she will be coming soon. This time there was a suprise though.

    Is that? Something was hitting me in the face, and on the chest.. like... IT IS! She squirted all over everywhere! Her bed was soaked. She'd never done that for anyone else, didn't even know she could.
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