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    This is a collection of ten or so stories that I wrote between May and August 2006 involving the same characters. While not Pulitzer Prize winning material by any stretch of the imagination, they are light-hearted, fun; and the intent and purpose for the one they were written for was, I'm pleased to say, more than fully served. Enjoy! Sam

    The Handyman

    It was a Monday morning and Dan finally had Jack all to himself. He had been patiently waiting working around Jack’s schedules and obligations. Jack had called Dan up that morning.

    “Dan, I’m horny! I need a blow job! Please, come and have your way with me! I’m finally all yours, and I am so fucking horny!”

    Dan didn’t need to think, he was there in five minutes.

    “OK, let’s do this, Pal! I want you naked!”

    Jack was sitting in front of the computer rubbing his partially erect cock through his shorts.

    “You’re the boss!”

    Jack stood up as Dan walked over to him. He grabbed Jack by his belt and pulled his waist open so he could reach inside and free Jack’s cock which was painfully trapped down his left leg. Dan slid his hand inside, and went inside his boxers sliding down a progressively hairier abdomen, into thick pubic hair, and finally grasping the thickening cock shaft, freeing the taught member from its constraints. Dan got Jack’s cock erect and pointing north, and then reached down and fondled his moist sweaty balls. Jack gasped as he grabbed the warm hairy handful hanging loosely in his shorts. Dan pulled his hand out and smelled the familiar scent of Jack’s scrotum. Savoring it for a moment, he smiled, and then began to undo the belt on Jack’s shorts. He unbuttoned and unzipped them and let them fall to the floor. Jack kicked them aside. Dan grabbed Jack’s t-shirt and pulled it up and over him exposing Jack’s wonderful chest. Tossing the shirt to a table, he kissed and sucked each nipple before moving on. Dan ran his hand down the front of Jack’s boxers pressing Jack’s cock which was fully erect and reaching out of the waistband. Dan reached in his own pants and adjusted his cock to north also and pressed it against Jack’s cock. Inch by inch, Dan began to lower each side of Jack’s underwear, all the while grinding Jack’s cock with his. Finally, Jack’s boxers fell to the floor, and with a flourish, Jack kicked them in the air landing on a chair.

    As Jack watched them land, he noticed that his handyman was coming down the sidewalk to the front door of the cabin.

    “Shit . . . I forgot that Bryan was coming today! Gotta go!”

    Jack frantically began trying to find his clothes, as the handyman knocked on the door. Dan was enjoying the comedy of the moment as Jack threw on a t-shirt, pulled it over his hips and erect cock, and sat in his desk chair and swiveled it away from the view of his handyman.

    Dan thought, “Great! I finally get him alone and he is fucking horny, and this happens. Big Guy, I am getting a piece of you regardless who walks through that door!”

    Dan adjusted his cock in his pants, putting the head under his belt, and went to the door to let the handyman in. Jack was scrambling to find something to cover his lower half.

    “Come on in!”

    “Thanks! Is Jack here? I am supposed to get some work done here that he hired me for.”

    “Sure. Jack?”

    Jack stayed at the computer, turned away.

    “Hi! I’ll be right with you!”

    But before he could say "wait outside,” his shirt popped up over his throbbing cock exposing it. To make matters worse, there was a mirror across from him. The handyman got a full view in the mirror of Jack in all his glory. When he realized he was being seen in the mirror, Jack turned and Bryan was suddenly staring down the length of Jack’s cock.

    Bryan just stopped and stared. Dan looked at him—"handsome guy, wouldn’t mind a piece of him either”—and realized that the guy was staring at Jack’s hardon . . . enjoying it! Jack was trying to cover it up again and began apologizing.

    “I’m sorry! It’s not what it seems.”

    Dan thought, “Yes, it is!”

    Dan smiled as he looked at Jack’s pants and underwear strewn in different places in the room. And there was Jack pitching quite a tent with the lower half of his t-shirt. The fucking thing just wouldn’t go down.

    The handyman didn’t know what to say or do.

    “Jack? I need to go! I’ll come back at a better time.”

    “Yes, please!”

    Jack was beet red, hard, and not knowing what to do. Bryan didn’t move but continued to stare at that steel rod in front of him.

    Dan knew immediately what to do, and it was all going to be in his favor.

    “Gentlemen, we seem to have a situation here. We can be a bunch of pussies about it or be men. We all have cocks that are now in various states of arousal. I am proposing that I put them to good use for you. Jack, I have waited too long for some hot man on man action with you and I am not waiting anymore. And, Bryan, you look like you need to be broken in by a pro. I’m the pro! Gentlemen, this is now my show, for my satisfaction, and I am calling all the shots. Any questions?”

    The handyman stammered.

    “I’m straight! I could never do anything like this. I have a girlfriend?”

    “Dan! He’s my handyman! And I’m straight! Ditto what he said!”

    “And, gentlemen, I am as straight as both of you, too! And, if memory serves correct, Jack, I have been fucking your ass for two months now. Woof! It’s show time!”

    Dan laughed as he went and locked the door and closed the drapes. He went to the new fridge Jack had just gotten and got some beers out. He gave one to Jack and then took one to Bryan . . . who just happened to be getting a telling bulge in the front of his pants.

    As Bryan drank his beer nervously, and Jack stood there with a hardon, Dan took matters in his own hand—specifically with Bryan’s cock. Bryan gulped his beer, gagged, and gasped as Dan grabbed his cock through the fabric of his pants. Bryan did nothing. Dan held on. Bryan looked at Dan square in the eyes and then smiled. He relaxed and drank his beer. Jack was watching Dan in action with his handyman and started rubbing his cock through his t-shirt. He was used to getting fucked by Dan, not watching.

    Dan, realizing the the handyman was going to submit to his every desire, pulled his shirt out of his jeans, and started undoing his belt. Dan unbuckled the pants, and begin slowly sliding the zipper down until it could go no further. He opened the handyman’s pants wide revealing a hairy abdomen that led to a thick manly patch of dark pubic hair. Dan was impressed—he liked a man with hair on his cock. Dan decided to treat himself to the handyman cock and reached in to grab it. More hair. No underwear. After he released the cock and freed it, he took his hand and rubbed it up and down on Bryan’s stiff one. As it got harder, Dan reached in with his other hand to explore Bryan’s balls. They were warm and sweaty, with hair on them, a good solid hand-full.

    The handyman hips moved from the pleasure of Dan’s touch. He immediately trusted Dan and gave in to him instantly. He finished his beer and set it down. He grabbed his pants and opened them far enough so that they fell to his ankles. Dan reached down, running his hand over the handyman’s cock as he put his hand on one of Bryan’s thighs to open his legs farther. With his pants at his knees, and his work boots still on, Dan lifted Bryan’s t-shirt up over his head revealing dark, thick, hairy armpits and a beautiful hair-covered chest. Dan dropped the t-shirt and pulled Bryan’s mouth to his. As Dan kissed him, running his tongue inside Bryan’s mouth, Jack moved in closer to watch. Sitting in his desk chair, he removed his t-shirt, and began stroking his cock—laying back with his legs spread wide while rubbing his hardening cock. How he wanted to be in the Bryan’s place right now.

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    Dan knew he had two greedy cocks on his hands that needed to be satisfied.

    “Jack, I want you to continue stroking your cock, but I don’t want you to cum. I am going to do you next.”

    Dan went to Jack’s bedroom and brought out a new box of Magnum’s. In the meantime, the handyman and Jack continued to jack off. Dan handed one condom to Jack, and then took two for himself and Bryan.

    Dan kissed the handyman again, kissed his neck, kissed his nipples, kissed his abdomen, and—finally, grasping Bryan’s cock as he kneeled to the floor—kissed it right on his thick mushroom shaped cock head. Bryan was so excited at having a man licking at his cock that he started to pre-cum. Dan took some pre-cum on the end of his tongue and started to cover the reddening head with it. Bryan’s cock was so sensitive by now that he practically shot a load from the tongue action Dan was giving him. Dan knew it wouldn’t take long as the guy was straight and would cum faster from a guy giving a blow job than a gay guy would. Dan grasped Bryan’s cock firmly and rubbed it while he bobbed in and out on his cock head. The guy didn’t know what to do with his hand until he finally grabbed Dan’s head right before he came. He came so fast that Dan gagged as the cum rushed into the back of his throat. He grabbed Bryan’s lightly hair-covered ass with both hands as he worked the cock head inside of his mouth. The handyman was going weak in his knees having never had the experience of a guy sucking his cock. You want a good blow job, you need a guy to do it for you. It takes a man to give great head! Dan took his tongue and slid it back and forth over the base of Bryan’s cock and the guy shot a second load and fell to the floor. He laid there spread-eagle on the floor. Dan took his hand and ran it all over the handyman’s body lightly touching all the hair to make him tingle. Gasping and moaning, Bryan shot the remaining cum out of his cock in spurts and dribbles leave thick matted slicks of cum in his dark pubic hair. Dan took his hand and worked it into his hair and his skin coating as much of the handyman’s body as he could.

    Oh . . . thank you . . . fuck . . that was great . . . I’ve never felt anything like it . . . please, do it again . . . fuck, please!”

    “Just rest. I’m not done with you yet.”

    Once he was limp, Dan turned to Jack, who was ready to shoot his load just from watching Dan go down on Bryan.

    “OK, Big Guy, it’s your turn. You are my favorite fucking lay!”

    Dan undid his own pants and opened the front. He took off his t-shirt exposing his hairy chest. He reached in his pants, grabbed his cock, and whipped it out with a flourish.

    Dan took Jack’s cock and kissed it—licking around the head the way that Jack liked. His head was so sensitive now from stroking and being aroused by what Dan was doing to his handyman, that he thought he would blow a load if Dan’s tongue touched his slit. Dan held Jack’s cock, and did butterfly flicks on the cock head. Light flicks, but enough to make Jack squirm. But Dan didn’t want Jack’s cock just now, he wanted his ass. He put his cock in Jack’s mouth to get his cock lubricated. Jack greedily sucked Dan’s meat as it swelled in his mouth. While Jack was sucking, he got a Magnum and handed it to Jack. Jack opened the package and with Dan holding his cock, rolled it on making sure there was a cum reservoir at the end. Because Jack liked to beat off at the computer when he get erotic stories from Dan, he found an open container of water-based lube and scooped some up on his right middle finger.

    “Jack, lay back in the chair. Put your legs on my shoulders and spread them. I want your ass.”

