Stoned Sex. A story based on the events of last night.

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    My playful laughter fills the room as I feel the slap hit my arse. “Cheeky arsehole aren’t you?” I manage to say through my giggles as I turn to see his massive grin that seemed to light up his face. His eyes admiring at my naked flesh with unmasked desire. Leaning towards me he whispered softly in my ear “How did I end up with someone like you?” With deliberate slowness I reach my hand to his face cradling his head as I kiss him ever so gently, his tongue entering my mouth as a humming bird steals nectar from a flower, infusing me with warmth and making my clit throb with yearning. Hesitantly I break free from his embrace, stealing a last kiss as I move towards the cupboard. “Feel like being naughty?” I ask pulling out a bong as the smell of weed entrances my senses. “oh you bad girl!” his voice filled with amusement. The sound of bubbling water follows the sharp click of the lighter as I draw the smoke into my lungs, until I feel I can take no more. As I Exhale the smoke seemed to dance in the light, whirling in the air. As the lighter clicks again I see him pull in a cone, before passing the bong back to me.
    I grin lopsidedly at him my eyes glistening, everything in the world seeming so magical. His pupils dilated to resemble dark pools, drawing me in closer. I wanted him, I wanted him to touch me, to feel the hairs rise on the back of my neck, to make my skin raise into little goose bumps. I hold my breath as he starts to caress my body, his fingers feather light as the move from the back of my thighs, following the curves of my body before moving back down halting above my clit. I thrust my hips towards his hand, my own desire consuming me. Moaning softly as I feel first one finger, then two sliding back and forth in the depths of my body. Looking down I see the his muscles tense, his naked skin dyed golden from the sun, his dick standing strong and proud, I no longer want him in me, I needed to feel him in me. The vibrations from the music blasting on the stereo shooting through my body, moving to the slap of the bass I pull his body on top of mine. His breath now laboured, his stiff cock pressing against my legs then suddenly I feel his full length enter me, my eyes widening in ecstasy, my back arching as he plunges again and again balls deep in my wet pussy. I feel myself tighten in around him, my hips rise to meet him as he enters me over and over, the sensations so overwhelming but I can’t help but cry out, his own moans matching mine. I feel the warmth building; I spur him onto thrusting harder, deeper each time. I can no longer move the feeling so intense as our body meld into each other, our lust seeming to charge the air. My legs wrap around his, I wanted him to stay deep within me for eternity. I hear his breath changing, becoming laboured, his trusts more intense, I knew he was close to losing control. My own boundaries breaking, my blood red nails digging into his back, breaking through his skin causing him to groan in a erotic mix of pure pleasure and agony. Every muscle in my body now tense, I throw my head back as I feel the full sensation of my orgasm, screaming at the release. At the same instant I feel him explode, his cum filling me, his cock spasming inside me. I never wanted it to end, his orgasm so hard I could feel his cum running down the curse of my thighs. Too soon he collapsed on top of me, our hearts racing, beating out of our chest. With great effort he looks into my face and hoarsely whispers “I love you. “
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