Straight couples fuck in a gay club

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    Some years ago, there was a dance club in Melbourne Australia with great music, awesome crowd, no violence. It was an underground private club that was ostensibly gay and apart from the usual amenities found at any other club and a significantly lower ambient light level for such a place, had as an integral architectural and philosophical aspect of the club, a downstairs darkened area called the grope maze full of passages and cubicles where patrons could engage in well... sex

    Being a gay club, the area was frequented by guys coupling in various configurations according to taste, space, available participants confidence and chutzpah.

    The club provided a very safe and tolerant environment free from many of the moralistic constraints of similar straight commercial venues and many straight women also attended along with an increasing number of gay-friendly straight or bi guys as their guests and the guests of the gay patrons,

    It was pretty hot to see that the straight guys got into the spirit and hardly surprisingly, being guys would manage to pursued some girl they had met upstairs or sometimes a girl they had brought to the club seeking a thrill to descend to the maze and there, usually with a clear objective of pure lustful exhibitionism, would proceed to fuck the girl in the best lit parts of the maze.

    This was unashamedly in view of anyone there. It was almost always done with great vigor and sexual athleticism always ending in a crescendo of loud, very juicy wet slapping and a guttural vocalization announcing to the watching crowd that they were filling their partner's pussy with their ample spunk.

    A minority of the gay patrons objected to their flagrant expression of animal heterosexuality, being as it was, among those expressing their queerness through other couplings going on Most of the gay clientele though, recognized that this expression was just a typical alpha male thing and boys being boys - behaviour that alpha males amongst the gay men would be playing out somewhere else in the maze.

    It was actually very fucking hot to see this happening and probably prompted more than the occasional gay man to explore some aspect of heterosexuality.

    I experienced various aspects of the straight sex on tap with more than a few of the straight guys seemingly positioning things so their conquest would invade the space I occupied. Their copulating bodies, pressing against some part of me gently to begin with but designed to extend with time and intensity of the fucking to be beyond any dismissal of it as anything other than deliberate, becoming a rhythmic slamming and transmission of the guy's considerable energy against my leg or some exposed body aspect. The considerable nosiness of their breathing, vocalization and the physical sounds from the the act itself and accompanied often by a spattering of fluids from their copulating bits to find their way onto my clothing, exposed skin and footwear.

    Oddly I did not feel compelled to move out of the way of this juggernaut. I perceived in them a need or purpose for my proximity to their fuck, It seemed to me to be playing a significant role in the pleasure they got from their fucking which was over and above that of the lust-filled act itself. In short, they got off having an audience. More so, it was almost a defiant act, echoing other couplings by guys happening simultaneously. By fucking in the inner sanctum of gay sex, the act declared that straight sex could be and was more than equal to the sex usually found here in this uninhibited space and was just a filthy and debauched and hold its own against anything the gays could do.

    I remember one occasion seated in the maze being joined by a guy who sat next to me shirtless and wearing jeans and boots. His skin glistening with a sheen of sweat from dancing upstairs. He sat and looked around an smiled acknowledging my presence. He was joined by a girl who sat on his lap. Over a period, I noticed after some fumbling, that his leg was slowly rhythmically being pressed against mine and noticed that the girl was moving slightly up and down matching a slight upward pelvic tilt from the guy. It continued and I began to smell the unmistakable scent of fucking and a squelching coming from the point where this couple were now joined. The guy and girl looked over at me as I stared at what was now them obviously fucking inches away from me and with increased vigor, their sonds of their fuck now filling a considerable area with wet soppy slapping sounds and with the guy's quite muscular leg banging against mine. Their breathing increased and they began to vocalise their pleasure. They would sometimes look around to see if others were watching (they were) and to look back to me as I watched. I started to play with my very firm cock and this only seemed to increase their urgency. Other shadows appeared in the periphery of ,my vision as if attracted by the new and unmistakable sounds from their now quite energetic grunting rut. After a few more minutes at a sustained rate, the thrusting became irregular and his breathing matching the rising ululations the vocal manifestation of him climaxing - his body wracked with muscular spasms and his powerful leg pressing hard against mine his pelvis thrust fully up into her and there his orgasm hovered. My leg pressed back against his matching his force and he looked toward my leg reaching over and his hand grabbing my thigh as if steadying himself against the waves of his climax. Through continued sounds and distorted face movement I saw him look at me and smile, I was very aware that their movements were now accompanied by a new very slick wet sticky sound from where his cock was obviously impaling her cunt and as they began to disconnect, I could see stringy connections between his pelvis, cock and balls as they followed up curving and connecting with some bit of her fuck bits that were being slammed by his now ample and softening fuck tool.

    He looked over at me as there was a plop and thud as his cock slipped from her and slapped wetly against his lower abdomen. A strong scent from their wet fucking hit my nostrils with the considerable quantity of fuck mess now appearing and drenching the guy's thighs crotch and cock. Still breathing heavily from the exertion he asked me if I had anything he could use to clean up, I commented that their fuck was pretty hot and had made an awful mess. He responded saying he hadn't been with his sexual partner before and hadn't expected her to be so wet. Casually using the wad of tissues I'd given him, he carefully used them to contain the flood where their fuck had been. He sampled some of their mixture, smelling and tasting it and exclaiming that he was almost certain he'd just fucked another guy's cum out of her as he was shooting his own into her. He looked over at me again and exclaimed he thought she was really slippery and seeking my agreement about how it had sounded far to wet for their fuck alone to have made such a mess - I indicated that I had never before heard fucking sounds like they had made ever before. The girl had disappeared into the maze and the guy and I were left sitting together, his exposure obvious and our legs still pressed against each other.

    To be continued (Don't hold your breath)
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    Amazing post! I'm gay and this really turns me on. Please post more. Did any of the gay men ever join in on the straight sex? I hope so.
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