    With Jack now in position, Dan kneeled and licked Jack’s balls. He breathed in deeply enjoying the smell. He licked upward on the base of the shaft as Jack moaned and relaxed back into the chair. Jack knew what was coming next. Dan started licking Jack’s asshole. Licking around it and licking in it. Occasionally getting a hair in his mouth. He didn’t care, this was a prime piece of ass, and he was going to have it. He took his lubed finger and lubed around the hole and then started sliding in it—fucking it with his finger—slowly and gently lulling Jack into a false sense of security. Jack laid back and enjoyed the finger sliding deep into his rectum. It was comfortable and safe. Dan had other ideas.

    The handyman who was on the floor suddenly noticed that Dan was lubing his condom covered cock. Having never seen a butt-fucking before, and having privately fantasized about being butt-fucked, he sat up as Dan took his cock and rubbed it against Jack’s hole. The handyman crawled over and like a child sat there in fascination. Dan looked at him and nodded for him to grab his cock and guide it into Jack’s hole. The handyman had never touched another man’s cock, and was hesitant at first.

    “Take it in your hand, fucker,” Dan said quietly. “It’s OK.”

    Dan took Bryan’s hand and guided it to his cock, teaching him. Bryan grasped it. It was warm, thick, and solid.

    “Now take it and guide the head into Jack’s hole.”

    The handyman kneeled and slid it into the hole.

    “Push it in past the head.”

    Bryan held on firmly and slid Dan’s cock in two inches.

    “Now just slide it in and out about an inch. Fuck him slowly with it.”

    The handyman did as he was told—yanking Dan’s cock which Dan was enjoying! Jack could not believe how good it felt with Dan there leaning over him and the handyman corn-holing him with Dan’s generous cock.

    Now that he was in, Dan would try to get his cock fully in Jack’s ass. Knowing that the handyman was hooked, Dan told him to take his work boots, socks and pants off, which he did eagerly. Now, totally nude with the excitement of his first man on man sex experience, he had a raging hardon.

    “Put that condom on and then come stand behind me.”

    Jack looked up suddenly!

    “What the hell—?”

    “Jack lay back. Keep your legs on my shoulders. Close your eyes.”

    Dan whispered in the Bryan’s ear.

    “You want to buttfuck?”

    “I couldn’t! He’s my boss! I could never go up a man’s ass with my cock!”

    “Well, you didn’t think you would have gone this far either, right?”

    The handyman said nothing.

    “OK, then. Go stand behind me. You saw how I lubed up his ass. Just quick lube up mine and then stick your cock head in my ass.” The handyman lowered Dan’s pants to the floor. He was so aroused by the site of Dan’s naked ass that he started licking up the back of Dan’s legs, kissing his ass, and fondling Dan’s balls—his first grasp of balls.

    “Put the Magnum on.”

    The handyman rolled it on his swollen cock.

    “Now stick your cock in my ass.”

    Bryan did as he was told. Jack could not believe what was going to happen. His cock started getting hard again.

    With Bryan in his ass, Dan started to guide him in the art of butt-fucking. The two bodies became as one as Dan guided their thrusting. Jack hung onto the chair as the two men slammed into his rectum—Dan and the Bryan with their balls slapping the one in front’s ass. The power of the combined thrust movement was more than Jack had ever experienced. This was a power fuck like he could only dream of. The two men thrusting in perfect unison. Slam, slam, slam, slam, slam, slam, slam, slam! Jack was hanging onto the arms of the chair for all he was worth to take the power of Dan and the Bryan. Dan had never fucked this way—with someone in his ass—and he could no longer contain the cum that was going to explode out his cock. He squeezed with his sphincter tight on the handyman’s cock as he shot his cum load into Jack’s ass. Bryan gasped at the power that Dan’s ass exerted on his cock. Dan held onto Jack as he continued to pump stream after stream of the hot, creamy man-jam that spurted uncontrollably from his cock. While Dan finished squirting, Jack started beating his meat, stroking uncontrollably into a man cunt formed by his two fists. Slamming continually down on his cock with Dan and the Bryan fondling his balls, Jack suddenly exploded out of his cock shooting cum right in Dan’s face, hair, and chest. Dan managed to catch some in his mouth and swallow it.

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    “Bryan? Ever eat cum?”

    “No. I couldn’t.”

    “Don’t be a pussy. You made it this far. Lick it off my face.”

    The handyman reluctantly licked Dan’s face and had his first taste of cum. He greedily swallowed every drop.

    “Bryan? Ever lick a cock?”

    This time the handyman just gave in because he was really wanting to suck a cock. He leaned over as Dan pulled out of Jack, and begin to lick the rest of the cum off Jack’s cock. Dan joined him and the two licked Jack’s shaft from their own side. Dan worked the lower part and the handyman had head for the first time. Jack was going crazy from two tongues licking his cock.

    Dan let Bryan finish cleaning the cum off, as he went into Jack’s bedroom and came back out a few minutes later with a huge smile on his face.

    “Oh, Jack! You need to get down on all fours on the floor. Put your head on the floor and leave your ass in the air. And . . . close your eyes.”

    Jack thought that the Bryan was going to butt-fuck him. Wrong! Dan and Jack’s handyman got the lube and both began to massage and finger Jack’s hole. They each took the middle finger from their hands and four fingers were now sliding in and out, gradually pulling outward to stretch the hole. Jack thought, “Dan is six inches thick, but I can always handle him inside me. I don’t think that they are both going to go in together. Hmmmmmm.” And then Jack felt it. An old friend. Cold and hard. It had been lubed on the end and was now massaging his hole. Dan and Bryan stuck their fingers in one more time and pulled outward, making the opening wider to receive, and placed what felt like baseball bat on his hole.

    “Jack, are you ready?”

    And with that Dan slammed this humongous Michael Brandon dildo into Jack’s ass. He only got the head in, but the pain was such that he screamed!

    “Dan! You are ripping my ass apart!”

    “I’ll kiss it later to make it better.”

    “Come on, Big Guy! You know you want this!”

    And slam! Again it went in another four inches. Jack screamed again. The pain was so intense that tears were running down his face.

    “Oh, God! Oh! Oh! The pain! Go deeper!”

    Dan and the Bryan did the next thrust together. The handyman guiding and Dan using his pelvis to force that huge fucking thing in Jack’s ass in hopes of getting it in all the way to the balls on the dildo. They hit the second sphincter.

    “Oooooooooooh! Ooooow! Fuck, that hurt! I can’t take anymore”

    “Yes, you can! Just rotate your hips so the opening back there is aligned to take more. Here we go!”

    And with that, Dan slid the whole thing in—all the way to the balls! Jack screamed again, his eyes tearing, but he was enjoying the delicious pain so much his cock started getting hard again. Dan, ever so gently, started sliding that monster forward and backward while the handy man performed his first hand job on Jack.

    Dan could see that Jack could take no more and gently pulled the massive thick dildo out of his ass. Jack rolled over on his back with his knees in the air and his legs spread. Dan went down on Jack’s cock and was bobbing up and down furiously. As Jack was about to come, he stopped.

    “Gentlemen, it is time to bring this show home for today. Come and stand in front of me.”

    Jack and Bryan, still with massive hardons, stood in front of Dan, who was kneeling on the floor. He pulled them close together and took both of their throbbing cocks in his mouth at the same time. Holding on to both, he begin to slide back and forth on the combined cocks taking both into his mouth as deep as possible. Jack and the handyman closed their eyes and reveled in the mouth that was devouring their collective manhood. Back and forth Dan’s head went, deepthroating and mouth fucking them individually, and just as they were about to come, Dan stopped and proposed one more idea.

    “Jack, you stand. Bryan, lay on the floor underneath me while I kneel. Gentlemen, I think we are all about ready to blow our repective loads at the same time.”

    Dan took Jack’s cock into is mouth while the handyman took Dan’s in his. Dan did Jack’s cock with his mouth the way Jack liked it. He was so swollen and raw that it would not take long before he came. Bryan on the floor was so horny from his first man sex experience that he would shoot in seconds. And Dan was finally satiated and was ready to let fly, too. Dan reached back and stoked Bryan’s cock. Almost immediately, all three men felt the powerful sensation of uncontrollable cum driving forward through their cock shafts! Jack exploded in Dan’s mouth, Dan sprayed the handyman’s throat, and Bryan was so horny that he shot cum right up in the air landing on Jack and spraying all over Dan’s thighs, ass, and back. Al three men collapsed flat on their backs on the floor dripping and matted with cum.

    As they began to breathe again, Dan checked outside and all three men ran nude to the lake and washed each other clean. They never did get clothes back on that afternoon. They laid on the raft naked in the sun, and swam, and talked. And before Bryan left, he practiced his new skills on Dan and Jack blowing each one before he left.

    Somehow, Bryan was back almost on a daily basis for “repairs” all summer.

    The End

    Please PM or post a request and I will post the next story.

    The Handyman Cometh

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    near Monterey, Calif.

    Consider this the official beg, Ooh, I mean "request"!

    Your stories are awesome. The idea of a straight man giving in to his secret curiosity gives me the biggest hard-on. I also love the way you write.

    Thank you and Keep 'em cummin
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    For Fantasizeformen

    The Handyman Cometh

    It was late afternoon. Dan had just gotten out of the shower when he heard someone knocking on the door to the cabin. Jack had gone into town for building supplies before his trip the next morning to Macon, Georgia, so Dan was all alone. Standing there naked, hairy, and wet, he grabbed a towel, wrapped it around himself, and started for the door.

    When he got to the door, there was Jack’s handyman, Bryan. Bryan was thirty-four, dark, and handsome—and Dan had introduced him to man on man sex two days before. The handyman had been hesitant at first, but submitted freely to Dan’s charms.

    When Dan got to the door, Bryan looked down and away.

    “Is Jack here?”

    “No. He’s in town. Anything I can do for you?”

    Silence, and then a response.

    “I’ll come back later.”

    “No need to do that. Come on in.”

    “I really need to go.”

    “OK. But he’ll be back soon.”

    Silence, again.

    “Why don’t you just come on in?”

    Somewhat hesitantly, Bryan followed Dan into the cabin.

    Bryan stared at Dan in his towel—the protruding masculine bulge dominated his gaze. The towel was thin and wet, and the Bryan could see the color of the long shaft of Dan’s cock and the large meant-for-business helmet that the sticking wet towel was barely hiding at the bottom. There was little to the imagination. Dan realized that Bryan was looking at every inch of him in the towel.

    “How about something to drink while you’re waiting?”

    “Sure. Anything.”

