Summer Job (GAY)

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    This is my first story its a fantasy I've had for a while. Hope you like it. :biggrin1:

    One day after classes were over I decided to go over to Craigslist to see
    if there were any jobs available. Almost out of money by the end of the
    semester I was looking for pretty much anything. One ad caught my eye "Male housekeeper wanted". Not really sure why it caught my eye but I decided to click on the link and check it out. After back and forth emails I was finally going to meet with Mr. Anderson. Driving across the city I finally arrived at the gate community called Pine Hill Estates. After I was buzzed in I drove towards the address finally arriving in front of a typical tract mansion. As I got out of the car I checked myself over and walked to the front door. When it opened I was greeted by Mr. Anderson he was a little over six foot clean shaven and from what I could tell by his tight t-shirt in really good shape. After he let me in he showed me around the place until we finally made our way back to the kitchen.

    "So do you want the job?"
    "Sure sounds easy enough. When do you need me to start?
    "Well today if you want. The wife is supposed to be back in a few days
    and i want the place to look good for when she gets back."

    So for the next couple of days I spent my time cleaning up around the house but i was beginning to find it strange that there were no pictures of his wife anywhere in the house.

    "When is your wife supposed to be back again I asked?"
    "Well she got delayed a couple more days, some kind of business
    conference or something. I cant keep track anymore."

    As I finished my last test for the semester I made my way back to the dorms. I was looking forward to a quiet summer after the majority of students went back to their homes. When I got to my room there was a note on the door. "All students: the dorms are going to be renovated this summer please be checked out by the end of the week." When I went got to Mr. Anderson's that night I explained the situation to him and told him I wasn't going to be able to work after today.

    "Nonsense. I have a spare guest room. You can stay here for the next
    couple of weeks free of charge."

    Reluctantly I agreed, not that I really wanted to spend the summer at home with my stepmother and here idiot son Clancy. So my first morning I got up and started my cleaning. Thinking Mr. Anderson was gone to work I opened the door to the master bedroom at the same time as he came walking out of the bathroom. I froze as he stood there naked looking at me. His body was perfect athletic, clean shaven. I turned red as I stuttered as I glanced down and saw his semi erect member.

    "Hey sorry" he said walking to a dresser and pulling out a pair of boxers. "I
    guess I should have told you I wasn't going in until this afternoon.

    I mumbled something quickly and left the room my face still blushing. As the day went on I couldn't get my mind off his huge tool. It must be at least 8 inches erect I thought to myself. All day long I dreamed of seeing his dick again. After my chores were done for the day I was sitting in my room when a knock came at the door. Mr. Anderson walked into the room. Wearing shorts and a tank top he looked a little tips.

    "Is there something else you need me to do Mr Anderson?"
    "Hey call me Rob. No I just came in to see how you were liking it here."
    "Its really great." I looked around for a second and I could feel my face
    start to get warm. "About this morning....." But I couldn't finish.
    "Like what you saw huh?" he laughed
    By now my face was really burning. "I uh..."
    He laughed again "If you want to play with it just let me know."

    I didn't see him walk across the room in my embarrassment but when he spoke again I turned and came eye level with the huge erection in his shorts. I just stared unable to speak. He slowly lowered his shorts until his dick flopped out. I was totally wrong about only being 8 inches this monster must have been closer to 10. I felt his hand on the back of my head slowly moving me towards his dick. Before i knew it I had opened my mouth and taken the head of his cock in my mouth. Back and forth I went sliding my tongue around his stiff monster. Suddenly he pulled it out.

    "Go take a shower and then we can have some fun."

    When I emerged from the shower the lights in the room were off. Figuring they were probably going to come off anyway I went to bed without any clothes on. After a few minutes of silence i heard the door creak open and felt someone climb in on the other side of the bed. As i was already on my stomach I felt Rob mount me. I shuddered quickly as a cold liquid started to run down my crack. Then I felt him slide his dick inside me. Slowly the monster made its way up my ass until his huge balls touched. Then it began, for the next hour he fucked me like a bull. His massive dick
    slamming back and forth in my ass, one time as i began to let out a whimper he slammed my face into a pillow and rammed me harder. Finally as we lay on our sides i felt the thrusting slow down and then a warm blast inside me. After a few more pumps he pulled out.

    "Sleep tight" he said as he walked out the room.

