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    humongous: You're an attractive blackman that gets on the subway
    car and glance around to find a seat, there is only one
    seat left and it's the single seat in the back of the
    car. I'm in it, wearing some tight walking shorts.
    Instead of moving over I continue to set in the aisle
    seat telling you that I'll be getting off soon. You
    excuse yourself and get in. Our legs touch and you get
    a very warm sensation about that. After the car takes
    off, it jolts to a stop and again our knees touch. I
    don't move my leg and you keep yours pressed against
    mine. Neither of us look at each other, and you don't
    know who started it first, but the pressure between us
    is building up. The next thing you notice I have
    started to move my leg up and down very slightly. Both
    of us are playing the game of knees on the subway.

    A game that you've played quite often, but with no
    luck. I've been reading the paper and I lay part of it
    down and it covers both of our legs. I let my hand
    slid under the paper, and start moving up your thigh.
    You're thinking to yourself, damn if he continues that
    I'm going to have a wet spot on my levi's and I haven't
    worn any support. I continue moving my hand up your
    thigh until it gets close to your cock. You are
    getting excited and your cock is starting to creep down
    your leg. I pick up the paper and look down and see a
    very huge cock bulging upwards against the material and
    I whisper to you: "I enjoy looking at a hard-on in a
    pair of levis. It's real hot to see the outline of a
    nice cock throbbing through that fabric."

    The train has made a couple of stops so you turn to me
    and say; "I thought you were getting off in a couple of
    stops!" I just look at you and say: "I was, but I'm
    enjoying this more; want to continue playing kneezy's
    or do you want to come home with me?" You don't know
    exactly what to say so you just look at me with a
    wonderful smile and say: "Shit, this is a first and I
    don't know what to say." You've played the game
    before, but with no success, now you don't know how to

    You start thinking; do you have anything important to
    do tonight and decided no. So you turn to him and say:
    "I'll call your bluff, lets go to your place and fuck."
    At the next stop the both of you get off the train and
    catch the next train back towards town. Both of us are
    discreetly holding the paper in front of ourselves. We
    get off somewhere on Wisconsin Ave, but you forgot, you
    are still a little flustered at what you've just done.
    I go up the escalator in front of you and you're
    watching my ass and wondering if I would like to get it

    As we are going up the escalator, you look around to
    see if there is anyone coming up behind us or coming
    down the escalator. Seeing no one, you reach forward
    and place your hand on the inside of my thigh. You
    surprise me and I jump a little bit, but you slowly
    move your hand upwards and start playing with my ass.
    I step backwards and let you get a close feel, and
    tighten up my buns. You comment about a real solid
    ass. I tell you it's from all the bike riding I do and
    that my legs are even stronger. You're thinking to
    yourself: "Yeh, I'd like those legs wrapped around my
    waist when I fuck that white ass of yours." I flex my
    ass muscles again just as someone starts coming down
    the escalator and you have to stop. You lean forward
    and whisper to me: "Gawd, I want to get my hands on
    your buns again." I turn, smile and tell you that
    you'll get your chance, just like I'm going to get my
    chance at that hot hunk of meat throbbing in those
    tight levis. You stand next to me and I reach over and
    grab that long cock of yours and squeeze it hard. You
    let out a low gasp and tell me that I'm making you
    awful hot and you're going to cum in your pants if I
    keep it up.

    I say to you; "It serves you right for what you're
    thinking." You smugly ask me how do I know what you're
    thinking. I say; "All you want to do is see how far
    you can shove that black cock down my throat. You also
    want to know that if I want to get fucked how far your
    going to shove it up my ass." You quickly agree and
    add: "Yeh, and I want to suck your cock, and then have
    you sit on my nine inches of hot black stiff cock, ram
    it in and out of that fuck hole of yours while you lean
    forward and suck those dark brown tits of mine. I'm
    going to ram this cock up in that white ass of yours
    until you beg for more." My comment back is: "You'd
    better do a good job, cause when your through, I've got
    a stiff cock here that wants to find a nice home in a
    hot pair of buns and you're buns look like they were
    made for fucking."