    Dan headed for the fridge and got him a beer. Dan looked back and saw the handsome handyman checking his ass out as he reached in the fridge. Dan, having enough of this, loosened his towel just enough so that it would fall when he wanted it to. Dan walked toward Bryan who was sitting in a large comfortable chair.

    “Here you go!”

    And with that, the towel fell, revealing Dan’s large thick hairy cock. Dan was holding the beer right in front of his cock.

    Bryan looked and his jaw dropped. He had been dreaming of sucking Dan’s cock for two days now, and there it was right where he wanted. He reached out and grabbed for the beer, but grabbed Dan’s cock by accident. Dan didn’t flinch, but just looked at the Bryan and smiled.

    He attempted to hand Bryan the beer.

    “Why don’t you start with this? There will be plenty of time for you to get to know what you are currently holding.”

    Dan laughed and took his cock out of the handyman’s hand and replaced it with the beer.

    Bryan blushed, and stammered.

    “I’m sorry . . . I didn’t mean to . . . I mean . . . grab. . .”

    “It’s OK. I like a man who knows what he wants. Finish your beer.”

    He stood right in front of the chair that the handyman was sitting in, and began to fondle and rub his cock, toying with and teasing Bryan. Bryan was so stunned that he swallowed wrong and sprayed beer all over Dan’s cock.

    Dan looked down and smiled.

    “My friend, you are going to need to clean this up.”

    Dan took the remaining beer and poured it over his head. The beer flowed down Dan's head covering his shoulders, chest, back abs, ass, cock hair, cock, and legs.

    “My friend, it is time for you to start licking.”

    The handyman eagerly got up out of the chair.

    “Hold on there, Sparky! You need to get on your work clothes.”

    “But . . . “

    Dan grabbed him by the package and held on just enough to cause some delicious pain. Dan leaned forward and kissed the handyman gently on the lips. As those lips parted, Dan licked and toyed with the greedy tongue that awaited him. Dan unbuckled Bryan’s belt, unbuttoned the waist, and zipped down the fly. The handyman was free-balling and Dan eased his progressively hardening cock out of his jeans. Lowering his pants enough so they easily dropped to the floor, Dan pulled the handyman toward him—both cocks and balls pressed to each other.

    As Dan explored his warm mouth with his tongue, he realized that Bryan was shaking.

    “What’s wrong, my friend?”

    “I’m not sure I can do this.”

    “You’ll be fine. You’re safe. If you can’t do it, you don’t have to. I want this to be a wonderful experience for you. OK?”

    “Thanks, Dan. Where do I start?”

    “You’re off to a good start. Do what feels good for you. Explore me. Just touch me all over.”

    Dan took Bryan’s cock in one of his hands to gently stroke it to keep it hard. With his other hand he began guiding the handyman’s hand on his body. He started at his face, and the Bryan touched it.

    “Now, just touch and kiss.”

    The handyman closed his eyes began to kiss Dan’s face—his eyes, his cheeks—moving to his neck. He kissed Dan’s neck and sucked gently on the skin. His hand began to explore Dan's chest. Spreading his palms, he ran his hair lightly over the hair on Dan’s chest. It was partially matted from the beer so the handyman licked every inch of Dan’s chest. He touched Dan’s nipples wetting his finger with his tongue and stimulating them until erect. Dan pulled the handyman’s head toward his chest so that he could suck on his nipples. Bryan lazily licked them, rolling one between his tongue and his teeth, and then biting and sucking them. He moved downward toward Dan’s abs touching and licking them. Again, licking every inch to remove the beer.

    As he got to Dan‘s cock, Dan stopped him.

    Go to The Handyman Cometh—Part 2
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    “Save that for last.”

    Dan stroked Bryan’s eager cock a few more times to keep him hard.

    The handyman went behind Dan and started running his hands over his shoulders and back, again kissing and licking the entire area. Dan took his hand and guided it toward the front so that he could stroke Dan’s cock, as Bryan placed his own cock in the crevice of Dan’s ass, and begin to slide up and down to stimulate his own erection. He kneeled down fully hard and begin to kiss and lick Dan’s ass as he held onto Dan’s hardon. Dan reached back with both hand and pulled the handyman into his ass. Dan suddenly felt the sensation of a tongue exploring his crack and his hairy hole.

    The student was fast coming to the level of the teacher. Dan turned around and placed his swollen hardon into the mouth of the increasingly horny handyman. Bryan began to explore that cock with his tongue. As he pulled out of his mouth, he began to lap at the flailing stiff meat as it swung freely off of Dan. He lapped at it, and licked it. He grabbed it by the shaft and licked underneath the shaft. He took his tongue and ran it back and forth across the underside of Dan’s cock at the base. Eagerly wanting to take in the large helmet of Dan’s cock, he opened his mouth and devoured it. He couldn’t get enough of the head, and licked every inch of it, even using his teeth to gently bite and pull the edges of that cock head.

    “Relax your throat.”

    Dan grabbed Bryan’s head and abruptly slammed it toward his hips. The handyman swallowed all of Dan’s man meat almost gagging. He had cock all the way to his tonsils. Dan held his head in place and began to slowly mouth fuck Bryan.

    “Tighten your mouth, push your tongue tight against my cock’s underside and massage it, and don’t move your head. You’ve just become the tightest cunt I’ve ever fucked.”

    As Dan held on to Bryan’s head, He freely fucked that devirgined mouth. In and out, faster and faster, Dan slid into that tight juicy mouth cunt. The Bryan reached up and could feel Dan’s balls pulling up.

    Oh, yeah . . . . that’s it . . . nice and tight like I like it . . . move your tongue more on my cock . . . yes . . . oh, yes . . . . fuck, that's good . . . . yes!”

    As Dan thrust harder into that spectacular tight suctioning mouth, he began to moan uncontrollably. What a hot experience to break in this aggressive neophyte! Just then, his cock got tight and the cum raced forward to release. As he shot his load of sticky hot cum into Bryan’s throat, he groaned one last time. The handyman having recently experienced his first taste of a full cum load, gagged as his tonsils were sprayed. He pulled away just in time for Dan to release another eruption of man jam covering Bryan’s face. Wave after wave of the white cream was released all over the front of Bryan as Dan continued to stroke his cock to get the maximum load out. The handyman ran his hands over his sperm covered chest , and began to stroke his cock off with Dan spooge lube. Dan came behind him and straddled him and added his hand to help Bryan beat off. Thirty strokes later, Bryan lost it and shot a stream of cum five feet across the room. He fell back before the after cum started to erupt and landed on Dan who grabbed that spraying cock and continued to stroke it. He controlled it enough to coat the handyman again. Dan, laying back on the floor, rolled Bryan over on top of him, the two sliding in the cum slick covering them. As Dan kissed him, he could feel Bryan still shooting cum between them. Completely spent, the handyman rolled over on his back as his panting continued but eventually slowed.

    Dan looked over at his new student and smiled. The handyman blushed.

    “Did I do OK?”

    “You done good, my son! Fucking good! You are a fast learner, Grasshopper!”

    “Can we do this the rest of the summer?”

    “I thought you weren’t sure about this, Bryan. What about your girlfriend?”

    “This feels so fucking good, and I trust you, I feel safe with you. And, I have never cum like I do with you. She’ll be OK. This is between you and I. Besides, I can teach her how to suck cock now!”

    “OK. Come on, we better clean you off.”

    Dan grabbed Bryan by the cock and led him out of the cottage and down to the beach. Down at the beach, the naked handyman with a still swollen hardon shoved Dan in and jumped on him. The two wrestled nude in the water as they removed the coat of cum from each other.

    An SUV drove up and stopped. The handyman dove in the water so he wouldn’t be seen naked. Dan stood up on the dock, his cock fully erect, and waved.

    “ Hey, Jack! We’re down here!”

    Jack got of the vehicle and started down toward the waterfront.

    “Come on. Let’s get him.”

    Two naked men went racing at Jack. He tried to get away unsuccessfully as they attacked him and dragged him down to the beach spread eagle. Once on the dock, they swung him back and forth like a hammock, and threw him fully dressed into the lake. The two naked men dove in after him and began to undress him. Once naked, the three of them were splashing and carrying on like teenagers. They swam out to the raft and laid on top of it spread-eagle.

    “So, Dan, did you have a good morning?”

    The handyman looked guiltily at Dan.

    “Yes, I did. Your handyman here was a great help. He just showed up and took care of what ever I asked him to.”

    Dan grabbed a bottle of suntan oil and began apply it all over generously.

    “Hey, Dan! Don’t use it all.”

    Dan walked over to where Jack was laying on the raft. Fully coated, his body and dick glistening in the sun, he mounted Jack laying on top of him coating him with the oil. With Dan straddling him, he rolled over on his stomach and once again, Dan laid on top of him coating his back. Dan got up on his knees, as Jack did also, and proceeded to coat everything that got missed. Both had “wood” in growth. As they finished applying oil to each other, generously coating each other’s cock, they realized that Bryan needed some also.

    “Get over here. You need some.”

    “I can do it myself.”

    Dan laughed.

    “Yes, you can, but it won’t be as much fun. Besides, this is part of your learning experience.”

    Dan poured oil in his hand as Jack brought the reluctant Bryan in between them. With the diligent handyman standing, and Jack and Dan kneeling, they began to oil down their fledgling fuck buddy. Dan had the front and was erotically massaging and stimulating every part of Bryan’s anatomy. Jack had the back and highlighted his contribution with some intense anal probing. The handyman didn’t know if he was coming or going—he just knew he had never been this horny in his life. The thought of two men all over him was more intense than he could imagine. Bryan blushed and began to get throbbingly hard, his dick swiftly rising to full mast.

    Once oiled, all three sat on the edge of the raft. Dan was in between them.

    As Bryan got harder, Jack noticed and began to get hard, too. Dan noticed, too, and placed one hand on Jack’s cock and one hand on Bryan’s cock and began stroking them.

    “Lean back, gentlemen, and spread your legs, and get your knees in the air. I’m going to do you both at the same time.”

    Both “gentlemen” were eager to comply. Dan had these two powerful thick hardons in his hand and at his mercy.

    “Man, I love having a cock in each hand. I wish I had a third hand for mine!”

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    They laughed. Dan began feeling the balls of both men. Four wet hairy balls to be fondled and groped. As he fondled their balls, he took time every once in awhile to slide up and down on the two massive shafts. Having this much cock to play with, Dan just got harder and harder. As he continued to beat off both men, he realized that Jack’s hand had taken his cock. Suddenly, Bryan was joining Jack’s hand on Dan’s cock. Jack had the base in a tight fist while Bryan was working Dan’s cock head. Six hands were working together as three cocks were being rubbed furiously.

