Tailor Made by Sherry

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    Hi, all. I found this site a couple of weeks ago while looking for some deep throat erotica for my group. While much of this site doesn't apply (I'm hetero), I still found some things to enjoy and thought I'd share.

    Here is a story I found a few years ago on the Internet. I liked the story, but it needed editing-quotes, paragraphs, etc. I kept the content of the original author ("Sherry" is all I know) and cleaned it up to make it more enjoyable.

    Tailor Made by Sherry

    This is my first story about my first black experience, but it's sure not been my last black experience. I know this story is one that sounds too good to be true but I assure you this story is 100% true. The only part of this story that is not true would be my black Lover’s name. He is pretty famous, so it's not really appropriate to use his real name.

    Let me tell you about myself. My name is Sherry. I am 22 years old. White, dirty blond, 5'4", 108Lbs. I'm a runner, so I have a lean and athletic build. My measurements are 34B bust, 20 waist, 33 hips. I'm pretty petite, between a 1 and 3 dress size. I am in my 3rd month as an apprentice tailor in a high-end men's suit store. Our clients are some of the rich and famous from business and sports.

    I do have a boyfriend, we've been together just over 2 years now, but we both know it will probably never get serious. After my recent experience, I am sure of that. My relationship with my boyfriend Bob has been good, our sex life has been a good healthy and fulfilling one, and up until now had left me fully satisfied. My personal sex experience is moderate, as I have had 5 lovers, 3 serious relationships and 2 quickie one night stand things. In comparing Bob to those lovers, he's at least as good as all the others and better than most. I thought this was as good as it gets. I almost always cum when we have oral sex. I don't have orgasm when we have intercourse, but that's OK. Almost everything I read in women's magazines has said that most women do not get off on intercourse and although I thought I was close a few times, I haven't quite been able to get over the hump and cum from intercourse. I figured that was all I could ask for from sex. I thought it was fine.

    While talking girl talk with my girlfriends, I have found out that most of them don't cum from intercourse either. One night the girls got together and were drinking a little and talking, letting our guard down. The conversation naturally led to sex and orgasm. We all agreed we don't cum from intercourse, and some didn't cum at all.

    Except Becky. Becky is a bartender by day and a cheerleader for the local arena football team part time. She is a real "hottie" according to all the guys. Now to say Becky is not a virgin would be about the same as saying the Titanic is just a boat. She loves sex and has plenty of experience with it. Becky had a real buzz going and lost any filter she normally would have and blurts out, “The reason you haven't been cumming is because you just haven't been FUCKING the right guys". She continued on, “You get a guy with a big enough dick, he'll get you off, I'll guarantee you that, and if he's black that makes it that much better.”

    I almost fell off my chair, as did a couple of the other girls. We all knew Becky is sexually adventurous, but I never thought she would do a black guy. I mean, I guess I never really thought about it.

    Julie said, "You've done a black guy?"

    Becky said, "Plenty of times, it's the only way to go".

    Brenda asked, "Is it true what they say? You know, are they really BIGGER?"

    "Yes, as a whole they are much bigger, especially thicker! And that's what is really important!"

    This did not go along with anything I ever read. Everything I ever read said size didn't matter and I certainly didn't see anything that said color made a difference.

    She continued on and said, "I used to have a hard time cumming from fucking until I meet Nick. Nick was my first big black dick. I'm not really good with sizes and didn't measure, but if 6" is average, Nick was probably 8", and thick as hell. As soon as he started to try to put it in me, I knew it was gonna be different. After he worked it all in (and worked might be the right word)” she said, “I was cumming one orgasm after another. The full feeling I got was incredible."

    I started to question her story. First thing is that everything I have ever seen said size didn't matter. I did see something once that said, "As long as it's not small, size is not important". I thought that made sense and challenged Becky on this. So Becky what about that? She said that's all bullshit. "Since the majority of guys have average dicks, those articles appeal to those guys, (or the women married to those guys.)" She said, "If size isn't everything, it's sure an important part of it. What's attached to the dick is pretty important, too! That's where the black part cums in, no pun intended. Black guys are not only BIG, but they can fuck you silly with staying power!"

    "That's why I do the whole cheerleader thing. The network of hung black studs on the team is unreal. There're some BIG boys on the team, if you know what I mean."

    Becky then asked, "So girls, what's the biggest dick any of you have had?"

    Brenda answered, "I've only been with my husband, except for that date rape thing. That doesn't count. I don't know how big he is, I guess normal."

    Julie answered, "Most of mine were about the same. I did have one guy that was really big but he didn't last long enough to get it all in; once the head touched my pussy, he came. Then he acted like he had screwed my brains out."

    Becky said, "And he was white wasn't he? That's what I'm saying!"

