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    So as I’ve said before, I’ve lived all around the world and in all my experiences I never played strip poker. That is until last year when I decided to go back and fiish up school in the states. The universities here are very interesting. I feel like there was a lot more casual sex going on at European Universities, but the sexual charge in the atmosphere here was incredible. It definitely wasn’t emotionally or sexually mature, but all these students (especially the freshmen with little experience) would just go all out in terms of general exhibitionism. And I cannot lie. I had a lot of sex when I was there. I was older, I had been all over the world, I was well-read, I was uncut, and I had an accent. And depending on the girls experience, I had a “big” cock. .So that’s where the strip poker happened. Apparently it’s like some kind of right of passage here.

    So it went down like this. We went to someone’s parent’s house who lived nearby cause they were out of town for the weekend. There were three guys and five girls. Only one guy had ever played before and people were definitely, definitely nervous. But we were all such good friends that it seemed all right. We agreed on the rules: We’d play five card stud and the person with the worst hand had to remove an item of clothing. Halfway through we’d do lighting rounds where you’d have to remove two items. We all checked that we had the same amount of clothing (girls were spotted one extra item) and we started drinking (not too much) and playing.

    The girls were comprised of two brunettes (5’1 russian girl with dark black hair, tanned olive skin and huge boobs, as well as 5’4 light skinned Italian girl with small boobs). There was one brownish redhead (5’0 skinny, super athletic girl with small boobs), and one not so attractive blonde (5’7 semi-athletic with small boobs). Lastly there was one bright natural redhead (6’1 beautiful face, small boobs and wide hips). The guys were comprised of a 6’0 guy in not so good shape but started the game in the first place, and a 5’11 good looking guy. Then me.

    We started playing and it was so much fun. One of the reasons is because I really am more attracted to people I’ve known for awhile, because you really do see someone as more beautiful with time. The Italian girl kept losing and she was the first one down to her bra. Of course the next round she lost, and was so nervous that we spotted her another round, but she would definitely have to make up the item once other people go to her point. By the time all the girls got down to the their bras, the good looking guy was just in his boxers and me and my other friend were almost totally clothed.

    The blonde girl lost next so it was her turn to take off her bra (along with the Italian girl). They both had small breasts, but the blonde girl had a surprisingly nice pair with even shape. Just really nice looking. We kept going and I was getting more comfortable and playful so I flashed the blonde girl while nobody else was looking. I’m sure she just saw a quick look, but her eyes went wide from the surprise. My friend and I started loosing some clothes now and then it went to the Italian girl to take off her skivvies. She said she was too nervous and it wasn’t fair. So we all made an agreement to all get naked at the end.

    This changed the tension so that everyone was effectively preparing themselves to get naked. The 6’1 red head girl lost next and had to take off her bra. She had really small even breasts that kind of just morphed along with the shape of her torso. It seemed a little strange only because she was such a tall girl that her figure seemed larger than it was. Her midsection seemed large but if she was short you could easily see that she was perfectly in proportion. Next the good looking guy lost his boxers and took them off still sitting down. So you couldn’t really see it all. After that the super short athletic girl lost so she showed her small perky breasts. It was funny she was really athletic and in shape, but still had a great figure with really nice breasts, and little bubble butt even with her straight hips. Finally everyone was down to their boxers except for the Russian girl with huge boobs (still had her bra) and the good looking guy who was already naked.

    So we all just decided to take everything off.

    Details as follows: The blonde girl was skinny with wide hips and full dark blonde bush. The Italian girl had a nice stomach and whispy patch of black hair, which you could see skin through. She also told us her “name” for that vagina. The super short athletic girl was nearly shaved with little black hairs nearly grown in. The 6’1 redhead had a trimmed but fill bright red bush. The short Russian girl’s huge breasts were hanging down but her nipples still pointed straight and sloped up, which made them seem like they weren’t drooping at all. And she had a full black bush. The good looking guy was pretty small and even was open enough to joke about it. I knew some of his “hookups” and they said he was normal so I’m assuming he was grower. My other friend was already hard and pointing down but he didn’t have much to show either. And there I was in full shower mode and in comparison I was huge.