    “Circle jerk, guys?”

    All three got up on their knees facing each other in the center of the raft. Three shimmering bodies with long slick cocks stroking away. As they watched each other and rubbed, the intensity of stroking increased. Overhand, underhand, sliding on the shaft, working the head, using both fists to stroke, locking fingers together to beat off, every imaginable masturbation technique was used. Finally, six balls slammed upward, and all three men shot their load at the same time spraying each other. They continued to stroke after they came to see who would be the last to be able to shot more cum. Jack being the King of Cum won and Dan licked every drop off of his cock, as Bryan watched in amazement.

    “Your turn.”

    The handy man hesitated and finally went down on Dan. Dan enjoyed the eager tongue licking his cock clean. Once done, the handyman laid on his back savoring the man jam. Jack and Dan went over to the Bryan, and licked him clean. Bryan’s cock had never been so well treated.

    After getting cleaned up in the lake again, all three men got out and headed toward the cabin. The handyman got dressed as Jack hung his clothes on the line to dry.

    “I’ll see you, Jack. Thanks for all the work this summer. Will you have work for me next summer?”

    “Oh, I most certainly will. Thanks again.”

    “See you, Dan.”

    “I’ll be here for a few more weeks. Stop by. I may have something for you.”

    “I’ll count on it.”

    They shook hands and Bryan drove off.

    “Get everything done, Jack?”


    “Great. Let’s go and eat, and then we’ll get you packed so you are ready to go in the morning.”

    After a great meal, and some intense packing, Dan took Jack and began to undress him. He lifted Jack’s t-shirt up over his head exposing that great chest that he had licked many times. Dan took his hand and begin to massage Jack’s cock through his shorts. He groped and rubbed that large package right over the fabric. Jack began to get hard with his cock pulling his left pants leg. Dan reached inside and grabbed Jack’s cock and guided it carefully to an erect position. He unbuckled Jack’s belt and lowered the shorts until Jack could kick them off. Jack had a very noticeable hardon in his boxers as Dan removed those. He was now totally naked as Dan leaned down and kissed Jack’s swollen but beautiful cock and balls that were harnessed in a black leather cock ring strap. Jack was in for some good Dan sex.

    Dan had never gotten dressed after the lake and was in a pair of boxers also. Jack reached over and ripped them off of him, tearing the waistband. Dan stepped out of them and walked over to Jack pressing his erect cock against him. Jack grabbed Dan and kissed him hotly on the mouth, their arms wrapped tightly around each other.

    “Come on, Big Guy! Bedroom.”

    Jack grabbed Dan by the cock and led him to the bedroom. As they walked to the room, their cocks were hard but bobbing. Jack had an assortment of dildoes and cock rings ready. They needed to relax their cocks to put them on. Jack took off his cock strap and put on a latex cock ring around his balls. Dan had a new three ring cock ring. Dressed to fuck, Jack begin to feel, lick and bite Dan’s nipples, slapping his ass. He took Dan and threw him on the bed grabbing his ankles and pulling them roughly over his head. Grabbing some edible lube, he slathered it all over Dan’s ass and into his hole. Jack was standing next to the bed. He wanted to fuck Dan fast and hard. He lubed his cock and rubbed it on Dan’s hole. Sticking in two fingers roughly he pulled the opening apart as Dan screamed in pain. Delicious pain. Holding those anal lips apart he inserted his thick 7.5 inch cock into the opening. He gave Dan seconds to adjust before shoving it in another three inches. Dan’s ass was so tight that Jack really had to push. His cock has never felt such tightness as he buried it in. Dan was gasping from having that monster in that far, when Jack grabbed onto his legs and lowered them toward the bed over Dan, and slammed in again hitting the wall.

    “Dan, relax! Adjust your hips and move them a bit when I go in again. Ready?”

    With that, Jack pushed with all he had and got past. He was buried in Dan’s ass all the way to the balls. He slapped Dan’s ass and pinched his nipples. He began to thrust continually sliding into Dan’s slick anal cavity. In, in, in, in, he drove his cock! Dan’s partially limp cock just flopped freely. Jack was holding onto Dan’s legs as he pulled out, and then reinserted his cock and shoved it in roughly. He begin thrusting faster and harder as Dan begged to be fucked harder.

    “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! I want more of your cock in me.”

    Jack fell on top of Dan so he could use his body weight to get his cock in farther, Dan screamed as it went in farther. Jack was thrusting like a piston , but didn’t want to cum yet. He stopped and rolled over.

    Dan got on the floor next to the bed and grabbed Jack’s cock. With Jack sprawled out, Dan begging to lick Jack;s cock to get it wet. He stroked it a few times, and then licked the side of the shaft. Using his fist, he licked at the shaft and worked his way to the head. Holding his hand tight he slid up the cock and then licked the head, holding as much blood in the head as he could to make it more sensitive. he worked his mouth up and down and licked the rim. Licking the slit he noticed pre-cum beginning, and he slathered that over the sensitive head with his palm. Jack gasped as he did it. With one leg pushing against the bed, Jack was able to thrust upward in to Dan’s mouth. Dan worked the entire length of Jack’s cock while massaging his balls. Jack began to pant harder from the stimulation. He thrust faster into Dan’s mouth. Dan was rubbing hard with his tongue against Jack’s incoming cock. Dan made his lips tighter to make more friction for Jack. Finally, Jack quit thrusting and Dan;s head was bobbing up and down furiously. From the feel of his tightening balls, Dan knew that Jack was ready to cum hard. Applying as much tightness as he could, Dan went down furiously and within seconds Jack had let fly with a torrent of white jizm that filled what remaining room there was in Dan’s mouth. Dan gagged from the amount and pulled his mouth of Jack’s cock and spit the cum all over Jack’s pubic hair. He grabbed Jack’s cock and milked it for every last drop he could squeeze out of it. It was a massive cum load and all matted in Jack’s cock hair. Dan scooped some up and wiped it over Jack’s mouth and his own, and kissed Jack with the remaining cum in his mouth from Jack’s first blast.

    Jack grabbed a dildo and handed one to Dan who rolled back on the bed with his ass in the air and shoved it in. Jack stood on the bed over Dan and held the dildo by the balls and slid it in Dan. Dan, with his head underneath Jack’s ass, shoved the dildo right up that awaiting hole. The two of them dildo fucked each other as roughly as they could. Jack wanted more so he brought out two vibrating Michael Brandon dildoes. He got most of one in Dan, and then with Dan holding the other one by the balls, let Jack squat right onto his taking the whole thing in.

    Jack left the dildoes in as he began to stroke Dan’s cock. Dan was as hard as a rock and enjoyed the firm grasp of Jack’s hand on his cock. As he was about to cum, Jack edged him and let him go partially limp. Then, after a short time, he licked the side of Dan’s cock hard again, and went down on Dan deep throating him. Dan gasped as Jack’s lips slid tightly to the base of the shaft. Jack grabbed Dan firmly at the base and slid his mouth up and down, reversing it eventually to holding the head tightly in his mouth while his hand slid up and down with the skin sliding with. And as Dan was about to cum again, Jack edged him.

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    Dan had enough and was now going to fuck Jack like he had never been fucked before. Laying on his back, he had Jack face him, and guided Jack’s hole onto his cock. Impaled, he had Jack lift up on his hands and push upward with his legs, so Dan could thrust upward roughly into that tight ass. With Jack in the air on his hand and feet, Dan slammed relentlessly into that hole while Jack gasped, panted, and moaned. Jack was fully erect. Dan wanted Jack right over him so he had him lay on top of him with his cock in him. Jack lifted up on his left hand so he could stroke his cock with his right hand, his hips lifted over Dan. Dan pushed up on Jack’s hips to keep them in the air as he once again slammed upward into Jack. It was time for both to come together, and this time no one stopped. Dan was fucking Jack as roughly and as swiftly as he could. Jack was stroking furiously. They were sweating, and moaning, and gasping as they tried to make sure that they would both cum at the same time. Finally, that great feeling was on its way. Scrotums tightened, balls pulled up, cocks could feel a tightening rush pushing forward for release. Almost simultaneously, they both screamed that they were going to cum. Dan exploded into Jack, as Jack shot in the air covering himself and Dan. Dan kept thrusting to get as much cum released as he could. Jack kept stroking and spraying endless spasms of hot thick cream all over.

    Finally, there was no more to release, as they lay there panting. Dan pulled out of Jack, as Jack rolled over and laid on top of Dan. There were no words. Just smiles. They laid that way for quite awhile, the only sound being he sound of their slowing breaths. Jack and Dan held each other and kissed.

    Dan affectionately tousled Jack’s hair.

    “Come on, Big Guy. We need to get you ready for bed. You have a long trip ahead and I want you well-rested so you are safe. Come on, I’ll take you in the shower and clean you off.”

    Dan and Jack went into the shower and spent time just touching and fondling as they soaped and lathered each other. After a great warm shower, they dried each other off, changed the cum-coated sheets, and crawled into a cool, dry bed. But for one last night, they could be together and rest in each other’s arms.

    The next morning at 5:30 A.M., Dan woke up fucking horny for cock. Dan could think of nothing but an intense desire to deepthroat Jack’s cock! He had been dreaming of that beautiful cock all night long, and he needed it now. He rolled over reaching for Jack. No Jack.

