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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Imported, Jan 4, 2004.

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    leanffm: I have met a guy from Sudan (East Africa) years ago who was bisexual. He was amazingly big. I have the feeling that guys from some east african tribes (Nilotes) are on average bigger in penis size.

    A question to the board: A friend of mine and myself want to visit the Sudan. We are looking for sudanese men (gay or str8) in Sudan or abroad who can give us some hints about the sudanese and how to get in contact with them (places to contact gay guys but also friendly sudanese people who are willing to show us around). This is not an ad just for sex, sex is only one part of the game (and of course any chance for a hot encounter would be great ;). We are more fascinated by this country and its people (men and women).

    I only read horrible stories about gays being murdered in Sudan. Any hints about this beautiful but scavage country or introduction to sudanese people would be very much appreciated! Thank you.
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    hi man
    I am from Sudan, but now living abroad. When i was in Sudan I used to play the roll of top mainly although I was sometimes bottoms for 2 or three guys) That is why I cant tell you wether sudanese men are big or not. most of the guys I selpt with were from average to big. My ex BF was 9"!!!! I heard that my grandfather(mother's father) was huge and my father was alos huge and so do my older brother. I dont know how can you get the information you need from over there as most of the guys there are still feeling shy if you discuss with them such topics.
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