    "And what about you Sherry, Ms. Size Doesn't Matter! I'm assuming you have had a variety of men and sizes to back up your size doesn't matter claim!" Now Becky was being a little smart-ass.

    "No Becky, I don't have nearly as much experience as you. But then again, neither do most porno stars!” I blurted out!

    "Ok, I'm sorry Becky, maybe that was below the belt."

    Becky started laughing and said, "Ok, I guess I deserved that. One low blow earns another. Seriously though. All low blows aside. Have you ever had a really Big one? How big is Bob?"

    I thought about it and answered that it seems like they were all about the same size, at least not enough different to notice with the gap between lovers. I answered, “I guess it's safe to say none of them were huge or anything, but I don't think any were small, either.”

    Becky said, "What about Bob? How big is his dick?"

    I wasn't very comfortable with going into details on my current boyfriend with the whole world. I did know exactly how big Bob's dick is, though. As a matter of fact, Bob and I played with my sewing tape a couple of weeks back and measured everything on each of our body's. In fact, it started with him wanting to know my measurements. I said “we can do mine if we can do yours.”

    Just silly stuff, you know. That was just 2 weeks ago. He measured my bust, 34". My waist, 20". My hips, 33". Even my thighs 17". It was kind of fun!

    Bob said as he measured, "Damn, girl, you are one lean and tight little unit. And speaking of tight little units, let's check out your tightest unit. I have a special measuring device for that tight little pussy of yours. My big dick! This big dick of mine was built just to measure your pussy with. If you could custom order a dick, you couldn't find one to fit you better! If it were any smaller you would feel frustrated and if it were any bigger you couldn't handle it, it would hurt too much. The way it fills you, you’re maxed out, so I think that makes the perfect measuring stick!”

    Bob has had a lot of lovers and has told me many times that I have tightest pussy of all. He is always telling me how tight I am when we have sex. I thought to myself, “He does seem to fill me pretty good, I do feel pretty full when he's in me. I never seemed too need or want more than he could give me. It was safe to say I was very near my limit. He was probably right. He was plenty Big enough.”

    I said, “so stud, not so quick. Before we use that measuring stick I think we should know how big the stick is!”

    He laid back and said, “We'll, you better get it up for me.”
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    This was my trigger to suck his dick. I sucked it in my mouth; easily able to get his entire semi-hard dick in my mouth. As he grew, it becomes a little more difficult to fit it all in my mouth, but I can if I concentrate.

    After getting it fully hard, I sat up and took a look at his prize. It did look very nice, he had every reason to be proud. I got my trusty sewing tape and started to measure. As he lay on his back, I lifted it off his belly and started to measure up the front. He said, “No, wait, measure from here,” pointing to the bottom side were the scrotum meets the asshole.

    I said I didn't think that counted since it's not usable but he was adamant that is where you measure from. I did it to please him. “Wow 9.5" from there I said. He said, “See, I told you I was big.” I thought this was not accurate, but wasn't going argue and ruin the moment or his ego. Besides, I was getting really curious just how big he was. I said just for curiosity, Let’s measure up the front, Just for the heck of it. He said “OK, but that's not the right place,” but just for the heck of it. I picked it up and measured up the front. 5.75", well, if I push down a little, 6". Wow I said to him 6" even from there. I knew this was the right place but I didn't want to ruin his ego. I said let's see how big around, Wow, 4.5". The same size as an average banana. I measured across the best I could and got maybe 1.5". That seems about right, if you divide circumference by pi, you get width. I said, “wow you're pretty thick, too.”

    He said, “Eh, now you know why I stretch you so much when I fill you up.”

    The numbers I had now, 6" long and 4.5" around were almost exactly the same as what I had recently read in Cosmopolitan as average. I was happy with that, it seemed to work well for me since I was probably just average size, or as Bob said, “Maybe even smaller than average down there.”

    After that we had sex and it was pretty good, Bob must have really gotten turned on playing with the tape measure. He fucked as hard and deep as he could. He said, “Sherry, your pussy is so damn tight. How's that big dick feel deep in your tight pussy? Is your little pussy full?”

    I was full, he felt great! In fact I almost came from the intercourse. It seemed like the deeper he got the closer I got to CUM. It was like he was knocking on the door and I almost made it. He pumped me for a good 15 minutes. Maybe if he’d lasted a minute longer…

    Back to the conversation with the girls. I told Becky I wasn't going to go into details about Bob, but she could be sure that he was plenty big enough for me and if he was only average, that was all I needed. Maybe I just have an average pussy and didn't need a really Big dick. In fact, I don't think I could handle a bigger one.