    Hearing the shower running, Dan went to the bathroom to find a pair of boxers hanging on the knob that were still warm from the hot body they contained. He smelled the front which had the moist intoxiating smell of cock. He inhaled that masculine aroma and headed for the shower. There, standing in the shower with one hand on the wall and the other hand on his cock, was the man that he desperately wanted to have hot sex with in the shower. He lowered his boxers over his throbbing erect cock, and entered. As Dan slid the door open, Jack didn’t hear him as he was concentrating intently on stroking his hard erect cock to blowing a huge load. He had woken up with a massive hardon thinking of Dan who was still asleep and needed sexual release in the worst way. He did not want to wake Dan up. Nothing but cumming swiftly and explosively was on his mind. Dan came in behind him, now fully erect, and slidd his cock up against and in Jack’s ass crack. Feeling Dan sliding up his ass, Jack spread his legs for a wider stance knowing that Dan would be exploring every inch of his anxious body, but continued to stroke his cock with a steady rhythm. With Dan’s cock against Jack’s ass and Dan’s left hand on Jack’s stomach, Dan took his hand and grasped his buddy’s cock and stroked in unison with him. Two hands working together to make Jack cum. Dan took his left hand and placed his thumb and forefinger at the base of Jack’s cock shaft and pushed in to elongate his cock as much as possible. An extra inch was now available for the two right hands sliding forward and backward on Jack’s cock. With his hand on top, Dan started to work the head only, working the ridges of that thick cock head in short movements while his hand continued to work the rest of Jack’s cock. Dan took his cock and pelvis and started thrusting against Jack’s ass to make both of them move together. With his cock in Jack’s ass crack, Dan was sliding and thrusting—stimulating his cock—becoming intensely harder. The two horny men continued to move in tandem, as their hands slid together on Jack’s cock. They were thrusting and sliding faster and faster. Their breathing became more labored as they thrusted, when suddenly Jack threw his head back and moaned loudly. His cock spasmed as cum uncontrollably raced up inside his shaft and exploded on the wall. He put both hands on the wall as he continued to shoot and moan while Dan stroked the head. Dan held on to Jack’s stomach as he continued to stroke, his fuck buddy’s hot cum spraying everywhere. As the ecstasy of cumming subsided, Dan massaged Jack’s partially limp cock and balls—his head drooping forward, spent, his hands still high on the wall.

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    Dan was still standing behind him fully erect with his cock against Jack’s ass. He took soap and begin to wash Jack’s beautiful masculine body from head to toe. He lathered up his cock and balls gently fondling and squeezing them, leaving his dark cock hair white with lather. Dan soaped Jack’s shoulders and massaged them enjoying the powerful muscles, his hands coming around the front to soap up his friend’s large pecs. Dan took his finger and began to stimulate each nipple until it was fully erect. He soaped up Jack’s abs slowly moving in circles on the firm six-pack. Dan moves down slowly to Jack’s cock and began to fondle it again as it started to become slightly hard. Dan soap his legs in front sliding up and down on the long muscles to his knees, the hair becoming white with the soap. He slide up the sides of his thighs and the back of his legs feeling the muscles. Dan massaged Jack’s ass with his hands, moving in circles, fondling those firm orbs, as he made his cock slide up and down in his ass crack while slowly thrusting. Dan squatted down with his wet hairy legs spread and his lengthy cock erect—his cock hair dripping with water. He soaped Jack’s ass cleaning the hairy crevice that contained his pink hole. Dan parted those cheeks so he could massage the hole with his finger. Jack arched his back to place his ass in a better position for Dan’s anal probing. As he relaxed, Dan inserted more. He left his fingers from one hand in Jack’s hole, and washed his lower legs soaping the powerful calves. He took my fingers out of Jack’s hole and knelt. Dan spread Jack’s legs farther and reached up and massaged the pendulous low hanging balls. Dan grabbed the whole wondrous package of man meat in his hands. Jack moaned and rotated his hips as Dan fondled his meat. Dan took one of his hands and begin to stroke his cock erect. He soaped up his hole and stood up. Dan parted Jack’s ass cheeks and grabed his cock stroking it a few more times before he guided the head to the pink man hole. Dan grabbed his cock and rubbed it around the hole. As he rubbed on the hole, he parted it with two fingers and begin to slide the head in. Jack grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart, moaning in delicious pain as Dan’s six inch thick cock began to slide in. Once the head was in, Dan grabbed his cock and slid it in and out masturbating in Jack’s rectum. Jack bent his knees and thrust his hips back to take more. Holding his cock, Dan guided it in farther going in another two inches. Holding Jack’s hips from the front, Dan slid forward and backward in the first four inches of his fuck buddy’s rectum. Dan’s hips pumping forward slowly, firmly, and steadily driving his steely meat shaft in like a piston. Jack squeezed with his rectum making the passage even tighter for Dan’s swollen cock. Dan started to feel the rise of cum in his overly stimulated cock. Telling Jack in advance that he was going to cum, Dan held on as Jack arched his back to take all seven inches of Dan’s thick cock up his greedy ass. Dan slid it all the way in as Jack gasped from the initial pain. Dan hit the wall but as Jack adjusted his hips, Dan was able to go in farther. With Jack holding onto the wall with his back arched, Dan began thrusting his cock in and out to shoot a huge load up his colon. With the water hitting the men, Dan started moving in and out faster and faster driving toward his goal. Jack squeezed tighter as the pain becomes more intense with each thrust and squeeze. Jack started to become hard again as Dan hold onto his cock with both hands. Dan slammed harder as he could no longer hold back the oncoming gush of cum racing through his cock. Faster and harder Dan pushed until he lost all control of his cock and it exploded in a hot stream of juicy thick cum filling Jack’s rectum—a thick, sweet, hot geyser of cum spurting like it would never end. Dan wrapped his arms around Jack leaving his cock in his ass. Jack continued to squeeze draining every ounce of jism from Dan’s cock into his rectum. Dan take Jack’s cock and stroked it fully erect as he pulled his partially erect cock from Jack’s ass rubbing it and his balls briefly.

    Dan turned Jack around to face him as he went down on his knees. He started stroking Jack’s thick meaty cock to full erection with his lips, devouring it and pulling forward from halfway down the shaft toward the head repeatedly. As it became harder, it began to curve in Dan’s mouth. Dan worked the head with his lips, licking it with his tongue. Jack took Dan’s head and pulled it toward himself burying Dan’s nose in the thick patch of his pubic hair. Dan gagged briefly as Jack’s meat slammed against his tonsils. Jack leaned against the wall with his legs open and bent as Dan’s head begins to bob up and down while he sucked that delicious cock while holding onto Jack‘s ass firmly. Faster and faster Dan slid as that cock swelled and engorged in his mouth. Deep throating Jack, Dan sucked tighter and fondle Jack’s balls as they pulled up readying for a massive viscous emission. Three more tight sucking slides on his cock, and Jack gasped and shot a load, coating the back of Dan’s throat. Dan gagged as cum flew out of his mouth on to not only Jack’s cock hair but his hair-covered chest. Jack’s legs gave out as he slid down the wall and sat on the floor of the shower, knees bent and legs spread, his cock dangling in between them. Jack’s cock went partially limp as Dan licked at it while on all fours removing any last squirts of cum. Dan crawled on top of him and the two of them lay naked in the water on the floor in a passionate embrace. While the warm water of the shower still rained on them, they kissed warmly, intensely, as their tongues investigated each other. Their bodies entwined, their cocks and tongues pressed against each other, they savored the moment of togetherness as they slowed and become calm as one. The shower enveloped them as they laid there satisfied once again.

    Jack left later in the morning for Georgia, and Dan stayed behind to close down the cabin before heading back to Chicago.

    It had been a great summer at the cabin.

    The End

    Please PM or post a request and I will post the next story:
    Wanna Suck My Cock?

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    Well written. This was so hot i came all over my monitor... thankyou Sam......:cool: :wink: :tongue:
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    I'm looking forward to the next one...
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    Me too. Thanks for the 'heads up' Sam.
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    Good Gawd Sam,

    I am sitting here hard as a rock. (No, I'm not kidding or writing it for effect) The thought of me being one of the three is driving me nuts.

    Thank you again!!
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    For Stylyung

    Wanna Suck My Cock?

    Dan had gotten home late in the day from teacher orientation and was checking his e-mail messages when he discovered one from Jack from earlier in the day. When he opened it, there was a message that said, “Wanna suck my cock?” Dan thought about it for a second—like he really needed to think about it!—smiled, and thought, “Hell, yes. I love Jack, but I love sucking his cock and hearing him moan in ecstasy even more! Hell, yes, I wanna suck your cock!”

    Dan decided to wait until the next morning as Jack was always horniest in the morning. And based on previous experiences when Dan had spent the night with Jack fucking his brains out, he knew that Jack would wake up with a huge massive hardon. Today would be Jack’s first day as a new teacher, and Dan wanted to give him a special teacher initiation to get him through the day.

    Jack had given Dan the key to his new townhouse for important occasions like this. So Dan drove over early in the morning, about five, and sneaked into the townhouse. He quietly climbed the stairs to Jack’s bedroom. The door was wide open and there was just enough early morning light to see the tall man sprawled on his stomach—in a pair of boxer shorts that were at his knees—and sound asleep. Dan smiled. Jack must have stroked himself to sleep the night before. Ten to one he had slept with his cock in his left hand until he had rolled over. Dan loved the big guy and could not wait to grant him his e-mail request.

    Dan walked over to the bed and kneeled next to it. He ran his hand up Jack’s bare back and ran his fingers through his tousled “bed hair.” He took his hand and placed it on Jack’s ass and slowly began to rub the firm lightly hair-covered cheeks. He squeezed them gently more than once. He slid his hand down the back of Jack’s ass and reached between his legs tenderly massaging Jack’s balls. Once in awhile he would grab a single hair and teasingly and carefully pull it. Jack began to awake and lifted his pelvis up enough for Dan to be able to reach under and grab Jack’s partially erect cock. Dan grabbed the cock shaft and repeatedly and firmly massaged it to make it harder. Jack went slightly up on his knees and Dan was able to pull Jack’s cock backwards between his legs. With the cock pulled through, Dan began to do small licks on the swiftly engorging head—lapping and licking at it. Jack began to moan and wake.

    “Oooooooh . . . yes . . . that’s feels good . . . oh . . . keep going . . . Dan . . .” And with a sudden jerk, he woke up. He stood up on his knees abruptly pulling his cock out of Dan’s mouth, and looked at Dan. He turned around to face him and said, “Dan, you came!” Jack pulled his boxers back up to his waist, and then thought, “Why?”

    And without skipping a beat, Dan said, “Yes, and you will too!”

    Dan put his arms around Jack and the two of them fell back on the bed with Dan on top of Jack. Dan put his hands on the sides of Jack’s face and went in to kiss him. Good morning kisses between the two of them were long and passionate. Today was no different. Dan fondly touched Jack’s stubbly, unshaven face as he kissed him. Jack took his arms around Dan and squeezed him in a big bear hug bringing him closer. And the two of them laid in that embrace kissing for a long while with Jack’s cock pressing into Dan.

    Dan pulled out of the embrace and said, “My horny friend, I have a job to perform. And it is called blow! Lay back, spread your legs, close your eyes and get ready. It’s show, er . . . I mean . . . blow time. This is your special initiation into the wonderful world of teaching!”

    Jack smiled and threw his arms back and wide so that he was spread-eagle.

    “Have your way with me, you insatiable cum-slut.”