    We continue out of the Metro station and start walking
    towards the house. We get to talking about work and
    find out that both of us enjoy computers. From that we
    discover that both of us have used the same gay BBS. I
    asked what your handle was and you divulge it to me.
    I'm thinking to myself; "hey, this is the guy that
    stood me up a couple of months ago and then had the
    fucking nerve to do it recently." I'm thinking; "He's
    not going to fuck my ass. Shit, I'm going to shove
    this 8 inch thick cock up his ass so fast he won't know
    what hit him." The two of us continue walking towards
    the house and I'm starting to come up with a scheme.

    We haven't been in the house more than a minute, when
    we start feeling each other up. I get down on my knees
    and rub my mouth on that 9 inch cock of yours that is
    straining to get out of your levis. You reach down to
    pull me up, but I resist. Your black cock wants
    release and I'm making you wait. We've discussed a
    little bit about bondage and I said that I hadn't done
    any of that. But might be willing to try if you
    allowed me to experiment on your first. I suggest that
    I loosely tie you up on that bed I have, you
    reluctantly agree since I agreed not to make it tight.

    You strip off your shirt, but I've requested that you
    leave your pants on, then you lay down on your back
    with your hands up next to each of the corner of the
    bed. I tied your first arm loosely, using a slip knot,
    one that would tighten if you struggle hard. Then I
    finish the job with the other arm, and then started to
    tie one leg down. You resist and try to break loose,
    but the knots only get tighter and you're struggling
    now, only to realize that I have you captive. You
    fight to prevent me from tying the other leg, but
    realize that it's now too late. You are starting to
    worry; "what did I get myself into?"

    I start to gag you to stifle any noise that you might
    make, but you convince me that you won't scream for
    help. A lot of good that would do in our neighborhood;
    the walls are too thick. With your shirt off I start
    to play with your nipples and suck on them. Those
    brown orbs just rise to the occasion and your start to
    groan, I continue sucking and using my hands to pinch
    those nipples on those beautiful brown pecs of yours.
    Your hot; your cock is straining up against the levis,
    you want release. I figured not yet. I keep working
    on those tits of yours.

    Eventually, I work my tongue down towards your pants.
    I slowly start to unbutton those too tight levis with
    it's straining 9 inch ebony cock. I can't take your
    pants off, since I would have to release your legs, so
    I tell you I'm getting the scissors and cut them off.
    You beg me not to, and I just tell you to lay there and
    enjoy it. I'm going to use your body tonight.

    I've cut them down and your thick cock jumps up and
    flops against your belly. I use my tongue and start to
    lick around your balls and then work my way up to your
    cock. It's throbbing up and down just wanting me to
    suck it. Your hot; and your cock is giving you away
    with its throbbing with every beat of your heart. I
    keep tonguing it and it just makes it worse for you. I
    start with my right hand and shove a finger in your
    ass, you say no, but you are powerless to resist. I
    have two fingers up your ass and with my thumb I'm
    rubbing your bulls nuts. Meanwhile, my tongue is just
    lightly working it's way up and down your cock. My
    other hand is pinching those tits.

    You're really hot now and are begging me by yelling;
    "suck that cock of mine, get those white lips around
    that cock, I need to fuck your face. Fuck that black
    ass of mine, just to something." The head of your
    cock is starting to turn a darker shade, you're shoving
    it upwards hoping to get release.

