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    Well, I turned 18 like 6 months ago, and i never had sex, i always wanted to, but i never could get a girl in the sack. but 2 weeks ago, this happened...

    So, I left my car at my friends house, and he offered to come pick me up, but i decided i wanted to clear my mind and take a walk. Then, about half way through (he lives 7 miles away). I was like, this is a bad decision. But, then out of the corner of my eye i saw this MILF starring at me. About 41, D cups, big ass, 180 pounds, white, and about 5'7".hot.

    And after i saw her staring at me, I was thinking, what if i just went up to her and asked her if she wanted to have sex, after a little conversation... So, that's what i did. I went up on her lawn, told her what a nice morning it was, she agreed, blah,blah,blah. I told her she looked pretty,and she said thanks, in a really sexy voice. So, then i said, "Can i come inside", she's like, "for what?", and I said "for something to drink". And she said sure. I was very surprised. So she gave me a coke. And I asked her if she lived alone, she was divorced, and had two kids. And she showed me a picture of her daughter, who was 19. she told me that she would be perfect for me. And i simply told her...

    "Lexi (sexy,fucking name, right!). I'm not interested in your daughter, I'm interested in you. Wanna go to your bedroom?" And then she said, :I don't know..." And, I said, "come'on, lets go..." and she said kay, in a perky/sexy voice. So we were walking to the bedroom, I was freaking out inside, I am about to have sex, I am about to have sex!

    So, when i entered the room. I grabbed her and threw her on the bed, and began to eat her out (I've done this before, and have been told i am good at it). Then she was like, "i was not expecting this!" while she was And then she squirted, when i licked her clit and pressed my finger on her G-spot. Then she told me, "that happens a lot" and i was like "NO FUCKING WAY THAT'S MY FAVORITE THING!" So then she went down, unbuttoned my pants. and i got scared, i don't think i have a very large penis, even though, it's pretty long, and very wide. But when she said, "ohhh, nice big, hard dick, much bigger than my ex-husbands" as she stuck my hard dick in her mouth...I was so happy all the stress was lifted off my shoulders.then after a while, I told her i was ya, know, gonna blow my man sauce, she said, "okay" Then i took it out, ans shot in her mouth. and she ate so then she said, I'll be back in a minute. She grabs something out of her dresser, it was black and, again. she comes out, in a black thong, and bra, heels. and i white v-neck. then she gives me a little strip show. when she is gone, she pulls a vibrator and she asks me to stick it in her ass and tells me to fuck her pussy. And then i insert that lubed up dildo, in her ass hole, and stick my hard cock in her wet vagina.


    Then i cum in her pussy, which was aweosme. I love the way it looks when cum, comes out of a wet pussy. Then after like a minute, I'm like,I want to fuck you in the ass. And she sexily said, "Do it, now." so then she moved the dildo to her pussy, I lube up her hole. then i stick my dick in her, tight, tight, ass. I think this feels even better then her vagina. So tight, so amazing.

    Then, I don't cum yet, he she tells me to bend over. And, while i was kinda scared. I don't do ass play. ever, or at least not till' that point. she sticks her dildo in my ass, and tells me to jerk off. the orgasm was so intense. wow. then i eather out again, after that, I love to eat pussy. yum.

    So,we end up laying in the bed, kissing and touching each other, till' we fall asleep for about an hour.Then when i am talking to her, when i am leaveing, i ask her if she has done anything like this before. And she told me that she loves to fuck guys my age, and she does this all the time. I honestly wasn't surprised.Then she gives me her phone number, and tells me to call her. I leave, and start walking to my friends house, thinking about what just happened.

    I know this story seems unbelievable, but it's not. believe it. I believe any guy could get with a cougar/milf. if you are just confident, and ask. haha, and maybe you will get to fuck a dirty middle aged lady.

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