    He looked at Dan and said, “Dan, isn’t there something that you need to do first?”


    “Clothes . . . take them off . . . I want to watch.”


    Dan looked Jack right in the eyes and began to take off his shirt, unbuttoning one button at a time. When he reached the last one, he pulled his shirt out of his pants and took it off letting it drop to the floor. Jack admired Dan’s firm chest with hair all over it, the hair going down to his waist. Dan undid his belt, and slowly pulled it out of the loops. Just for fun he grabbed it and ran it between his legs with one hand holding in front and the other behind. He threw the belt down, and undid the top pants button. Still staring at Jack, he slowly slid the zipper down opening to reveal a pair of white boxers with a graphic on the fly that said “This Cock Property of Jack Hoff.” Dan lowered his pants and let them drop to the floor, revealing a cock head bulge in the left leg. Jack, seeing this, grabbed his own crotch, and started rubbing his cock through his boxers. Dan kicked his pants off, and begin to rub his swelling cock through the fabric of his boxers. He pressed down hard on an almost half-erect cock grabbing it. Dan lowered his boxers allowing his upwardly curving cock to come through the fly. He grabbed it by the head and pulled it down allowing it to spring back upward slapping him in the abs. He grabbed it by the base so that half his cock was above his hand grasp, and played with the cock head with his other hand all the while looking at Jack and smiling. Jack was getting harder and rubbing his cock through his boxers, pushing down going crazy for Dan to begin blowing him. Dan pulled his boxers up just enough so his cock would stay inside when he lowered them. He pulled them down fast knowing that Jack was desperately wanting his mouth on his cock in the worst way. He kicked them off and they flew across the room. There was Dan, fully naked with a huge up-curved hardon. A second later, he was air-born and flying toward the bed to straddle Jack.

    Once on the bed, he lowered Jack’s boxers as Jack lifted his hips up high enough to touch Dan’s cock with his. Jack laid flat again and sent his boxers flying to the floor. Dan, on all fours, lowered his body just enough so that he could toy with Jack’s cock with his own. The two heads touched and both men felt a charge of excitement. Dan continued to work Jack’s cock head with his. Both cocks had a lot of spring, so they were in constant motion as Dan touched his cock to Jack’s in different ways and directions. Jack started to pre-cum as Dan began to slide his cock on Jack’s shaft—forward and backward—the hot skin sliding on equally hot skin lubricated by that warm slick fluid emission. Dan lowered himself enough so that his balls were now massaging Jack’s balls. Their genitals dancing, wobbling, sliding, swaying; both men became even more charged and horny then before.

    Jack grabbed Dan by his head and pulled his face toward him. Begging, he said, “you hot cock-sucking son of a bitch, please, please . . . blow me! Put your warm lips around my cock. Lick me. Suck me. Eat me. Please.”

    Go to Wanna Suck My Cock?—Part 2
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    Dan smiled and kissed him once more, running his tongue around the inside of Jack’s mouth. Dan, still delaying teasingly, kissed Jack’s face; his eyelids, his cheeks, his chin, his neck, the nape of his neck. He went for each ear and blew his warm gentle breath into each ear making Jack shudder with delight. Dan was still continually rotating his hips to touch Jack’s cock with his. He licked down the top of Jack’s hair-covered chest taking side tours over the firm pecs to suck, nibble and lightly bite each of his nipples until they were erect and sensitive. Dan licked down the center of Jack’s abs until his chin hit Jack’s swollen, red cock head; and he hit a thick pelt of curly dark pubic hair. Dan licked Jack’s belly and moved lower down to the hair line. Dan grabbed Jack’s cock and bent it so he could bury his nose in Jack’s sweaty pubic man scent. Aroused by the smell, he held Jack’s cock and started licking the mushroom shaped cock head. He lapped at the under side licking it slowly like a stamp. He took his tongue and went in counter-clock-wise motion around the head, sometimes on the tip, in the slit, and low enough to excite the pronounced edges of the cock helmet. He went clockwise holding his tongue in place as he rotated his head around and around. Jack was so delighted he just laid back and let Dan minister to his cock. Sometime his arms were stretched out flat on the bed, sometimes holding Dan’s active head while playing with his hair. Dan, still holding Jack’s cock at the base, started to lick the shaft above where his hand held Jack. He licked along the back sliding his flattened tongue, He turned his head to suck and slide on each side. He pulled the cock back like stick shift and worked the top side of Jack’s veined cock. Dan took his grasping hand and slid the skin firmly upward, slowly and deliberately. Jack had never experienced the tightness that this could create and gasped as he pulled his legs in around Dan’s head. Dan pushed Jack’s legs outward and did the same thing causing the same reaction. Dan did this a number of times until Jack thought he would shoot his load and stopped. Dan let go of Jack’s cock, and though still hard and taught, still swung around like an uncontrolled bent rod. As it moved, Dan went at it; licking, lapping, and trying to grab the head with his lips. As he would touch Jack’s cock, it would move in the opposite direction, and Dan’s mouth and tongue were in hot pursuit of that delicious swollen man meat. Dan grabbed it again in his hand and swiftly slid up and down on the head, his head bobbing while his lips alone massaged the head. Up and down he went, while Jack was squirming, his legs moving in delight. When he felt he was going to cum, he reached up and pulled Dan’s head off his cock, which when released, was swaying freely. Breathlessly, he looked at Dan.

    “Dan . . . oh, my God . . . oooooohhhhh . . . .fuck . . . you’re going to make me shoot now . . . I am so fucking horny . . . but I don’t want to come just yet . . . .oh . . . Dan . . .”

    Dan decided to give him a break because he wanted Jack to cum like he had never cum before. He looked down at the beautiful veined erect cock, and went for Jack’s balls. They were huge and hair-covered, just waiting to be licked and sucked. With Jack breathing slower, he began to lick on one ball rotating his tongue around it in lazy circles. The hair began to get matted as the single ball became slicker. Dan was holding onto Jack’s cock while he was doing this, gently squeezing it whenever he felt it start to lose erectness. Dan licked the other ball. He bit a single hair on it and pulled it ever so gently with his teeth. Jack gasped at the exquisite pain. He pulled again and Jack moaned in delight. With his nose against Jack’s cock, Dan began to lick around and around both balls. Every once in awhile, sucking one into his mouth and rolling it around with his tongue. Dan licked Jack’s balls in that special area underneath. Jack pulled his knees up so he could lift his hips higher in order for Dan to get in better position to pleasure him. Jack grabbed his knees and pulled them toward him, as Dan begin to lick around Jack’s anus eventually using his tongue to explore and perform cunnilungus on his man cunt. Jack was moaning from the pleasure of having Dan’s tongue exploring his hole.

    Dan lowered Jack’s legs, as both needed to get ready for their first day at school, and began the final acts to get Jack off. He grabbed Jack’s cock again and begin using his lips only to arouse Jack’s cock head. He started at the ridge, grasped there, and pulled his lips together causing them to slide up on the head swiftly. He continued to furiously devour and slide on the head, pulling upward. As Jack squirmed and leaked more hot pre-cum, Dan was able to do this movement with more speed and intensity. Jack was gasping from this as Dan suddenly slid all the way down the shaft to the balls deep throating Jack. Keeping his lips tight and using his tongue to stroke on the inside, he slid back up and then slammed back down. Up and down, up and down, Jack’s balls were flopping as his legs moved uncontrollably as he squirmed. He grabbed Dan’s head and helped force it down as Dan continued to deep throat him with the intensity of a hydraulic piston. Jack lifted his hips in the air as Dan continued sucking. Dan held Jack’s ass up to hold his cock in place. With Jack’s hips starting to move uncontrollably, Dan let Jack start to thrust his cock in his mouth, holding his lips and cock as tight as he could, taking his hard cock in to the point of gagging. Jack was thrusting upward into the tightest mouth fuck he had ever slammed into. Slam, slam, slam slam, faster and faster he thrust—his hips driving upward into Dan’s greedy cock-sucking mouth. Jack could no longer think, and was slamming mindlessly as he finally felt the most intense tightening and explosive cum rush ripping apart and rushing furiously up though his swollen engorged cock.

    “Oh . . . fuck . . . God . . . Dan. . . I am going to fucking cum . . . ooooooh . . . yes . . . here it comes . . . fuck . . Yes! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

    And with that, Jack erupted with the most intense spasms of white, hot cum he had ever experienced. His cock was uncontrollable—intensely throbbing—as it sent wave after wave of projectile man juice flying from the open slit in his cock. Breathing hard and gasping, he was covered in cum that was dripping from Dan’s mouth that moments before had been filled to capacity until Dan had swallowed as much as he possibly could. With Jack’s cock still in his mouth, he licked the sensitive head. Jack shot a fresh load into Dan’s mouth again! Gasping and laughing, Dan licked Jack’s cock head again seeing if he could get him to explode a cum load again. He did, and Jack was beyond ecstasy from the sensation. Jack threw his head back and rolled it from side to side as he gasped and moaned. Dan, still with Jack’s partially limp cock in his mouth, watched as Jack squirmed, and then began to relax and calm. His breathing went from intense gasping and panting to increasingly more relaxed breathing. He smiled.

    “God, Dan! Are you kidding me? That was fucking fantastic! Fan-fucking-tastic! I am soooo relaxed now. I don’t know if I’ll be able to teach today. I am going to be thinking about your hot lips all over my fucking cock. Oh, baby, you are one hot cock-sucking love machine.”

    Jack leaned up and pulled Dan down on top of him, kissing the remaining cum from Dan’s lips.

    “Thank you, Dan,” he said quietly and then kissed him one more time intensely.

    Dan rolled over taking Jack with him, and with Jack on top of him said, “Come on, Mr. Hoff, we need to get you ready for your first day of school.”

    With that, Dan and Jack headed for the shower, where they both agreed that if they didn’t behave, neither would get to school on time. That didn’t hold them back from soaping each other up and washing each other—all the while hard as a rock. Dan thought humorously “It’s a place to hang the washcloth!” They eventually managed to get each other dressed and off for school.

    This was the day that Jack became the teacher known as Mr. Hoff. Dan had successfully initiated him into the world of teaching that morning. However, Jack could not help thinking of Dan all day long and that very special initiation, and had to have books in front of him and anything else available so that his new students would not see what else in the room, beside the classroom flag, was pointing north. Fortunately, the men’s room was right next door as Dan, being deviously naughty, sent some very hot erotic e-mails to Jack during the day.