    Becky said, “We’re all just average. I thought the same thing until I had a really Big Black Cock. I was a little scared at first. I didn't think I would be able to handle it the first time I got one, but I was surprised how accommodating I could be if I just relaxed and enjoyed it. At first you think it will kill you but once you get used to it, it's heaven on earth. I’ve since found out that bigger is definitely better. I told you that Nick was probably 8", that’s about my minimum now. Anything under 8" is a tease! There's one guy on the team, I’ll bet he is 12" long and really thick. He's is fatter than my wrist, for real!”

    Being silly, I tried to put my watch on it just kind of screwing around. And I couldn't latch it. “He is BIG. Even I was apprehensive about that one the first time, but it was awesome. He's my favorite one right now.”

    I felt around my wrist to compare to what she just said. “Oh, please,” I thought to myself, “no dick is that thick.”

    All at once it seems, the girls all said, “there's no way I could fit a dick like that in my pussy, and even if I could force it in I would be afraid I would be ruined for normal men again.”

    Julie then said, "But it might fun to try,” with a curious twinkle in her eye.

    I said “that sounds way Too Big to be fun. I can see maybe a little bigger, but something that big sounds like it would hurt more than feel good. It would ruin you for normal men ever again, wouldn’t it?”

    Becky said, “NO, it won't ruin you. It will, however, spoil your pussy to the point that everything else is just a tease. But I must warn you, if you try it you may be hooked; if you don't try it you will never know.”

    Julie said, “So you don't think you're stretched out permanently after that HUGE dick.”

    “No, actually it's like a work out and I am puffed and tight the next day. My pussy is just more cooperative now.”

    The phone rang, it was Brenda's husband. She said, “holy shit, It's 3:00am, I need to get home, besides I am horny as hell after all this talk.”

    Everybody said, “yeah, we need to get going” and left.

    I went to bed and feel asleep thinking about what Becky had said. When I woke up it was the first thing on my mind. In fact, it seemed I thought about it every 5 minutes for the next couple of days. I had to stop thinking about it. I even thought about it while Bob and I had sex. In fact, just thinking about it I almost came. While Bob was screwing me doggie style, I was thinking about those Big Fat dicks. I was rubbing my clit while he screwed me. I decided to stuff a finger in my pussy between my clit and his dick to see if I could take more. Now I was really stretched and it did kind of hurt, but after about a minute it was a good hurt and I was as close to cumming as ever. I did after have to admit it did feel real good to be stretched like that, but a dick as big as Becky described would still be way overkill. But thanks to Becky, I was consumed with thoughts of what it would be like to have a Big Dick.

    Thanks, Becky.

    The next day at work, my boss Jack, the head tailor in the shop, asked me to stay a little late, after closing. He explained that he had an appointment and the store manager also did tonight that they couldn't get out of. He said one of our biggest clients wanted to come in after closing and order a few new suits. He went on to explain, “By biggest, I don't necessarily mean biggest consumer. I mean BIGGEST. You see, he is the superstar center for our local NBA basketball team. He likes to shop after hours so he doesn't get mobbed by fans. We like it that way, also. He has to be re-measured every couple of months because at age 20, he's still growing.” I told him no problem, I would be more than happy to handle it.

    I waited until around 9:30PM and got a knock at the back door. I asked who it was. A man answered “Jamal Bonito's security man. Is it all clear in there?” I open the door to let them in. The security guy, Bill, was a big guy. Black, about 6'4" and pretty thick and muscular. Yes, he definitely looked like the kind of guy that could protect you. Then Jamal walked through the door. He was HUGE. A GIANT. He was the biggest person I have ever encountered live and in person. I guess at that time he was 7 foot tall and just kind of corn fed BIG.

    He was a good looking, clean black guy. I must say, I was intimidated and turned on by him, at the same time. He sure as hell didn't look like he needed a bodyguard. I don't follow basketball much so I wasn't very star stuck, but I new he must be someone special just buy the way he carried himself. Very confidently!

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    We walked around and looked at some different suits. As we did, we made small talk. He seemed to be a nice guy, almost what I might call a gentle giant. He was also kind of flirtatious, nothing nasty. Just cute little comments. I did notice him sneaking some admiring glances at me. I was wearing a short skirt outfit that wrapped my ass and hugged my waist and breasts tight. I made it myself, so it fit perfectly.

    I would catch him staring at my ass almost every time I turned around. It was obvious he liked what he was looking at.

    During this time my mind began to wander and go back to what Becky was saying. I thought, “if black guys have BIG dicks, how Big would Jamal's be, as Huge as he is?”

    I was sneaking little crotch peaks without staring. He was wearing loose pants so it wasn't showing up very clearly, but there was quite a bulge there. I wasn't actually thinking would I ever know, but when you see someone that big it makes you think about it whether you want to or not. I was standing beside him at one point looking up to him as I talked to him. We were an obvious mismatch size wise, he is 2 feet taller than me and 3 times as heavy! If we were to stand up against each other, his dick would be even with my breasts.