    I was so worn out all I could do was lay there on my side feeling his lust slowly ooze out of me down my butt cheek. After than night my work was becoming more sexual, morning blow jobs, a late night ass fuck. One day after returning home after running to the store I noticed a bag lying on my bed. Opening it up i found a note "this is your new uniform" From the bag I pulled out a little french maid outfit, a thong, some stockings. I put the uniform on, I felt too nervous to leave the room until i heard Rob
    yell for me from downstairs. When I made my way down to the kitchen I stopped in fear. There next to Rob were 4 other guys I had seen come over occasionally but never met. All of a sudden all I could think of was to run but my legs wouldn't go.

    "Oh hey I forgot since the football preseason is starting today I invited all
    the guys over to watch. This is Tim, Randy, Julian, Mark, and Roberto."
    Randy smiled as he turned to Rob. "Looks fun can I play with him?"
    "Maybe later." Rob laughed.

    All the guys left the kitchen and stood there still too embarrassed to speak.

    "Well on day's like today your job is to serve us all. I want you to kneel
    next to my chair and whenever someone needs something you get it."
    On the way out Rob lifted the back of my little outfit and slapped my ass. "You look good in a thong" he said walking to the living room.

    For the next hour I did as Rob told me and sat patiently getting the men more beer, or refilling the chips.

    "Hey bitch" I heard Julian yell.

    Looking over I saw he had pulled his erect dick out. Walking over i stood next to him.

    "Well" he started. "Get to work."

    Dropping to my knees I moved between his legs and slowly started to go down on him. It was definitely a lot easier than Robs being only about 6 inches. Up and down i went until I felt his hands push until his dick was deep in my throat and after a few seconds i felt the warm blast of cum in the back of my throat. I kept bobbing until he pushed me away,
    slowly backing up i swallowed the rest of his load.

    "Damn the Vikings suck!" Mark yelled. "Well this games over time to unload."

    Standing up Mark grabbed me by the arm and led me down the hallway to my room. Tossing me on the bed he aggressively pulled my panties down to me knees. Mounting me doggy style he slammed his 7 inch cock deep in my ass. With his hand pulling back on my shoulders he fucked me hard until he blew his load inside of me. I fell down to the bed trying o catch my breath. As i lay there I could hear him put his pants back on and leave the
    room. By now my ass was sore from Robs daily fuck sessions and now Mark. Standing up I could feel Mark's load run slowly down my leg. But before I could get dressed Roberto and Randy came walking in. Roberto quickly got undressed revealing a nice 7 inch cock but what really caught my eye was his balls which looked like a pair of grapefruit. Randy had now undressed revealing a massive throbbing black cock. Randy pushed me down
    the bed and as i lay on my back i saw Roberto climb on the bed near my head. Quickly mounting my face before I knew it his huge ball sack was pressed against my mouth. I tried sucking on one but i couldn't even fit it in my mouth. As i licked his balls I felt my legs being pulled up in the air until they came to rest on Randy's shoulders. Randy slid his throbbing monster deep inside me, fucking me like never before. Holding firmly to my legs there was no where to go as he destroyed my little white ass. For the next 45 minutes him and Roberto went back and forth slamming their manhood deep in my ass. Finally the ordered me to the floor. As i looked at them stroke off in front of me I awaited what i knew was coming. Randy blew his load first, a massive glob of cum in my face going up into my hair. It was followed by a second smaller blast until he finally got close and squeezed the last bit onto my face. Then it was Roberto's turn, getting close he shot out one massive glob of white goo unto my face. I could feel it run down my nose
    into my mouth. After a few seconds I could feel his dick being pushed into my mouth and i sucked the last bit of cum from him. After i cleaned up from my cum bath I went downstairs and saw the other guys had
    left. Rob sat in a chair watching sports center.

    "Hey" he said "I moving your room."

    With that he got up and I followed him down the hallway until we came to the door of a large walk in closet. Opening the door he revealed a large cage.

    "I've decided to keep you as my little sex toy."

    Before I could object he was placing a collar around my neck. Ordering me into the care I complied like a timid animal. Latching it closed I looked up at him. I could see the bulge in his jeans.

    "What will your wife say?" i pleaded.
    "Oh I'm not really married." he went on. "But if you think today was fun wait
    until the season really starts. There will be dozens of people here to fuck
    that sweet little ass."

    With that he closed the door and left me in my little cage. be continued.
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    neither am i into female clothing, nor do i really enjoy gangbang fantasies but - just as a hint - your stories move on far too fast! Its like u get a dick in your mouth and in the same moment it pumps cum into you. ...Slow down! and maybe try to describe more details ...of the guys...the dicks.... whatever.

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    My Dark Paradise
    A little rushed but it's interesting continue yea but slow down some describe things better
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