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    fastfastr: When we discuss statistics in here, we have to keep in mind that the statistical group that is LBSG is quite different then the general (genital) public.

    Anyone who joins any sexual group on the web is, by definition more interested in sex then the general public (like a person who joins a classic car group is more into cars then the average Hyundai driver).

    I would guess that the size range, median and average is FAR higher then the general public.

    The point is this… when the question is asked how many loads one shoots in a day, how big one's load is… how many partners one has had – we must keep in mind that this is a group where sex has more interest then the typical person.

    So… like an avid fisherman who is asked what his biggest catch is, or a race car driver who is asked the highest speed he/she has driven – the answer is going to be higher then the average person within the GENERAL population.

    The point is, that 7 inches is not small, 1 cum a day is more the norm (unless your 16 years old). Just something to keep in mind as we phallusly ponder the day away.

    Comments are welcome – and expected.
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