    He picked out a few designs and I said “let's go back to my sewing room and measure you up.”

    Flirtatiously he said, “HUM, sounds like fun,” as we walked back to the room he said to Bill, “I'll be fine. You just kind of hang out here. If she starts beating me or hurting me I'll call you.”

    Laughing, he continued, “Don't be alarmed if you hear moaning, it might not be that I'm in pain, know what I mean?”

    Jamal and Bill were both laughing slightly as Jamal and I walked through the door to the sewing room.

    We got back to the room and I started to measure him. More for curiosity, I wanted to know his height. He said, “The team measured me today, 7'2" and 304 lbs.”

    I was getting pissed at Becky because as soon as he told me that I was wondering how big his dick must be. I thought if it were just in reasonable proportion with his size, it would be BIG. God, if it was just an average 6" dick it would be tiny on his body. His fingers look like they are that big! That bitch Becky has got one coming for talking that shit. I'm going to kill her.

    I told him to take off his shoes so I could get accurate measurements. It was then I realize how big his feet were. He had huge feet, and the girls always said the bigger the feet the bigger the meat!! If that were true, Jamal would have the biggest meat in the world! I asked, "How big are your feet?"

    He said, "Size 24."

    "That's damn big."

    He said "Yeah, pretty much everything is big."

    I guess I mumbled under my breath subconsciously, "Yeah, I bet".

    He said, "Excuse me?"

    Startled, I said, "Nothing!" I really did not mean to say
    that out loud!

    I started to measure him, his chest, arms, neck. It was when I got to his inseam I ran into trouble. I was trying to measure his inseam, so I ran my tape from the floor to his crotch. He was wearing his pants kind of low and baggy so I had to push the crotch up a little to get the right measurement. Standard procedure! What wasn't standard procedure was what I bumped into. Along his thigh I bumped into what I assumed was his dick. It startled the shit out of me and I jerked away before I got the measurement. He said, "Everything all right down there?"

    I acted like I had something in my eye and said, "Hold on, I got something in my eye."

    He smiled and said, "No problem, take your time."

    I caught my breath as I thought, “Holy shit, is that for real! Is that a dick?” It was hanging down his thigh! I was quivering with embarrassment, but also excitement. My thighs were doing that rubbing each other thing we do when we’re excited, and I felt a definite tingle in my pussy. I needed to get this done, but didn't want to make him uncomfortable and bump him again. I said, "OK, I got that out of my eye, I need you to pull your pants up a little snug for me so I can get the measurement right."

    I squatted in front of him as he did. This put my face even with his crotch. He pulled the waist of his pants up, as he did an outline appeared of his dick.

    I know my expression must have changed! My god, no wonder he wore them low and baggy. He had to so the whole world wouldn't see the outline of his cock, it was as clear as a police sketch! That sucker looked like a large cucumber. I stared for a minute, mesmerized I guess. I got my shit together and ran the tape from the floor to his crotch. 44" inseam. As I did, I also took notice of my tape beside the obvious bulge in front of me. It looked to be about 9", I thought. It must be hard, all this must have gotten him excited. I tried to get my shit back together, turned around to log the measurements and thought, “That's one BIG thing there. 9", I thought, “who could take that much dick? Becky is about the same size as me, how could she handle it? Becky must have one big pussy to handle those things.” I was sure I could never do anything with a dick like that!

    I had kind of drifted away and still with my back to Jamal he said, "We're not done are we, isn't there anything else you want to measure?"

    I replied without turning around, “No, I think I got it covered."

    He said, "Are you sure, there's usually one more thing little white girls want to measure!"

    That's about the first third. If I post more, the message may be too big. Let me know what you think.

    As I said before, I usually do deep throat erotica, and I have a couple of stories I've written (one is just being finished). If you like, I can post them here. As I mentioned before, I also run a hetero deep throat group, but it's probably not appropriate to give a link in my very first post.

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    Humble: I don't have time to read your story just now. But this is a great group you've stumbled on to. On the whole, people have great attitudes. There's little gender bashing and most of the straights here are quite respectful of the gays and vice versa. There's a little bit of everything here including many creative, intelligent generous of spirit posters who make it all worthwhile.

    You've done a great job on your new Google site, since you migrated from Yahoo. Why don't you introduce yourself -- you'll find the appropriate place right at the top of the Forum List.
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    Great story. Thanks for the post. Keep it cumming!
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    New Jersey
    How about finishing this story.
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    please post the rest!!! or at least the link, don't leave us haning.