    I look at you and say; "so you want to get fucked do
    you? You say; "Yes, I just want to shoot this cum all
    over, fuck me, suck me, this fucking cock of mine is
    going to explode." I grin at you and say; "I've have
    this 12 inch thick dildoe I practice on, now it's time
    for you to try it." I bring it out and you say it's
    too large for you, I then remind you of the time you
    stood me up, and you're going to get every inch of
    this. I start to lube it and you realize now, that you
    had promised to meet him after work. Now you are
    wishing you had. I untie one leg and lift it up,
    you're saying no but I tell you fucking fat chance,
    you're getting fucked this afternoon. After I loosen
    you up with this dildoe, I'm going to practice shoving
    this 8 inch cock in and out of that beautiful ebony
    bubble ass of yours.

    As soon as that 12 inch dildoe breeches your fuck hole,
    you asked to take it slower. I do slow down and let
    you relax for a moment, then I start again. By the
    time I have 8 inches in your fuck chute, you are
    starting to feel good about it. You are now begging me
    to ram that rubberized cock deep into your hot black
    ass. You lift you leg higher so I can shove it in
    deeper. I'm hitting your prostrate and causing your
    ebony cock to drip cum on your muscular stomach.
    You're holding your leg up, begging to get fuck and
    want me to suck those tits of yours.

    I climb on your chest and you start to suck my cock,
    just as I'm about to cum, I move backwards with you
    straining to suck more. I lower my ass on your cock
    and now my buns are on each side of it
    I'm slowly working my ass muscled, clamping around that
    cock of yours. You want to fuck me and fuck me bad. I
    get the lube out and grease up your cock and apply a
    large amount to my ass. I put my hands on your cock
    and aim it at my hole. I slowly lower myself down on
    the throbbing hot cock that wants to ram my ass. You
    stretching yourself upwards, trying to drive it in.
    I'm taking my time and then slowly lower myself down to
    the root, feeling it pulsate in my ass. I work my
    muscles and you're trying to drive it in. I let you
    work that thick fuck muscle of yours for a couple of
    minutes because I'm enjoying have that thick cock of
    yours planted in my ass. The two of us are working
    well together, the straining of trying to fuck me,
    makes you that much hotter. I can tell by your
    breathing that you are about to shoot. That's when I
    pull my ass off that cock of yours and grab your head
    and shove my cock down your throat. It doesn't take me
    long to shoot my load and you still haven't have any
    release. You're begging me to let you finish, I just
    say no, you're going to have to wait until I'm ready.
    Your cock is standing straight up and the pre-cum is
    making the head of it glisten. I tell you that I'm
    going to call a friend up and between the two of us,
    we'll try to satisfy you.

    I go to the phone and call a black friend of mine up
    and tell the story about picking you up; and how would
    he like to fuck a really hot black ass. He tells me,
    he doesn't care what he fucks as long as he can get his
    nuts up against a nice set of buns. I tell him that if
    he fucks you like he fucks me, it's going to be a good

    In about 20 minutes he shows up and you recognize him
    as one hot looking man and from stories you've heard he
    knows how to fuck a man. You've always wanted him, but
    he was always a little aloft to you. I tell you to get
    ready because Doug and I are going to have a little
    session and we are just going to butt fuck your ass.
    The both of us are going to take turns fucking you. I
    tell Doug that maybe we should warm up in front of you.
    After a lot of fondling Doug and I lay down on the bed.
    Doug lays on top of me and I wrap my legs around his
    waist. He takes it gentle and penetrates my ass
    slowly, you're getting hot just watching the two of us
    fuck. Doug says to you; "you'd like to be in my spot
    right now and fuck this white ass wouldn't you, shove
    your hot cock in there and pound those buns. You'd
    like to lay him on his stomach, mount that ass and
    screw him hard and every time you woke up in the night
    to just roll over on top of him and mount that ass and

    Doug and I are verbalizing about fucking and I'm
    starting to groan. I reach up and pinch Doug's hot
    nipples and begging him to slam his ebony throbbing
    cock into my guts. You hear me; "Fuck me hard."
    Watching this muscular black stud with his thick cock
    mount my ass has you real hot, your still straining to
    get loose. Finally Doug makes that last plunge into my
    bowels and we both let out a bellow and collapse. We
    lay there for a short while, watching your cock throb.
    Doug reaches over and pinches your tits, you asked to
    be cut you loose. He chuckles and says; "not until
    we're through with you."

