Suede Boots and the American Tragedy

Discussion in 'Et Cetera, Et Cetera' started by cnw400, Dec 15, 2006.

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    :smile: :smile: Just riding along in my pick 'em up truck on a sunny fall day. . .crisp, cool morning with not a whole lot to do. Just a little ways out of town, 'bout three miles on a old, but well used blacktop road. The foliage is in full color. . .have to see it, just beautiful. That cup of coffee I had about 30 minutes ago is working on the lower extremeties so I pull off the road and find a short lane into a grove of trees. Just gonna have to find a place to let it all hang out. I get out of the truck and head to the edge of the grove, pull old Tom Trousersnake out of the comfort and seclusion of my Levi's, and let him cry a steady stream of golden tears. I lean back against a tree and look out across the field - it won't be long and the farmers will be out picking corn and gathering in other bounty of the earth. Much later the snow will start flying and all that will be left is a few husks tossed about by the winter winds. Snow will make this fertile earth as solid as that blacktop road just east of me about seven or eight trees.

    I'm glad for this time of year - glad to know we've had enough rain and that crops are good. This is a good year for farmers. It's been a good year for me, too. Got a good wife, good kids, the house is almost paid for, everything that could be right is right. I know that next year I'm going to have to look after this body I have and let Doc shine a light up the ying yang to see if everything up there is where it should be and nothing's there that shouldn't. I know he'll have to probe around in there with a sanitized, gloved finger, but the federal government has been shoving it up the bum of Americans so long in taxation and legislation designed to keep the poor poor and the richer even richer, how much more can it hurt? I'm content where I'm at, happy with life, enjoy people, and find a lot of contentment in gazing at the clear, blue sky above me. I see a passing jet overhead - wonder where all those folks are going? It's a good day to travel and a good day to be alive, and a good day to be thankful for all that I have. I've even got a support group for the least seen part of my body!

    I should be more observant - looking up and out across the fields is wonderful but as I bring my eyes down I realize one thing that kind of spoiled that great, elated mood - I've pissed all over my brand new suede boots.:eek:

    The moral of the story: Be thankful - but be careful!:mad:

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