    And thanks for cleaning up the writing.
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    Glad to hear about this place. For the record, I didn't migrate from Yahoo-I started a brand new group of my own, picked Google, and as luck would have it many members of the Yahoo group you are probably thinking about came over as that group developed issues. It did work out to be timing for me-or maybe good planning, as I saw the issues coming-but just not that dramatically!

    The rest of the story is on the way...
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    Here's the rest of the story. Sorry for the delay.

    I said, "excuse me?" as I turned around. “Oh, FUCK!”

    Jamal was standing there with his pants down and his dick hanging out. I thought I would fucking die! It was HUGE, like a huge purple and black cucumber! I was more than a little flabbergasted, I couldn't believe he did this. The fact that he had dropped his pants surprised me but what surprised me most was, as big as his dick was, it didn't look like it was hard yet. It was just kind of hanging there limp. Holy shit, he was what, maybe 9 inches LIMP! Is it possible it gets even bigger? I was completely speechless and just kind of stood back, and looked. He is one big son of a bitch, and his dick just looked right for his size, in perfect proportion, BIG.

    I didn't say anything for a couple of minutes. I was mesmerized.

    Finally, he broke the ice, "Well, this is what you wanted to measure, isn't it?"

    Startled, I said, "NO! I mean, I don't know. I mean, you caught me off guard,” I knew I was blushing so badly.

    “And it's, it's just so BIG. I mean, Ok, I was curious. But I never expected you to do this."

    "Well, it seems everyone is curious, especially white girls. I could see the way you jumped when you bumped it. I saw the way you took your time down there! You did want to see it, didn't you?"

    I said, "Well, I guess, but I wasn't going to ask or anything, but I guess, well, yeah!"

    He said, "Do you like it?"

    I said, "I don't know, it's kind of scary."

    He said, "What's scary about it?"

    "Do you find girls that can handle it?"

    "Oh yeah, I've Drilled a lot of white girls with it. I get chased around by a lot of girls that want me to drill the shit out of them. Kind of a job hazard."

    I said, "It would take more than "DRILLING" to get it in me, a jackhammer first might be more appropriate!"

    He said, "So, it's bigger than what you're used to?"

    I said, "Shit, that's the understatement of the century!"

    He laughed, “I'm not trying to brag, but I get chased by a lot of girls, I guess my size and everything. Being famous and having my salary published probably doesn't hurt either! Plus a lot of it is that white girls really like the way black men fuck. But it's not often the girls are as hot as you though. You really turn me on.”

    My face must have turned totally red. I said, “Thank you.”

    “So?” he said, “what do you want to do? You want to play around?”

    I answered, "I'm pretty horny right now, but I think it would be hopeless to do anything with that. I'm a small girl, you know, built small. Small everywhere, if you get my drift."

    He said, "So, do I get dressed or do we play for a while?"

    I was horny as hell and scared all at once. I was sure if we tried to screw he would not be able get it in. And if he got it in at all, it would hurt like hell.

    I said, "Can I feel it?"

    He said, "I wish you would."

    I reached out apprehensively and grabbed it in my hand. It was heavy and fat. It was still soft. Even limp he was much thicker and longer than my boyfriend Bob or anyone else I had ever been with. He said, "Don't you want to measure it?"

    “Yes,” I got my tape and measured the length down the front with him standing up, (the right way). 8 3/4" almost 9". I measure around pulling the tape taut: 7” around. That's over 2” THICK, SOFT!

    "That's one big dick!" I said to him, "How big does it get hard?" I asked.
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    He said, "I don't know, let's find out,” he said. "Suck it a little and we’ll find out."

    I told him, "Jamal, there's nothing I want to do more right now than to suck your dick but we have to stop at that. I am a little afraid to start anything I can't finish. Maybe I can just suck you off and we don't try intercourse?"

    He said, "Let's just take it as it comes to us. Slow and easy."

    I later found out that he had done this before and knew that once I started I wouldn't stop until I at least tried to finish the job! He said, "I do have a request of my own though. I'm standing here naked and I haven't seen that sweet honey pot of yours, and I gotta tell you, I can’t wait to see you, you are one hot little thing! How ‘bout a strip tease for me?"

    I stood back and undressed, first the skirt outfit, then my bra. My nipples were hard as hell.

    He said, "VERY NICE,"

    Then I slowly pulled my panties down, as I did I realized I had soaked them. I am a very good lubricator, I never need any lotions or jellies if I'm horny, and I was horny as hell right now! My pussy was as wet as it's ever been.

    He said, "Oh yeah, a real blond! I like real blondes, they aren't real hairy and have nice tight pink pussies."

    I was really enjoying this. Jamal walked over, put his hands under my armits and picked me up with no problem and sat me on my sewing table. I felt like a rag doll.