    After we've recuperated a little bit, Doug pulls his
    cock out and cleans up. Meanwhile, I've started to
    shove that dildoe in and out of your ass. You want it
    bad. When Doug comes back into the bedroom, he climbs
    on your chest and places his soft 10 inch cock in your
    face and rubs it all over you. You want to suck it and
    he is tormenting you. Slowly his cock gets hard and he
    lets you moisten it up, you know that when it gets
    hard he's going to butt fuck that ass of yours.

    You lick at his cock with an insatiable appetite, your
    tongue and lips try to pull that cock into your throat.
    You want to suck it bad and you can't remember when
    you've been so fucking horny. His cock gets hard and
    meanwhile your cock is still bobbing up and down, if
    you've ever had a case of having to shot your wad, now
    is the time. Your cock is throbbing and is so hot, you
    think it'll come all my itself. Doug turns around and
    exposes his ass to you, you lean forward as far as you
    can, you want to tongue that ass. He backs up far
    enough for you to lick his thighs, but that isn't good
    enough. Soon you feel his hot breath on your cock.
    You know that you're about to explode, he holds your
    throbbing cock in his hand and lightly blows hot air on
    it. You shove it upwards begging him to suck it. You
    know now what it is like to be sexually tormented.

    Doug turns to me and say; "Don't you think that it's
    about time that we untied him, roll him over, tie him
    up again and show him what it's like?" You say;
    "Please, don't tie me up again, you can roll me over,
    but don't tie me up again."

    Doug and I look at each other and say why not, but if
    he make one bad move, it's tie him up again. We untie
    you and you roll over, but you keep your legs close
    together. Doug orders you to spread them, you do, but
    reluctantly. He gets on his knees between your legs
    and start to massage your asshole and gets it nice and
    lubed. You work your buns, knowing that you are
    getting ready to mount you and fuck your ass. He
    places the bulbous head at your opening and slowly
    penetrate your fuck chute. It slides in nice and easy,
    you want more and back up to get it. With one lunge,
    Doug shove the rest of his cock into your ass. You let
    out a loud groan and then arch your back, he drives
    that cock hard and deep, hitting the right spot. After
    a couple of minutes of pounding on your ass, you know
    that your going to shoot your load without anything
    touching it. It's the first time that you remember
    that you're going to cum all over without touching your
    cock. Your begging him; "fuck me, drive that cock
    into the fucking ass, pound my ass, butt fuck that
    fucking black ass of mine, fuck me damn it, pinch my
    fucking tits." You arch your back more and shove that
    ass backwards to get more of his rod. Doug, lunges one
    more time and plants it deeper than you've ever had a
    cock before. He shoots and collapses on your back.
    You're still hot and are milking his cock for all you
    can get, your cock is just about to explode, when he
    gets off, and I don't get on. You roll over and start
    to pull on your cock, I say; "oh, no you don't."

    "Lay there," I tell you, and by the looks in my eyes
    and the looks you're getting from Doug, you do it. I
    crawl on top of you and straddle your hips and then
    slowly lower myself down on your cock. That hard piece
    of man-flesh is throbbing between the buns of my ass,
    you want to fuck me bad and I tell you easy does it. I
    grease up my fuck chute and raise you cock to spear
    that hole of mine. You're laying there, breathing
    hard, wanting to shove your 9 inch cock into my ass,
    but you hold off, afraid what Doug or I will do to you.
    I lower myself slowly, flexing my buns around that rod
    that is penetrating my ass.