    Needless to say, the first day celebration between Dan and Jack that night far surpassed the morning initiation.

    The End

    Please PM or post a request and I will post the next story:
    The Cabin On The Lake, followed by Waking Up At The Cabin and An Afternoon At The Lake.

    Also by Chicagosam:
    A Weekend In Chicago
    A Layover At O'Hare
    Awake—Part 2 (in collaboration with Hungschlong)
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    Whew! Totally awesome from a man who knows how to serve it up! Thanks ChicagoSam, keep 'em cummin' and so will I. :smile: :wink:
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    For Fratpack

    The Cabin

    It was Wednesday about 7:00 PM and Jack was sitting all alone in an Adirondack chair looking out at the lake. He had been working like a field hand all day and it had been a long day. He had just finished eating and was enjoying some down time. He was wondering about his good friend Dan who he hadn’t seen for four days. He had hoped that he could maybe talk Dan into playing hookie from school and come up and play for a few days, but with the end of the school year so close, Dan just didn’t think he could get away.

    All of a sudden he heard a car pull up. Seeing as there was only one road to the cabin, he looked, but didn’t think anything of it. People would drive in by accident and realize that they needed to turn around. This was the only cottage on this lake. Jack went back to looking out over the lake. He heard the car pull away. Jack went inside the cottage to get something to drink. While he was inside, he checked his e-mail. Nothing from Dan. Where the hell was he? He went back outside and saw someone standing in the water up to his ankles.


    The man turned to face him. There was Dan, still dressed from school—blue dress shirt, khakis—no tie, no shoes and socks—and standing in the water. Jack was ecstatic!


    Jack went running down to the beach and jumped up on Dan wrapping his legs around his waist, and sending them both crashing into the water. Dan was laughing!

    “Thanks for making me feel welcome, Big Guy!”

    “What are you doing here. I thought you couldn’t get away.”

    “The kids were driving me nuts. I needed a mental health break. I called in sick for tomorrow, and jumped in my car and came straight here. I decided to surprise you by parking up the road a little way and walking in!”

    Jack reached over and pulled Dan toward him and planted one on him that was four days worth. It was a hot, passionate, tongue-down-the-throat kiss. It took Dan’s breath away!

    “God, I’ve missed you. I’m so glad you’re here.”

    Jack grabbed him again almost devouring him as he kissed him. The two were rolling around in the water enjoying the moment. Waves were breaking over them.

    As they laid in the water, Jack said softly, “How are you?”

    “Much better now that I‘m here. You sure know how to make a guy feel welcome.”

    Dan suddenly grabbed Jack and kissed him, and the two fell in the water laughing again.

    “Let’s get your stuff and get you unloaded.”

    “I didn’t pack anything! I came right from school. Can you help me out tonight? We can go pick up stuff for me tomorrow.”

    “No way! I got everything you need right here!”

    “I know that! But I need clothes, too, Stud!”

    They laughed.

    “Come on, we have to get you out of these wet clothes. I have stuff hanging out here to dry that you can wear.”


    Dan took off his pants, shirt, and boxers as Jack watched. There stood Dan, all 6 foot plus naked feet of him. As Dan looked out at the lake, Jack walked up behind him taking off his shirt, and reached around Dan’s front and grabbed him by his cock and balls caressing them for a few minutes in silence while Dan enjoyed being groped by Jack.

    “Dan, you feel like a man who needs to relax. And I am just the man to help you do that.”


    Jack unbuckled his belt and dropped his shorts. With his hand still on Dan’s balls, he lowered his boxers also, and removed from them a growing erection.

    “Dan, all you have to do is stand there. Close your eyes and enjoy. I am going to relieve your tension. Just stand with your legs really close together.”

    Jack came in close behind Dan and spit on both of his hands to use as a lubricant. He took his free hand and took his fully erect cock and slid it between Dan’s legs. He was underneath that sensitive area between a man’s balls and his anus. Jack began to slide his cock head in and out between Dan’s tightly closed legs.

    “Squeeze your legs together, Dan, I want you tight! I am going to thigh fuck you.”

    Go to The Cabin—Part 2
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    As he continued to slide in and out to stimulate Dan’s under area, he began to stroke Dan’s now erect cock. As his cock went in between Dan’s legs, his hand was pulling back stroking toward the base of Dan’s cock. Dan kept squeezing as he was getting stimulated by Jack’s swollen red cock head sliding between his legs and up and under his anus. Jack continued the motion but started going faster, pulling and thrusting at the same time. Dan could barely stand it. He was breathing so fast and hard. Jack was grinding him. He took a deep breath and threw his head back as both could not contain themselves any longer. They both moaned as Dan, looking like he had two cocks, shot an uncontrollable load from both heads—which continued to spasm and spurt for minutes after. They had four days of cum to unload and it looked like a years worth. Dan, realizing that they were both going to cum, covered both cocks grabbing all the spooge he could. When they shot their jizz load, he grabbed both of their cocks and twisted his palm around on the over sensitive cum-covered heads. They were squirming and their quivering legs gave out from under them. With cum dripping from both hands, he took one hand and fed Jack, and the other he saved for himself. Wanting to remove the spooge off Jack’s cock, Dan bent over and deepthroated him. Dan turned around and continued to shudder as he wrapped his arms around Jack, cum dripping down his thighs. He kissed Jack, the two sharing the load that was in their mouths, and both collapsed to the ground.

    They layed there for a long time. Dan could finally speak.

    “Jeez, Jack. You really know how to relax a guy fast! Thanks! I needed that!” After a few minutes panting heavily and finally slowing down, Jack raced Dan down to the lake—two naked six foot guys— and the two jumped in and cleaned each other off which, horny guys that they were it took longer than expected, the water feeling wonderful on their balls.

    “Come on, Dan.”

    The two got out of the water. Dan took a pair of Jack’s shorts and a t-shirt, and put them on. He always went commando in shorts. Jack thought, “This will be good for later because everything is coming off him again! He just doesn’t know it yet!”

    “Dan, have you eaten yet?”

    Jack paused and laughed.

    “Let me rephrase that! Have you had anything for dinner yet!”

    “No, I was so anxious to get here, I drove straight through.”

    “Well, you are in luck because I made the greatest steaks for dinner and they are still warm. Come on.”

    Jack was an excellent cook and fed Dan the most wonderful beef crockpot meal.

    “That alone was the worth the trip. Great meal! Thanks, Jack!”

    “You’ve never been here before. Let me show you around the lake. You up for a sunset canoe trip.”

    “Let’s go.”

    They got the canoe down to the waterfront and set off to paddle around the lake. It was a great night for canoeing— a beautiful sunset with great weather—Dan in the lead and Jack guiding from the aft. Jack showed him places that he had known as a child, and places his family enjoyed. They were the only cabin on the lake, owned the property all around it, and had kept the place unchanged for years.

    After about an hour, they returned to the cabin. It was that last glimmer before dark. Jack started a campfire and he and Dan sat and talked about everything while enjoying the warmth and the evening. Jack and Dan were laying on their backs looking up at the stars. Dan had Jack’s head on his chest and had his arms wrapped around him.

    “Thanks for asking me up, Jack. I should have done this right away. I am really enjoying this. I’m going to hate to have to go back to school on Friday.”

    “Stay. Please.”

    They were quiet and just continued to enjoy the moment. Jack suddenly realized that Dan had become so relaxed that he had fallen asleep holding Jack. Jack had no complaints. He liked this moment with Dan. He let Dan sleep for about an hour and then it started to become cold. He tried to wake Dan.

    “Dan? Dan? Hey, Big Guy, wake up. Come on, let’s go inside. I’ve got a big warm bed just waiting for you. Come on, I’ll help you up. That’s it.”

    He doused the campfire and took Dan inside. Dan was half asleep and Jack had to grab him by the shoulders and guide him to the bed. He sat him down on the bed, got his shirt off, laid him back and got his shorts off. Dan was naked. Jack got him into bed and then took his clothes off and got into bed naked, too. He pulled the covers up and snuggled in close to Dan and put his arms around him. Jack ran his hand down Dan’s chest and abdomen ending up with a handful of cock. Dan was becoming hard. He started to become aroused.

    “Jack, don’t you need something to sleep?”

    “Dan, you’re almost there.”

    “Yes, but you’re not. I need to be a good guest.”

    Dan took his right hand and found Jack’s cock which was now becoming hard.

    “Hand or blow?”

    “Do you have the energy to do this?”

    “Look, we’re both naked, and in bed, we are both tired, but we are both extremely horny. I think that we can get off in record time, and have a great night in bed together. Sleeping, too!”

    “OK, blow!”

    “We need to do this fast before we fall asleep. How about sixty-nine? We can both get off at the same time, and, no mess.”

    Jack adjusted his position and let Dan stay where he was. Both of them were hard as a rock as they laid on their sides, one bent knee in the air with legs spread open. Jack grabbed Dan’s firm warm cock by the shaft and wrapped his mouth around it. Dan took Jack’s delicious thick cock and placed it in his mouth savoring the taste. They both began to suck on each other—each working the most sensitive areas of each other’s cock. They began by nibbling on each other’s cock head, stimulating the frenulum. Using tongues and lips, they were both aggressively trying to outdo each other and benefitting each other’s cock by doing so. Their bodies were coming alive, shivering, shuddering, sweating. In between strokes, they would breath in the air that they needed to continue going down on each other. They began to bob their heads faster, sliding up and down on each other’s shaft hitting hair and balls. They were also using their hands to fondle and caress each other’s balls which they could both feel the scrotum as it was pulling up closer to each of their bodies. Because Jack liked anal stimulation, Dan took a finger and placed in Jack’s anal passage, massaging and stroking, playing, and teasing. Jack began to rotate his hips as he became more and more excited. Dan began to thrust his hips forward to help Jack to be able to deep throat him. As their bodies became more and more agitated, their cocks were getting tighter, constricting, preparing to erupt in a spasm of cum that would explode out of their penile shafts into greedy anxious mouths. This would be the life force that would not be lost on them. As everything began to spin and go faster, the ecstasy of orgasm suddenly hit in continual pounding waves as shot after shot of warm, thick cum spattered repeatedly in the mouths of Dan and Jack in what seemed like an eternity. Aftershock after aftershock slammed their bodies, until they finally collapsed backwards on the bed. Their heavy breathing continued—hard, heavy breathing—but continued to eventually slow down.

    Finally, Jack was able to speak.


    Half asleep, Dan said, “yes?”

    “You’re a great fuck!”

    “I know.”

    “Love you, Big Guy.”

