Summer - Part 1

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    It was only ten o'clock and already heat rose in waves from steaming earth. Mrs Costello looked out from the kitchen window over her garden, her hand cradling a glass of orange juice frosted with moisture. It was Saturday morning and she had not yet dressed. Her body still damp from the shower, the red silk nightdress caressed her slender curves like a lover. Although she was on the wrong side of forty her body was still slim and girlish, high firm breasts perched atop a taut slim waist the flared out to slim yet feminine hips. Her legs travelled long, slim and straight to perfect tiny unblemished feet. To top all this her face seemed to defy age, it was a face that looked innocent until you gazed into her clear blue eyes and saw the challenge there. She could have been any age between 25 and 40, a classically oval face, lips slim, curved and sensual. Cheekbones high and angled gave her face a sharpness that told you she wasn't a girl, but a woman. She knew that at any moment Tom would be arriving, and she knew that yesterday it had been his eighteenth birthday. He had helped her out in the garden since the sudden break up of her marriage and she had watched him ripen from a skinny awkward boy into a warm, well muscled young man, ripe yet innocent. Today she intended to take that innocence away.
    It was minutes later she heard the knock at the door and felt her pussy moisten as she thought of what she meant to do. Hurrying she let Tom in and led him to the kitchen.
    'How are you Mrs Costello,' Tom asked politely, 'it's really hot today.'
    She led him into the kitchen as they exchanged polite chat then offered him a glass of orange juice which he accepted. She held out the juice then purposely spilled it -it cascaded down the front of Tom's clean white t-shirt spilling down over his jeans.
    'Oh dear,' Mrs Costello said, a smile in her voice, 'that'll stain unless it goes in soak, take it off quickly.' Tom had known her for years so without a second thought he peeled his t-shirt over his head revealing a taut lightly tanned body, muscles rippling smoothly under perfect tight skin.
    'Mmm, have you been working out Tom,' Mrs Costello said as she reached out and gently trailed a finger from the hollow at the base of his neck all the way down to the slim line of hair that led into his jeans. As her fingers stroked him Mrs Costello could see his cock rise suddenly in his jeans, he was at the age where a light wind would give him an erection, and she saw him blush deep red as he realised that she had seen his sudden tumescence. Looking into his eyes she placed her hand firmly over his cock, her heart beating faster as she felt how big it was, through his jeans she could clearly feel that he was hung like a mule.
    'Mrs Costello, what are you doing?' the words rushed through Toms lips.
    'Does it feel good Tom,' she asked as she carried on caressing his cock, bringing it fully to life.
    'Yes but I don't think you should do that.'
    'Why Tom, are you a virgin?' she teased, smiling at him.
    He looked down before looking back into her eyes as he said one word, almost shamefaced, 'Yes.'
    'Does it not feel good?' she asked and he didn't reply but she felt him push forward, pressing his cock against her open palm.
    Gently she leaned forward, pressing the full length of her body against Tom, feeling him trembling against her. It touched her, and aroused her. Softly she nuzzled her mouth against his, feeling his breath sweet and clean against her, softly she pressed her open mouth against his, pleased to find his mouth open, receptive. Pressing herself harder against him, her breasts tight against the hardness of his chest, his cock hard against her belly she softly pulled his bottom lip between her teeth, chewed on it hearing Tom moan, his arms go round her waist and pull her more firmly to him. He was panting slightly and she felt herself moisten as his tongue eagerly but inexpertly delved into her mouth. A sense of lust and triumph filled her as she knew that he was now so horny that he would do anything she asked.
    'Tom, do you trust me to teach you?' His only answer, the only answer he was capable of was a nod and taking him by the hand she led him to her bedroom. As he watched she slowly pulled the straps of her nightdress over her shoulders, let it fall in a red silken puddle to her feet, stood passively as she allowed Tom to look at her.
    'You're beautiful Mrs Costello,' he groaned.
    She kneeled at his feet undid his trainers and slipped them off, then his socks until he was wearing only his jeans, then she reached up to the waistband, traced the line of it with a sharp red fingernail then as Tom watched she leaned forward, placed her mouth over the denim covering his cock and breathed on him hard and slowly knowing he'd feel the heat, the moistness of her breath on his meat. With her mouth over his cock she could smell him, sweet, musky, mouthwatering. Moving away she slowly slid the zip down then slid them off over his slim, powerful hips to finally reveal his cock. The shaft was beautifully pale, immaculate and untouched, ridged with veins, brutal and exquisite, the head topped it, huge, purple, wet with precum. As he felt her eyes on him a drop of precum forced its way from his cock streaming down over his shaft and as she put her tongue out, gently licked it from him she felt him shudder, heard a moan forced from his lips. Softly, gently, not wanting to push him over the edge she took the head of his cock in her mouth, working it in and out her lips barely applying any pressure but his hips began moving softly, moving his cock deeper into her wet warm mouth, fucking her slowly.
    'Tom if we carry on you're going to come in my mouth, I don't want that yet.'
    He was clearly confused by her words, innocent and untouched but eager to learn.
    He listened eagerly as she spoke to him, 'I want to teach you things Tom, and there are things every man should know about a woman. Kneel between my legs while I show you.' The exchanged places and as she spread her legs, let Tom see her cunt she could see his dick visibily twitch at the sight.
    'What is this Tom,' she asked him.
    He blushed but answered her, 'Your vagina Mrs Costello.'
    She smiled down at him, 'No Tom, it's only my vagina when I'm at the doctor's. If I'm with a lover its my cunt, my twat, my pussy, my snatch, anything but a vagina.'
    He couldn't take his eyes away from her cunt and watched eagerly as she spread her cunt lips, playing softly with herself as she spoke to him, explaining that these were her cunt lips, pulling back her clit hood to reveal her clit to him and telling him how she liked it to be touched, to be licked, taking her labia in her fingers and pulling them apart like pink wet petals, sliding her fingers in her cunt hole opening it so he could see inside her, her cunt walls dripping with her juices, then finally she tilted her hips upwards reached down and spread her tight pink arsehole for him explaining that most women liked that to be licked too, to be fingered, to be fucked. He was panting with excitement, the smell of her cunt teasing him and finally she began stroking her clit, inches away from his mouth. As he moved forward she knew he'd taken in every word of what she'd said. He licked along her slit, his tongue soft and teasing, coaxing her into flooding with juices then he spread her cunt lips wide, as she'd told him she liked then softly he licked the inside of her cunt lips, she moaned under his mouth. He seemed to have a natural talent there was nothing clumsy or awkward about his new technique. Circling her hole with his tongue she could hear him swallowing her juices, loving the taste of her, eager to reach as far inside her hole with his tongue as he could, then she felt him move away, take her labia betwen his fingers and gently stretch them, pulling them so her clit rested eagerly at the top of them, he carried on pulling them apart as he moved his mouth back over her, began softly lapping at her clit, forcing a sigh from her which quickly turned to a moan as he closed his teeth on it, dragging them over it making her hips buck softly under him. He seemed to have lost his innocence very quickly, as he nibbled on her clit bringing her closer and closer to cumming she felt two fingers reach inside her, bathing them in her juices he withdrew them then she felt them pressing against her anus, then firmly force their way in. As he knelt between her spread thighs she could see he was so aroused he was humping away at nothing, his hips moving backwards and forwards, his cock streaming, running with clear stick precum. She felt his tongue at her pisshole, the tip of it forcing its way in and he spoke, his words muffled against her cunt.

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    Nice work there, Princess.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.
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