    He started rubbing my breasts, and his hands covered my whole chest. “Nice firm titties,” he said. Then he rubbed up and down my waist. He said, “Nice waist, I like a girl with a nice tiny waist.”

    He put his hands on either side of my waist and touched his fingers and thumbs together easily. He said, “Oh yeah, just perfect.” I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or overwhelmed that he could completely encircle my 20” waist.

    I simply said, “Thank you.”

    He moved his hands down my waist past my hips and said, “You have really narrow hips. No kids, I bet.”

    I said “Yeah, no kids.”

    He said, “Most black guys like hefty women with big hips but I like my women trim.”

    I said, “I would think you would like big women so they could, you know, take you. You know. With your size and everything.”

    He said, “I haven't found anyone, any size that couldn't take me with the right amount of foreplay and desire. I found I just had to be real good with foreplay to relax and loosen little white girls up for me!” He said “Give me a little time and I'll have your pussy open and ready for my cock. Before long, you’ll be asking me to put it in you.”

    He then started parting my legs and reaching for my pussy. As he did I said, “Jamal,” right as he touched me, “I'm just too scared to do that, you know, screw! I'm just real small, and you're so BIG!"

    He slid his finger up and down my slit and pushed a little at my opening. He said, "WOW, You are a real tight little thing aren't you? You're a pretty wet little thing, too! Are you getting excited?"

    He was starting to get to me, my breath was quickening, I said, “Yes, I'm very excited!”

    I reached down and grabbed his dick. He was starting to harden. I started stoking him and as I did, he pushed a finger in me. Just his finger was even big.

    "Damn, tight little thing!" he said. "You're just super tense, RELAX. Lay back."

    I laid back sideways on the edge of the table. He spread my legs and started running his finger between my pussy lips, rubbing my clit between his finger and thumb. I was squirming around. He is good I thought to myself. I was starting to drift off and loosen up I guess, literally. I tried to reach for his dick but couldn't get to it.

    I said, “I want to play with your dick.”

    He said, “There’s something I have to tell you about sex with a black man! Black men don't have dick's, We have COCKS! And we don't make love or have intercourse, we FUCK!”

    I thought, “That's why Becky had such a foul mouth about the subject.”

    I said, “Fine, get your fucking cock where I can play with it.”

    “That's better,” he said.

    He moved to where I could start stroking his cock. He was getting harder. He slid his finger in my pussy, this time real slow and easy. Oh god, I thought, his finger felt almost as big as Bob's dick. His middle finger is 6" long and thick, almost like a dick! He was working his finger in and out pretty aggressively now and I was starting to really enjoy it.

    He said, “Now stay relaxed, we need to open you up a little.” He started easing another finger in. He worked it in.

    “Damn,” I thought, “This is bigger than Bob.”

    "Jamal,” I said in a firm voice, "You're stretching me!"

    He said "Chill out and give it a second. RELAX! Why don't you suck my dick!"

    He stepped forward and put it in my face. Sucking was probably the wrong word here, there was gonna be no SUCKING this dick. It was way too big and fat to fit in my mouth, period.

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    I sucked around the head and licked it like a large ice cream cone.

    He was getting really hard now, in just no time he was fully hard. I was so into licking and teasing his cock, what he was doing to my pussy felt SO GOOD, I was really getting hot, he was now working the 2 fingers in and out and around, oh, shit. And I was loving it.

    I told him, "Jamal, you are really good, you have got my pussy steaming like never before."

    He said, "Just stay relaxed and let the magician do his magic." He said, "You're loosening up nicely. Before long, we will be sliding my cock in here. You're not the first little white girl I ever broke." He said, "I just love splitting little thin white girls."

    I said, "Yeah, splitting! It's the splitting I'm worried about. I'm afraid you'll tear me!"

    He said, "Slow and easy, remember, we only go as far as you're comfortable with.”

    The son of a bitch knew before all was said and done that I wouldn't be comfortable with anything less than everything. Goddamn, he was good.

    I returned to licking his cock and balls, God, it's HUGE! I was holding it, now hard, and couldn't get my fingers and thumb close to touching. As he continued to work my pussy over with his fingers, he leaned down and started to lick my clit while he worked the fingers in. I almost jumped off the table. It only took a minute of this.

    “Oh fuck, I'm gonna CUM soon.”

    I stopped licking his cock; I couldn't concentrate on his cock with the pending orgasm. I still had his cock in my hand, like a handle on a roller coaster! “Jamal, Don't stop baby, oh God that feels good. You're making me crazy. What you're doing to my pussy feels sooooooo good, I'm going to CUM my brains out.”

    “I can tell” he said, “This pink little pussy of yours is horny as hell. You just stay relaxed and let the master do what I gotta do. I'll have you ready for my cock soon!”