    You pushed hard and your big black dick moved deep
    inside me kneading my ass as you penetrated bend after
    bend of my butt. I groan with delight at how deep into
    me your cock had gone. You stopped for a moment and
    asked me "You want me to fuck you don't you?" I said
    yes but asked you to pause for a moment to let my ass
    relax around your huge dick. You wait for a minute or
    two. Then began to thrust your black dick in and out
    of my hole. I start riding up and down on that
    throbbing rod of yours, groaning every time you massage
    that prostrate. I say; "fuck me with that cock of
    yours, shove it deep, fuck me hard." I continue riding
    up and down, pinching those hot tits of yours. You've
    wanted to fuck my ass, now go for it. You do. I'm
    bouncing and it doesn't take you long to grab my hips
    and impel me down on that thick fleshy cock of yours,
    shoving it has hard as you can into my ass. I start
    beating on my cock and it shoots it pearly white cum
    all over your chest and at the same time you make one
    more lunge upwards, deep into my bowels and let out
    "Awwwwwww. fuck your ass, gawd what a sweet ass to
    fuck, sit on this fucking black cock, take this cock up
    you white ass, gawd it's good to fuck you deep, shoot
    your cum all over my chest."

    I collapse forward and slowly pull my ass off of that
    cock that is starting to go soft. Doug, meanwhile, has
    been watching this and his 10 inch cock is ready to
    fuck again. You ask for a rest and he just say; "I
    can't wait, I want to put this cock right up that black
    ass of yours and shoot, watching you fuck my friend
    made me hot. I'm going to plant this 10 inches deep
    and hard." He grabs your legs and lifts them high and
    spread them wide. He is doing just what you've always
    dream he would do to you if you ever got him in bed.
    You wanted him to ruthlessly shove his cock in your
    ass, you wanted to feel his bull balls bang against
    your buns. Your black fuck cunt is exposed and waiting
    for him to mount that ass of yours and drive it deep.
    You want both of us to fuck you as hard as you had
    fucked me, when you shoved that 9 inch cock up my ass.
    You thought that if you had fucked me rough, that we'd
    do the same to you. He places that thick head at the
    opening and slowly shove just the head into your ass.
    You start begging for more, he's playing with you. You
    try moving down the bed, you want that 10 inch cock to
    be slamming into your already loosened hole. You
    saying: "Come on you fucking stud, screw me, get that
    cock buried deep into my ass, I want to feel it
    throbbing in there." I wait for Doug to plunge into
    your ass and watch your ass muscles pull that cock in
    deep, then I head for the bathroom to clean up.

    While I'm in there the door-bell rings. I quickly
    throw a short towel on and head for the door. When I
    open it, I realize that it's the coach from the local
    school. Him and I had spoken to each other several
    times and he is one of the hottest black men, other
    than the fellow fucking you, that I've ever seen. You
    can tell that he works out almost every day. Gorgeous
    set of pecs, iron strong legs, arms the size of porch
    pillars and lats on his stomach hard enough to wash
    clothes on. He asked if he could use the phone because
    his 4-wheeler just broke down and he didn't want to go
    back to the school and make a call for a two truck. I
    said sure, come on in. I noticed that he was staring a
    little longer than necessary at the towel around me,
    when all of a sudden some noise comes out of the
    upstairs bedroom, you let out a groan of "oh, fuck me,
    fuck me hard." My face gets a little red and he has a
    sheepish grin on his face and says; "sounds like
    someone certainly is enjoying himself, hope I didn't
    interrupt anything." With the grin on his face I could
    tell he knew what was going on and just answered; "I
    just taking a little breather." He says: "sure, and
    while you're taking a breather can you show me where
    the phone is, don't want to tear you away from
    something you'd rather be doing." I lead him into the
    den and as I walk by him, he gets bold and padded me on
    the ass and said; "nice."

