stretch B4 or after jelqing?

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    Oct 2, 2005
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    Hey Guys! Ive been reading on the forum that one should aim at length first. Well i havent been able to understand fully wheter it means that on any particular PE day I should do stretching first and then followed by jelqing or does it mean that I first work on just the length everday by stretching for weeks and then going on to jelq after i have attained my length goal. Please clarify.
    Also lemme tell you that Ive been PEing for about 3 months now. I started with a erect length of 5.3 inches and now im exactly 6 inches when erect. I may have gained half a cm in girth. I wanna go for more length gain to reach 7 inches.
    My routine is 10 mins of warmup followed by 10-15 mins of stretching( when i say stretching i mean just hold my dick n yank it out hard) and then abouth 200 jelqs . The whole things is over in 40 mins. I wanna gain length so any advice from you guys would be appreciated. Also lemme know if there are any excercises to help flaccid lenght. THANKS . I loVe this forum
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