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    The last couple of days have been warm finally in Southern CA and they made for GREAT excuses to get some sun. Like most in So CAL I have a pool in the backyard and this makes it easy although one side isn’t secure or private enough they aren’t usually home during the weekdays.

    I had been laying out since about 10:30AM when the combination of sweat and hot oil were making me a little excited to touch. Sitting here nude makes me get pretty horny sometimes. Anyway today was no exception as the sweat and oil mixture slid across my body all over it drive my swollen shaft crazy as it just made it throb and bob up and down against me.

    Lying here listening to my iPod I was obvious to any noise or anyone for that matter.

    Slowly I reach down and slid my hand against my swollen cock slightly touching it at first then playfully grabbing it and caressing it against my stomach. It glistened in the sun and with the combination of sweat and oil it was slippery to touch and it only made the sensation that much more erotic. Being clean-shaven I am already quite sensitive but this only made it worst or me harder – LOL.

    I leaned back and propped up my chase lounge a little higher as I sat there with legs wide open my cock in one hand rubbing against me as the first droplets of my sticky pre-cum oozed from its swollen red head.

    Sitting there starting to get off more and more by my solo touch as I looked across the yard I seem to see someone in the bushes that separate my yard and the neighbors. Not wanting to scare who ever it was off I kept touching myself as if I didn’t know anyone was there.

    Starting to really get excited I was simulating a good fuck by thrusting in and out of my hand lifting my ass off the chair and thrusting my hips in and out as if to fuck…

    Now I could see that it was the neighbor woman who was in the bushes and she had her hand in her shorts as she was obviously watching my solo performance too.

    This only intensified what I was doing now I was going for it and had an audience too. As I felt the pre-cum ooze and then my cock fill with hot cum I knew I was about to explode all over me. Spurting and shooting, the white cum across my chest and on my thighs as she stood there in the bushes getting off too, watching me with her hand busy down her shorts. Lying there I made no attempt at first to move or wipe up the mess as she stood there with a sly smile on her face. I don’t think she knows that I seen her.

    Now I cant wait until tomorrow I hope she is home too.

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