    I turn and look and him and say; "Well I've seen you in
    shorts this summer and I know that yours is damn nice.
    Well, turn about is fair game, do I get a chance to pat
    yours." He tells me to go right ahead. I do and he
    has a real firm bubble butt. He stands there while I'm
    stroking his ass; then one of his hands quickly moves
    underneath my towel and says: "Very nice. Know how to
    use it?" I respond with; "sure do. Do you want to try
    it on for size?" With that he responds by saying: "I
    want to try both sides on for size. Remember, I've seen
    you in your shorts out in the yard many times this past
    summer. My truck breaking-down was just an excuse to
    come in and talk to you some more. So it looks like my
    lucky night." I just said; "shit, it's my luck night,"
    and that I had fantasized about taking him to bed the
    first day he even talked to me. With that he said;
    "lets stop wasting time and do something about it!" We
    head for the stairs, just as your letting out more
    groans of; "fuck me, please fuck me hard, shove that
    stud cock deep into my ass." As you're rolling your
    head back and forth, enjoying that 10 inch cock
    mounting your ass, you see us come in the door. You're
    surprised and delighted that there is another person.

    The coach looks at me and says: "He sure looks like
    he's enjoying it, I want you to try it on me. I tell
    him, yes and the two of us head for the king size bed.
    He takes off his clothes, with his eyes fascinated on
    the fucking you are getting. "Jeez, I'd like to be in
    that position, hurry up!" he tells me. I tell him, not
    yet, I wanted to suck that rigid cock, play with his
    balls and tongue that ass. He says okey, but to hurry,
    he hasn't seen anyone get fucked like that in a long
    time and it's making him hot to get fucked. He lays
    down on his back and I climb in between his legs and
    grab that cock of his and pull it into my mouth and
    suck it right to the base. "Shit," he yells, "suck
    that cock, let me shove this fucking cock down your
    throat." He grabs the back of my head and pulls it
    down hard, one of my hands is starting to squeeze his
    nuts and the other is fingering his ass. "Keep it up,
    you cock sucker and I'm going to shoot this load down
    your throat." I keep my mouth on that throbbing black
    cock of his and suck harder. He then pins my head down
    on his cock and I feel the surge of cum working its way
    up through that thick rod, he was hot to unload. He
    releases my head and collapse back down on the bed, you
    can tell by his heavy breathing that he shot off a nice
    load. After laying there for a short spell, the coach
    rolls over on his belly and spreads his muscular legs.

    I get in between those thighs and run my tongue up and
    down the back of his legs and his inter thigh. He's
    wiggling and flexing those ass muscles and it's making
    me hot. I ask him if he is ready to get fucked and his
    response was to rear up with his ass in my face. He
    spreads his cheeks and I tongue him, his only comment
    is to hurry up. I grease up my pole and place it right
    at the doorway of a hot ass. He backs up and impels my
    cock into his ass, I can't resist and shove for all I'm
    worth. Meanwhile, this has gotten Doug so hot he makes
    one last lunge into your ass, with your legs spread
    wide, he deposits his load of white cum deep into your
    fuck chute. You haven't cum yet, and you groaning as
    you become the receptacle for his cock. With Doug
    fucking you, you've gotten hard again and you want to
    shoot your load, but he won't let you play with
    yourself. You feel the last of his throbbing cock
    before it starts to get soft and slowly pulls out of
    your hot ass. You're watching me fuck the coach and
    get turned on, watching my ass flex as they help plow
    into his ass. Every time I make a drive forward my ass
    muscle tighten up and it's gotten you excited again,
    you want another chance at my ass. You crawl on top
    and tell me you want to mount me and fuck my ass. I
    tell you to move the closet door, with it's full length
    mirror on it, so I can watch the three of us in action.
    The coach says; "Yeh, I want to watch that white ass
    get fucked, while he slamming his cock into my black