    “Whatever you want master, I just gotta cum.” Back he went to licking my clit and working the couple fingers in. Oh I'm real close. I'm starting to CUMMM, yeah, Your ready, HOLD ON. Soon as he said that, while still licking my clit and as I started cumming! He started easing another finger up me, I was stretching like crazy. Oh shit, stop, too much, Oh fuck, NO, too much, too much, OH fuck, Oh fuck that's good, Oh I am so full, Oh shit, I'M CUUUMMIINNGG, He was forcing the third finger in, and I was squeezing his dick in my hand hard as I could. He was pushing harder and harder with the third finger. I came harder than ever in my life, I was stretched farther than ever before, Oh this was good! I'm losing my breath! OK, OK, Stop, Stop, Stop, I need a break, I'm gonna die if I don't stop cumming!”

    I begged him to pull the fingers out and stop licking me so I could come down. He slowly did, and just slowly caressed my pussy. “Goddamn Jamal, that was incredible!”

    He said, “Can I ask you something? Did you like your little pussy full? Did you CUM?”

    “Yes, and, yes I did!”

    He said “wait till you put this Big Fat Black Cock in that tight little pussy. You will cum like never before!”

    “J’amal, It's too big. I'll have to jerk you off or something. There's no way. What ever you just did was all I could handle and more. Your cock is just too big, it's just not going to fit!”
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    He said, “It will fit.”

    “I don't think so,” I said!

    He said, rubbing my pussy and fingering me again. “Your pussy is getting all open and needs it.” I started squirming. “Your pussy really opened up for my fingers, it will fit.”

    “Yeah, But fingers and your cock are two totally different things. Look at this” he said, “Look, You had 3 fingers and 3 fingers are as wide as my cock,” Holding them up to it, “and look how you came on 3 fingers. The more I put in you, the harder you came!”

    He was right and I wanted to change the subject. "Hey, I never measured you Hard. I want to measure you hard."

    Jamal said, "NOPE!"

    I said, "What do you mean, nope"

    He said "Only if you will try it in your pussy before the night's out."

    I said, “It won't go!”

    “At least try. If you say stop, we’ll stop.” He started working his fingers back in my pussy again. I was squirming around, God damn it, It felt fucking good. OK, OK!

    Ok what, He said, Ok, I will try, I said, “But slow and easy, right.”

    He said “Real Slow and Easy!”

    “Ok,” I said, “but if I'm gonna be killed by a cock, I wanna know how big the cock that killed me was!”

    He laughed, “It won't kill ya, you're going to love it."

    I was beginning to believe him.

    "Ok, but first let me grab my tape and let me measure this bad boy."

    He was hard as a rock with anticipation. It didn't stand up like other dicks I’d had, it basically hung there. As I picked it up to measure it I realized it was just to heavy to stand. I noticed now looking closely he really didn't get a lot longer when he got hard. I measured him at 10 1/4" long. He did however get a lot thicker when hard. Man he was thick, I thought about what Becky said about her watch not clasping! I felt it and felt my own wrist, he was much, much thicker than my wrist! I measured around it- 8 3/4" around, a little quick math, WOW, 2 3/4" across. It was this thick all the way to the head where it tapered down some. Not to a point or anything, but a nice taper. I'll try to give you an idea how big that is. After this episode, I was telling Becky about it while drinking some beers, trying to describe it to her I realized my Budweiser beer bottle was probably close. As a seamstress, I always carry my tape. I measured the beer bottle at 8" round. God, He was bigger than the bottle I later realized! I measured Becky's wrist and it was 7" around. Becky was impressed and said that width beat any she had yet. Becky said, "Holy shit that would even scare me, but than again I love being scared." I now know what she means!

    After measuring I started back pedaling again. Rethinking now, he is so much bigger than Bob, and Bob filled me so good, I just can't imagine this thing fitting in me! "I see this as a hopeless situation as far as getting it in goes, Jamal. You're twice as big as my boyfriend Bob."
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    He said, "Really, is Bob the biggest you ever had?"

    I said, "I guess so and he makes me feel really full, I don't think you're going to fit! I’ll certainly tear."

    "It will go," he said. "Come on, you promised to try. A deal is a deal."

    What did I get myself into? In a way though I was glad I made the deal, even though I was scared to death he would tear me up, part of me still wanted to try it.

    He said, “SO, what do you think of it?” pointing to his cock.

    “Amazing,” I said. “Just awesome.”

    He said, "Wait till it's in you, THAT'S WHEN IT'S AWESOME!"

    He said, “lay back,” As he turned me. Now my ass and feet were on the edge of the table. Knees up. Wide open like a doctor's exam. He sat on the floor between my legs. “What a beautiful little tight pussy, All pretty and tight. Like a pink rose bud.”