    “You, too.”

    Jack leaned over and kissed him, the cum on their lips mingling. It was a slow, wonderful, passionate, lingering kiss.

    “Jack, you are one great kisser.”

    “Thanks. Dan, we’re going to sleep great tonight. Thanks for being here. We’re going to have a great time tomorrow.”

    Dan was out. Jack pulled the covers over both of them and put his arm around Dan. Now, entwined, they both slept with the adventures of the next day anxiously awaiting them.

    The End

    Please PM or post a request and I will post the next story:
    Waking Up At The Cabin

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    A Weekend In Chicago
    A Layover At O'Hare
    Awake—Part 2 (in collaboration with Hungschlong)
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    For Uncut

    Waking Up At The Cabin

    After a great night of sex and sleep, Dan was still out as Jack woke up. He was an early morning riser. He decided to let Dan sleep—he was exhausted from school and needed some down time. As he looked at his naked partner, he began to get hard thinking of what they had done the night before. Dan was a great fuck and Jack knew he was lucky to have him. He thought, “Isn’t this funny? The guy is a school teacher by day, and fucks my brains out by night, and always makes time for me. I am one damn lucky fucker.”

    Jack got up and decided to wait on a shower. That he would do with Dan—showers with Dan were always great fun. He went and peed and then, still naked, got online and spent some time reading threads at the site that they both had met on. What a chance meeting that had been!

    It was getting to be closer to six and Jack had much he needed to do at the cabin that day. He hoped that Dan would help him. Dan was usually up by six so he didn’t think he would mind if he woke Dan up. “I better make this an interesting wake up,” thought Jack. He had an idea. He remembered one time that he and Dan were getting ready to have lunch. Dan was tremendously horny that day. Jack kept putting him off to tease him. Dan said, “Fine, but I am going to fuck something.” Dan saw a brand new jar of peanut butter. He grabbed the jar, got the cover and silver sealer off, dropped his pants, and stuck his huge erect cock in the jar. He slow fucked it with Jack watching. Jack, laughing, grabbed Dan, threw him down on the table, and licked the peanut butter off Dan’s throbbing cock. Dan was so horny that he let fly with a gob of cum that shot three feet in the air and landed in Jack’s hair. He licked it off and then licked Jack off. That day they started a new tradition of PB & J & Cum sandwiches. With that in mind, Jack decided to prepare a treat for Dan.

    Wearing only a chef’s apron, Jack went into the bedroom to wake Dan up. There he was, spread-eagle and sprawled out, tall Dan with “morning wood” straining to reach his navel. It was great sight. Dan’s hairy chest, his hairy legs, his hairy straining, curved erect cock— all there for the taking. Jack wanted to deep ass fuck him right then and there, but decided to give the big guy a chance to wake up before reaming him violently. Jack crawled on the bed, straddling Dan right up above Dan’s stomach. He reached back and starting playing with Dan’s cock. He leaned forward and gently rubbed his unshaven face against Dan’s.

    Softly in a low seductive voice, he said, “Wake up, Dan.”

    He brushed his lips against Dan’s lips as he continued to play gently with Dan’s cock.

    “Come on, sleepy head. I’ve got something special for you.”

    He rubbed his face against the other side of Dan’s face and then started to kiss Dan all over his face.

    Dan started to rouse.

    “What . . . oh . . . Jack . . .”

    Dan began to move. He reached up and touched Jack’s face and smiled, even though his eyes were still shut. He kissed Jack.

    “Mmmmmmm!” Dan moaned languidly. “Is this Jack?”

    Dan reached up and found Jack’ s inner right thigh and ran his hand up it.

    “Hairy. Just likeI like it. Must be Jack.”

    He ran his other hand up Jack’s other thigh. He loved Jack’s thighs and always enjoyed spending time licking them. If he hit the right spot on them, Jack was putty in his hands. His right hand bumped into a beautiful pair of furry balls and he began to fondle them. Jack arched his back when he grabbed them. Jack had great balls. The right size, the right texture, the right amount of hair, the right taste. He loved spending time with the twins in his hand or massaging them in his mouth. Dan didn’t go after Jack’s cock because he was saving that for later. He did explore Jack’s legs, his abs, and then spent time running his hands in the cleft of Jack’s firm ass, and touched the tight hole that was at the center of it. He began to massage the hole.

    “Stop, Dan, I am here to service you.” He laughed. “I have a special breakfast for you.”

    Dan opened his eyes, as Jack begin to lift the front of the chef’s apron he had on.

    With that “curtain” opening, Dan thought, “This is better than opening night! Bring on Act One, or any act for that matter.”

    As the apron went up, it revealed Jack’s flaccid cock—thick and long, and covered with raspberry jam and chocolate—a huge cock truffle, if you will, that looked like a large chocolate covered banana, but much, much larger. Dan’s eyes were as wide as thickness of that cock main course—He couldn’t believe what he was going to eat!

    “Good morning, big guy, feast your eyes and mouth on this!”

    “Fucking A, Jack, and fuck Wheaties, this is the breakfast of Champions. My God, you are fucking huge.”

    “You like?”


    “Then work for it.”

    Jack grabbed Dan’s arms, wrestling with him briefly, and pinned them both down behind Dan’s head. He reached down with his mouth and grabbed some of Dan’s armpit hair with his teeth and yanked.


    “You’re my bitch, baby, and I am your master. Now work for it. This is a new game called grab my cock with your mouth. You can only use your mouth. No hands. If you can grasp it, you can suck it, lick it, mouth fuck it, or eat it.” Jack took off the apron, and Dan could see Jack’s great abs and hairy pecs. Dan thought, “I could eat all of that, too. I can’t get enough of this man.”

    “Let the games begin,” said Dan, jokingly began to sing the Olympic theme.

    Go to Waking Up At The Cabin—Part 2
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    “Shut up, cock sucker, and get to work!”

    As Dan’s mouth went for Jack’s cock, Jack began to move his hips, gyrating forward, backwards, and all around.

    “Hey, no fair!”

    “Don’t be a pussy! Go for it, big guy. You can do it. You grab the head and hold on to it for more than 30 seconds, and I will stop moving. Come onand get me, you pussy!”

    Dan dove for the cock head with his mouth. Jack pulled back, and Dan missed. Jack laughed.

    “Had enough, pussy! I am the master!”

    “God damn it, I want your fucking cock in my mouth.”

    “Don’t you always!” Jack stopped moving for a second. “Free shot!”

    Dan went for the now scrambling pecker, as Jack was doing figure-eights now. As Dan was going for that flesh torpedo, he noticed Jack’s balls as they were jiggling with each movement. He thought, “Fuck! I want those, too.”

    “I want your cock, damn it! I want that huge thick piece of meat in my mouth.”

    “Here it comes!” Jack swung his python forward, and Dan got it in his mouth. He managed to hang onto for a few seconds, but it was still slick with chocolate and jam, and slipped out.

    “Damn it! Move it again, asshole, I want it!”

    Jack rotated his hips again as the huge cock began to pendulously move from right to left. Dan timed it just right and grabbed it by the head. To make sure Jack wouldn’t be able to release it from his mouth, he used his teeth gently.

    “Ow! Not fair! Let me go! Let me go! Cripe!”

    Jack forgot and let go of Dan’s arms that he was pinning down. Dan, taking this opportunity, grabbed Jack’s balls and cock.

    Dan said, “Now . . . who’s the Master?” as he squeezed Jack’s balls.

    “Aaaaahhhhhh! You are! You are! Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh, fuck. That hurts. Let me go.”

    “Now be a good fucker and do as I say! I want you to grab the headboard with both hands.”

    Jack did so, but didn’t reply. Dan slapped him on the ass.

    “Yes, Sir? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to say?”

    “Yes, Sir! Do with me as you will, Sir! I am here to obey your every command, Dan.”

    “That’s better. But I feel like slapping you one more time on the ass!”

    “Ooowwwww! Thank you, Sir! Please may I have another, Sir!”

    “When I’m ready. Now put your head down on the pillow and stick that firm muscular ass of yours up in the air.”

    “Yes, Sir.”

    “I have a bad case of the butt munchies, and I am going t o eat our ass. Spread your legs, Jack. I want see that beautiful cock of yours hanging down between your legs. And I don’t want you to get hard just yet. I want to play with that thick limp cock.”

    Dan looked at that hanging flesh, the thick cock, the dangling balls, the spread hairy thighs, that area between the balls and the beautiful tight pink hair-lined asshole. God, what a feast! Dan decided to have fun with Jack and spent some time sucking his toes. He began to work his way up Jacks legs, licking every inch of the way. He licked up the delicious thighs that were now getting sweaty and moist. Jack tasted wonderful. Jack’s huge cock was still dangling there. Dan took his tongue and toyed with it. Touching it. Tapping it. Moving it from side to side with his tongue. Dan was enjoying the smell of Jack’s balls. They were arousing and intoxicating. He nudged them with his nose. He took the head of Jack’s cock in his mouth and massaged it with his lips, pulling it in and out of his mouth bu sucking on it. He took his tongue and and stroked the cock head and stuck the tip of his tongue in Jack’s pee hole, stimulating it. Jack started to swell.

    Dan took both hands and slapped Jack’s ass cheeks hard to stop the hardening. He grabbed him by the balls and squeezed. Jack pulled his legs together.

    “Ow! Fuck! Sir!”

    “I told you, Jack, I don’t want you getting hard! Now spread ‘em!”

    “Shit, yes, Sir!”

    Dan went back to eating Jack. He took the cock head in his mouth once again and began to eat it. He was enjoying the jam and chocolate, and leisurely worked his way over every inch of Jack’s cock, that Jack was desperately straining to keep limp. Jack’s cock was thick and meaty and had the most wonderful veins that protruded from it. It was a spectacular cock, and Dan loved it.

    Dan finished off the delicious concoction that Jack, the master cock chef, had created for him. Dan licked up Jack’s thighs on either side and then began to lick the side of Jack’s balls. Jack was squirming. Dan needed to distract him again from getting hard. Still nibbling on Jack’s balls, he grabbed the shaft of Jack’s cock and yanked down, holding it there until Jack screamed.

    “Yes, Sir! I won’t get hard, Sir!”

    Dan released Jack’s cock and it swung back and forth freely—Dan taking his hand to bat it around a few times. Dan took the cock and stroked it a few times pulling down toward the head. He tested the firmness between his finger and his thumb. “Just right,” he thought.

    “Relax, Jack. Soon you can get hard. Soon.”

    “Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!”

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