    You get your fuck pole greased up and aim for the
    middle of my buns, knowing I'll open up and let you
    slide that slippery black cock right into that ass of
    mine. I've already been loosened up by the previous
    fucking I received from Doug and you, but you're still
    amazed that I am still tight. My ass muscles clamp
    around your cock when I shove forward into the coach's
    ass. Every time I shove forward, my ass muscle clamp
    that much harder around your thick 9 inch cock. You
    don't move at all, you're letting me do all the work,
    backing up to impel your fuck rod into my ass, then
    shove forward, clamping my buns around your cock. The
    coach has spread his legs wide and my balls are resting
    against his huge nuts. The coach is watching his ass
    get pounded in the mirror and giving verbal
    encouragements: "fuck my ass, shove that black cock
    into his cunt hole, pound his white ass, fuck his ass
    hard enough so I can feel your throbbing cock deep
    inside my ass, make him beg for more cock, fuck me,
    damn that's hot, shit, I love watching getting fucked,
    fuck my ass, pinch those tits of mine, fuck me hard,
    awwwwww, gawwwwwd." His groaning has turn me on so
    that in a couple of more stoke of your cock into my ass
    makes me shoot my load deep into his guts.

    You haven't cum yet and you're savoring having your
    cock buried deep in my ass. You're long fucking me,
    slamming it hard and deep into my guts. You're banging
    on my ass, groaning; "awwwww, fuck your ass, work
    those buns, I'm going to plant this mother fucking
    black cock deep in your white buns, gawwwwwwd, your ass
    is tight, great ass to fuck, nothing better than a hot
    ass." I say; "Oh, yeh like this beautiful black ass
    that has my cock, and he's working those muscles, keep
    fucking me with that black cock of yours, pound that
    ass of mine, let me know I'm being fucked by a real
    black stud, jeeeeez, I love fucking coach's black ass
    and have you mount my buns and screw me hard,
    gawwwwwd, this is great getting fucked, shit, one hot
    fuck, keep pounding that ass." Doug, who has been
    watching this tell us to roll over on our sides, he
    wants to fuck you again, you say no, but we all roll on
    our side. Just about then, my cock is too fucking hot
    and I make one more plunge into the coach's ass and
    leave my load. We lay there for a moment and then he
    pulls off and greases up his pole, you realize what he
    is going to do. You're going to get fucked again.

    The coach slide in behind you and doesn't waste a
    moment to get his thick ebony rod planted to the roots.
    He says; "Jeez, I saw Doug fuck you and I just had to
    try this hot ass out, it feels so good to plant this
    cock in you. He's gotten you loosened up just right.
    You want this cock up your ass, and while you're
    fucking that white ass. Shit, your buns are just
    right, they feel so good with my balls in your crack.
    Pound that white ass, get him good an loose for me.
    Cause when you're through fucking him, I'm going to
    mount that white ass and fuck. Every time I saw that
    ass twitching this summer I wanted to fuck it, I wanted
    to take this black cock, mount his ass and butt fuck
    him until he begs for more." With me working my
    muscles and the coach fucking your ass it doesn't take
    you long to shoot off. When you go soft, you start to
    pull your cock out of me. You turn to the coach and
    say; "You want to fuck that white ass, now fuck him,
    fuck him good. I like to see the three of us fuck him
    several times." I turn my head and say; "yeh, coach
    fuck that ass of mine. I've wanted your ass and I got
    it, now show me you can fuck as good as I can, cause
    when your through, turn about's fair game and plant
    this cock back in that hot hole and suck your tits
    until they're sore."

    While the coach is fucking me again, you go over to
    Doug and ask him if he wants another go at it. He just
    looks at you and tells you: "Hey, you're fun to fuck
    once, twice or three times, but I'm looking for
    something a little better than that. I'd like a steady
    and I think I've found him. So why don't you just put
    on your cloths and leave. I think between my friend
    and the coach, we can take care of ourselves the rest
    of the night. It's been fun, see you around." You're
    rejected, you've never had anyone treat you like that,
    and now you realize that maybe the next time you decide
    to start something you might stay around long enough to
    finish it and the next time you realize that you're not
    going to stand people up.
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