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    It was Sunday morning normally not a BIG deal but this Sunday I was to meet you at Starbucks. After months of teasing me with your photos and text / e-mails we both agree we had to see where this would go.

    There were showers early in the morning and I thought this would cause you to change your mind but I received your first text message at quarter till 7:00AM. You simply asked if I was up and if we were still on. Well I was definitely up and had been for over an hour and half or so sneaking a quick view of your recent photos again on the site. As is usual I also had spent the early morning hours with my swollen shaft in my hand and the other on my keyboard surfing this site and its gallery and albums finally succumbing to the allure of the video chat. I teasingly pulled at my underwear exposing my hard cock as I bumped and grinded my hips with simulated thrust in my hands as many viewers watched which increased my excitement…

    YES, I was up and we better still be on as my loins ached for this meeting.

    After cumming again and taking a long warm shower I was dressed and out the door to Calabasas to the Starbucks near the theater. We had agreed to dress so that we would recognize each other. I wore a pair of black workout shorts as you said you would recognize my legs. You wore a pair of purple tights similar to a pair you posed in on the site and one that showed off that GREAT ass and those killer legs.

    I was early a bad habit left over from the marines. Then at about ten till 9:00AM just as you said you were there. Sitting facing the front entrance as I gazed aimlessly at the floor I seen your feet and the edge of the purple leggings first and then as I slowly looked up these legs and then to your face as I witnessed your sly sexy smirk I knew it was you!

    I stood up from my table and invited you over by calling your profile name. You turned towards the table and walked to me. My heart was pounding or was it my cock as I realized my dream. You were gorgeous in person and better than I had expected. Your eyes were lit up and I could see your excitement too. Quickly offering your hand to me “well do you like what you see – Geno”? Oh yes I do!

    You offered to grab me a refill as you ordered your own coffee and this was probably for the best as I was fighting getting a full on hard-on.

    We sat and talked for awhile, I couldn’t help but stare as you played with your hair and then I noticed that you had no bra on. Your nipples were swollen inviting little buds begging to be sucked and nibbled on thru your white top.

    We must have been there for over an hour and half when you asked, “do you want to come to my apartment”? Do you need to ask twice?

    You lived near where they have the farmers market on Saturdays so it was close by. As I walked up the stairs with you my palms began to sweat with anticipation. I was either going to get shot by a jealous husband or boyfriend or consummate my fantasy having passionate sex with my web fantasy.

    As you closed the door and turned around you grabbed my rising cock through my shorts, “I want to see this”. We stood and kissed softly and then increasingly more passionate as our tongues began to wrestle my hands traced every curve of your body.

    Grabbing my hand you pulled me into the living room and sat me down as you stood and slowly began to peel away your top first and then those purple tights exposing a white lacey thong. You began to wiggle and move seductively as you caressed your own body. Slowly tracing your breast and then your swollen nipples as you pinched and twisted them playfully offering them one at a time to me as I sucked on them. I pulled you close as I did caressing and rubbing that beautiful ass the same one that I drooled on at the site. Pulling your thong up high inside you as you began to hump and grind against it as it parted your vagina. Kissing and tracing your waist and then spanking that butt as I stood pushing you into the sofa as I bent down between your legs. Caressing your legs as began to nibble and kiss my way up to the most incredible camel toe.

    As I lean into your parted lips I playfully began to pull at your wet panties with my teeth and then probe initially inside your vagina. Simply pulling them to one side as my mouth and tongue find their way to your wet honey surrounded by a freshly shaved area which made it more inviting to my tongue…

    As your womanhood sucked me in deeper you gently grab me from behind my head pulling me into you as you began to bump and grind your hips simulating a slow fuck against my lips. I probe deeper with my tongue lapping up your warm wet pussy juices as you began to moan softly. Slowly I began to feel your inner thighs quiver at first and then tighten as your squeeze them firmly against my head as I seem to go deeper your legs parted more and rose up and parted widely. Soon your moans increased in their intensity and your hands pulled me into you deeper as your back arched slightly and then the most incredible orgasm that I had ever drank burst into my gaping mouth not wanting to spill a drop.

    Standing looking down into your closed eyes as I pull my shirt off and then my shorts and underwear as you look up at my throbbing monster grabbing in your waiting hands and then began slurping and teasing its swollen head with your tongue and lips. Slowly you begin to take it in until I am standing thrusting in and out of your warm mouth. I can only take this for a few minutes and then I pull you up and turn you around to lean over the sofa as I pull your wet panties to one side…Sliding the head of my cock first in and out quickly as your pussy aches wanting to suck me in deeper. Caressing your sweet ass and then popping my cock in and out and up against you as I kiss and nibble at your neck. Suddenly I slide my fingers deep up inside your wet pussy playing with you as you hump my hand, I watch as your head rocks back slightly and your back arches to meet each eager thrust until I can take it no longer. Pushing you against the back of the sofa as I slide my hard on deep into your wetness, you arch your back tilting your head slightly playing with your hair.

    My hands grab at your waist pulling you into each of my thrust and then I softly spank and caress that beautiful ass as my thrust intensifies. “Do you like my ass – Geno”? Fuck yeah I do………………………..
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