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    In an effort to make a little money on the side, I've decided to start offering credit default swaps with the reference entity being my credit card payments. As of now, I am currently leveraged at around $1100 and earn a hefty student income of around $800 per month. The swaps will expire on August 31, 2009. Premium payments will be made out to me, on a monthly basis, at a price of $150 per payment. If default occurs before expiration, a one time payment of $2000 will be made to each investor.

    On top of CDS's, I am also offering 500 $100 face value Lucky8 zero-coupon bonds at a discount rate of 5.75% with a 5 year maturity date. These are revenue bonds backed by my CDS's (which are selling like hot cakes), with a AAA rating by the most trustable name in the ratings industry, Moody's.

    In turn, I have also decided to issue another tranche of CDS's with the reference entity being my zero-coupon bonds. These are selling at a $2000 face value, with monthly premium payments, to me, of $200.

    Since I am going to have so much of OPM's (other people's money) at my disposal, I have decided to also issue a couple thousand AAA rated CDO's, rated by Moody's, and backed by my soul. However, since I realize there is a slight risk for default on these CDOs, I am offering them at an 11% coupon rate. Prices are determined by how much you're willing to lose. This is a limited, one-time offer, and I encourage you to jump on it before it's gone. Contact your financial advisor immediately, and ask about Lucky8 CDS's, bonds, and CDO's. Crunch some numbers, and even if these investments don't meet or exceed your portfolio's RRR, invest anyway!!! YOU CAN'T LOSE IF I WIN!!!:rolleyes::wink::biggrin1:
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    sounds almost as good as the Bernard Madoff hedge fund my Financial Advisor had me go into

    I'm in!:smile:
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