Summer Getaway

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    An ex-gf of mine had come across this on the iVillage website and I actually thought that it was hot. Hope you enjoy as I copied and pasted it.

    It was a hot July Saturday. I was up at my cabin where there is a lake nearby where people go to swim and layout. My boyfriend was the only man that I had ever been with sexually, couldn't come up that weekend. So I decided to go down to the lake myself and layout. I consider myself attractive (5-6, 125lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin, 36C chest). My boyfriend is very sexy as well as we both get looks from people when we go out. But I've always wondered what else is out there. Not from an emotional side because we both care about each other. But hearing stories from my girlfriends and the various guys that they had been with peaked my interest. I even sometimes fantasized about other guys when pleasuring myself.

    I got to the lake and took off my jean skirt and tank top to reveal my black bikini. I began to lay out and was enjoying the hot weather on my body. I laid out for about an hour and decided to put my feet in the lake and walk along the shore. As I was walking along I noticed a very sexy man in his mid-20's. He was very sexy (5-11, very tan, very tone, dirty blonde hair, incredible body). He wore his board shorts real low so you could see the V leading down to his goods like an arrow. He began to walk my way and introduced himself to me. His name was Eric. We continued to walk along the shore and I said that I was going back to my towel. He asked me if he could share it with me. I said sure. We got back and began to lie out and chatted. He asked if he could borrow some tanning oil and I handed him the bottle. He stood up and it was one of the sexiest things that I had ever seen. Oil glistening on his ripped abs as he ran it all over his body. He laid down next to me. Our bodies laid close together as our arms were touching. His skin was so smooth. I decided to roll over and tan my back. He asked if I needed any oil on my back with a grin. I said yes. He said "Only if you un-tie your strings. Wouldn't want any tan lines." I said "Why don't you do that for me." He smiled and untied my bikini top. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. His touch on my back was so sexy it made me even hotter. As we lay out we talked and got to know each other more. It was getting late and I told him that I was going to head back to my cabin. He said "We'll I wouldn't want a nice girl like you to be alone tonight." So I invited him to come back to my cabin with me. We got in my car and drove back.

    It was still really hot outside and we were both in our swimsuits. I can't lie but I was checking him out just as much as he was checking me out. We decided to make margaritas and then we played pool. I would ask for assistance and he would assist me by grabbing me from behind and helping me with the shot. I loved feeling his arms wrapped around me. I said that I needed another margarita so we went upstairs. I told him thanks for helping me downstairs. He told me that I should try using his pool cue instead as he took my hand and pulled me in. We began to make out passionately. The feel of another mans tongue in my mouth made me so horny. He rubbed his hands all over my body and me the same to him. My hand rubbed down his pecs to his abs. As we pressed our bodies together I could feel his penis through his board shorts. He untied my bikini top and began to lick and suck on my hot, hard nipples. He took me over to the couch and we continued to passionately make out. He then untied the sides of my bikini bottoms and took them off to reveal my smooth pussy. He looked at my wet pussy, smiled, and said "There's not a hair on your body is there." I smiled back and he dove into my pussy with his tongue. He spread open my lips and began to ferociously eat me out. His tongue was so deep inside of me. As he was eating me he would stick his fingers inside of me and finger bang me. It felt so good as he stuck one, then two, and then three in me. He then continued to put four in me and continued to nibble away on me. After a good half-hour of non-stop eating, I stood him up and untied his board shorts. I could see that he had an erection. I pulled down his shorts and saw the biggest cock that I had ever seen. I was always very, very satisfied with my boyfriend's penis (it was 6 inches with pretty good sized girth). But this was the best looking penis that I had ever seen. It was around 8.5 to 9 inches and was very thick. His balls were good sized. As he stood there, I just kept on looking at how big it was as I grabbed it and began to stroke it. I couldn't even reach my thumb to my index finger it was so hard. I sat him down on the couch and began to suck. Oh wow! I couldn't believe that I was doing this. That the cock of another man was in my mouth. But it was so good. I tried to deep throat it and gagged myself. He asked if everything was OK. I said "YEAH! I've never handled anything like this before. You're so big." He smiled, pushed my head back down onto his penis and moaned as I continued to suck away and caress his balls. I would run my hands up onto his ripped abs. I was beginning to melt.

    After sucking Eric for another good 15-20 minutes, I told him to "Fuck me." He stood up, with his firm penis still in my hand as I was stroking it, and began to kiss me, sticking his tongue deep into my mouth and mine back into his. He laid me down on the couch, kneeled on the floor at the base of the couch, spread my legs, licked my vagina to get it wet, spit on his fingers and rubbed his head, and put his giant, hard penis into me. I nearly exploded like a bomb. He was only half way into me and continued to push into to me more. He got it all the way in. I could feel his head so deep in me. He was fucking me like nobody ever had before. He continued to go back and forth into me. My body was so limp I could barely move. He kept fucking my pussy harder and harder. "Oh fuck me" I said. "Fuck me harder, fuck my brains out." I kept getting wetter and wetter. I could feel myself cum. He continued to fuck me as he put my legs over his shoulders and continued to fuck the living shit out of me. It was so sexy looking up and watching his body. He was like a Greek statue. I would place my hands on his pecs and feel his V as he went in and out of me. I told him that I wanted to ride him.

    I then got on top of him with him sitting on the couch. I loved watching his cock go in and out of me. The veins on his shaft were bulging out. He had a big one on top and some more on the sides. His cock was so wet with my cum on it. When I was on top of him he got even deeper into me. He would grab my waist and throw me up and down. I would grind on his cock and feel him hit my spot. It was so numbing. I got off, stood up and leaned over the foot stool and said "Fuck me from behind." He stood up and walked over with his penis hard as a rock. He spread my lips which had never been spread as far as they were now, and put his rock hard cock in me. I could feel his balls slap against me as he kept going in and out, in and out, in and out, harder, faster. I was screaming and moaning so loud because never before had I felt this sensation in me body. I told him that I was going to cum. He pulled his penis out of me and I ejaculated like never before. I squirted every where. My heart was beating so fast. He stuck his penis back into me and pounded my pussy like never before. He would reach around and rub my clit. I could feel my eyes roll back in my head, he was so good.

    He said "I'm going to cum. Where do you want me to go?" I said "Cum in me baby, I'm on the pill." I smiled at him and said "nut in me." He let out a large "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS." I could feel his cum shoot into me. It gushed into me like water rushes out of the faucet. As he was cuming I could feel him grab my waist firmly. I turned around, put my arm around his neck and pulled him in and we passionately locked lips as he grabbed my tits. It felt so good laying there.

    He pulled his cock out of me. I had to walk over to the kitchen to get a towel to wipe up my vagina. I could barely walk Eric fucked me so hard. Both our bodies were glistening with sweat. I came back and we each kissed. I looked at him and said "wow, that was amazing! I mean I thought that my boyfriend was good but wow, you are incredible." He smiled back and asked me "well how do I compare to your boyfriend?" I looked at him and "Oh my girlfriends were right, size definitely matters. Your cock is huge." He sat there and laughed. I looked over at him and asked "So how soon before we can do that again?" He responded "We'll, how sore do you want to be tomorrow?" I said "I don't care, I just want that (as I rub his cock) back in me."

    We had an amazing night. We had sex two more times that evening. Each time longer and hotter. And he was right, as the next day I was actually sore that it hurt to walk at first when I woke up. Eric left in the morning. I asked him for phone number so the next time that I was up at the cabin alone I would be sure to call him.
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