    See for me it’s always interesting because I’m above average, so for girls with little experience or in situations like this I seem huge. For those girls who’ve really had one of the big ones, I’m no big deal. My advantage has always been in my circumference and I’ve always “felt” bigger. I watched all the girls sneak glances as we all hung out naked and smoked weed. After awhile the good looking guy passed out my other friend kept smoking with the tall red head, the Italian, and the blonde girl. I went into the other room with the super short athletic girl and Russian girl with big breasts.

    We laughed and talked for a bit and the topic of conversation turned to me being uncircumcised. I talked about how it’s common everywhere else in the world and soon the sexual tension started to grow. The athletic girl just started playing with my cock and after a few minutes. The Russian girl just watched. She stopped and asked “is this weird.” We both shook our heads. The rush was starting to come over us and we kind of knew what was about to happen. She asked again “have any of you ever-“ we both shook our heads cause we knew the question.

    The athletic started to go down on me. Her hands and mouth were so tiny that she couldn’t even come close to wrapping them around my cock. She just licked and stroked. Then the Russian girl was next to her and they both were going down on my from the sides of the couch. She had a large mouth and was putting it deep into her throat. I was kind of high at the time but it really felt completely surreal. After a few minutes, I practically pounced on the Russian girl and had her lie back as I started to eat her out as the athletic girl kept on me the side. We were all lying down on a huge couch and her pussy had almost now fragrance or intensity to it. It seemed like it was all water. We all then switched positions and I started to eat out the super short athletic girl. She had the most incredibly small pussy I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe it at first. I covered the entire thing and then some with tongue so I tried to zero in and be delicate and careful. She has completely aromatic.

    The athletic girl asked if I had condoms. I didn’t at all. The Russian girl said she did and I asked what kind cause I usually need magnums. It’s not the length that’s the problem but circumference. The thickness is too much for regular and practically suffocate my weiner and usually bust when I put them on. We tried anyway with the regulars and it wouldn’t fit. She then asked if any of us ever, truthfully ever had an STD . We all shook our heads and said if we had had sex since we’d last been tested. None of us had. They were both on birth control and we all knew each other well enough to know that we were honest. I always stay safe but I this case, we made an incredibly rare exception.
    We laid down on the carpet and all made out with me sandwiched in the midde. It was passionate and pretty intense. The Russian girl said she wanted to try first, so she lied back and spread her legs. The athletic girl was holding me from behind. I played a bit, gently entering the Russian girl but she started wincing and telling me to be easier. I was going so extremely easy. We tried a few positions but she said it wasn’t comfortable and that she didn’t want to try anymore. I turned to the athletic girl who was masterbating behind me an she asked for me to try. She got on all fours and bent over and said her favorite was doggy style. I kneeled down behind her and pulled her in. She was so small that I thought there wasn’t a chance of it working. She was already dripping wet so I slid my cock in and she started to react immediately. She was moaning and even grunting. We kept going faster and she started to come very quickly. She turned over and laid on her side saying she wanted to pass out. I turned out attention to the Russian Girl and we decided to 69. I came first, then completely focused on her. She took a good while but finally came too.

    Once we came down from the fever dream we noticed all the stains on the couch and carpet. We started laughing about it and decided to make a break for it. No one had ever knocked on the door and I don’t think we were ever that loud (plus there was music blasting from the other room). We put on our clothes and snuck out so no one saw us. Then we all went out for pizza and talked about everyone else who got naked that night, but didn’t talk about us. It was a Fun night.

    There, I’ve now detailed my 3 threesome experiences. Make of it what you will.

    Thank you.
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    No, no, thank you!

    Ah college....personally I couldn't get it up back then when I was high. I remember a lot of pussy that got away when stoned. But go, boy, go!
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