Straight Married Couple Joke

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    This joke that I' about to share with everyone is a realy good one. It's so funny. Lol. I'm not gonna put the answer but if you wanna comment, please post. LOL! Are you ready??


    Anna - "Honey, I'm on my period! Can you go to the store and get me some pussy pads?" Anna says.

    Kyle - "Now why did you HAVE to say it like that? Using the word "pussy" in a sentence like that is gross...makes me wanna turn gay" said Kyle.

    Anna - "Bae! Seriously. . .I need pads!"

    Kyle - "Well come with me, this is your shit, not mine."

    Anna - "Fine"

    Anna and Kyle were both engaged and getting ready to get married. Soon to be the husband of Anna, was driving while Anna was in the passanger seat, watching and listining to the rain outside.
    Then all of a sudden, Anna seen something black and white on the sidewalk.

    Anna - *gasps* "Stop the car, I see something."

    Kyle - "What?" *he stopps the car*

    Anna - "I think that skunk is hurt!" *she gets out the car, grabs it"

    Kyle - *has the "wtf" look on his face*

    Anna - "We have to take it to the hospital pronto!"

    Kyle - "Why'd you bring that stank fucker in my brand new whip!?"

    Anna - *smells the skunk* "It doesn't smell"

    Kyle - "Then what's that fuckin smell? Smells like fi.." *he stops and looks at his future wife with a blank nasty look upon his face* "Are you wearing panties?"

    Anna - "......umm" *she closes her legs*

    Kyle - "......."

    Anna - *trying to change the subject because she knows she's not weraring any* "Omg, We need to keep this skunk warm. I'll keep it between my legs until we get to the hospital"

    Kyle - *Tries not to laugh and throwup* "Bae, if you want that skunk to live, that might not be a good idea. Living things need OXYGEN."

    Anna - "It'll have oxygen. It'll be fine bae, let's go"

    Kyle - "You sure about that?"

    Anna - "Wait, what? What are you trying to say?"

    Kyle - "......You and I both know what that smell is in this car."

    Anna - *gasps*

    LOL! Did any of yo guys out there get the joke? LOL!
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