    He licked a couple strokes. Up and down my slit while palming my ass cheeks in his huge hands.

    He said, "You are a small thing aren't you. Cute little fucker you are. I can't wait to split this little hole!" I thought to myself it would sure be nice if he used another word than SPLIT! I don't know if he knew it or not, but all the compliments and dirty talk were making me even hornier if that was possible. I didn't admit it, but I was seriously anticipating him SPLITTING me, to!

    While licking my clit he started working 2 fingers in me, he said “it's time to get you primed and ready!”

    He was twisting and turning those fingers like a pussy roto-rooter, licking my pussy the whole time. He's fucking awesome! He said, “see how good that feels. 20 minutes ago 2 fingers were too much, now look at you, You're almost ready to cum again.”

    He was right, the 2 fingers weren't killing me like at first. I was just too fucking horny. Still working his fingers in me, he said, “Like that.”

    “OH yeah,” I said moaning.

    “You like 2 fingers in your pussy?”

    “Oh yeah!”

    He kept working those fingers for a good while. He stopped licking me and started rubbing me with the thumb on his other hand now rubbing my clit, firm little circle motions with his thumb on my clit. I was squirming like crazy, This was awesome. I was a juice machine; I could feel juice running down my ass! I jumped as he slipped a 3rd finger in for one stroke and went back to 2. Again, he did 2 fingers for a while than 3 for a few strokes. I jumped. He worked with 2 fingers for a while and at this point I was anticipating the 3rd finger and wanting it. Still with 2 fingers, He then slipped the 3rd for a little longer. Than he started a fevered pace. 2 fingers, then 3 fingers, Back and forth, It was unreal. Soon he was using 3 fingers now more than 2, I was getting to the point were I liked the 3 better than 2. He knew just what he was doing, He was trying to open me up and get me ready for that BIG COCK, and he was doing a good job! He was now working 3 fingers deep, Real deep, and I was taking it. God it felt good. I told him I'm gonna cum soon! He said “just tell me you're ready for the real thing. My BIG BLACK COCK.”

    “Oh Jamal, I don't know if I'm ready. I'm really nervous. I'm so horny! I'm so open! I don't know!” I was ready to cum, without oral sex, for the first time! “I don't know if I'm ready. I don't know if I'm ready to take your cock!”

    “You're ready!” he said.

    “I don't know! God I'm horny!” My heart was really beating with anticipation and fear.

    “You’re ready” he said, with 3 fingers reaming me out. “You're wide open! Wet! And ready for my cock!”

    “I don't know if I'm ready for your cock, Jamal!”

    In a real stern voice, he said, “I KNOW!!! YOU'RE READY!!!!”
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    I said, "SLOW AND EASY".

    He said, "SLOW AND EASY.”

    He stood up while still fingering me with the 3 fingers on one hand and started stroking his cock with the other above my pussy. He was hard as a rock. God, it looked HUGE. He said, “Do you want this,” waving his cock, “OH JAMAL, I don't, I don't, I don't know!”

    He said “if you want it, you have to ask.”

    “Oh, I don't know.” I was dying inside.

    “Do you like this cock?” he said.

    “Yes! I like your cock.”

    He said, “Do want my cock?”


    He said “what?”

    I said, “YES!”

    “Yes what” he asked?

    “Yes, I want your cock!”

    “Yes you want my cock where” he asked? He was gonna make me ask.

    “Please Jamal, I WANT YOUR COCK IN MY PUSSY"

    I don't believe I just said that, I just asked to be fucked with a GIANT FAT 10" COCK!

    He started to rub the head of his cock through the lips of my pussy. He was rubbing my clit with his thumb. He put a little pressure on my pussy opening then backed off. He continued to rub it through my lips. My pussy was so open and wet. I was dripping. I was very slippery. He took some fingers, put them in my hole, and worked them around. “Damn, you’re wet, girl!”

    He pulled them out and rubbed the juice up and down his shaft. It started to shine. As he stroked the juice on his cock with one hand, he fingered me with the other. He said, “Damn baby you do have a super tight little pussy,”

    “I know,” I said, “I'm too small! Your too big, It's not going to fit!”

    He said, “Oh baby, it's going to fit like a glove. It will take a little while to work it in but once it's in your gonna love this” Waving his cock.

    "SLOW AND EASY,” I said, “Remember!”

    He said, “Oh yeah, Don't worry, I want to go real slow and feel every inch as it goes in this tight pussy, all TEN INCHES!” Oh God, he just had to remind me it was 10 INCHES!

    He removed his fingers and placed his cock at my hole. He was using his thumb and forefinger to hold my lips open and his other hand to guide his cock. I had both hands on each edge of the table, eyes closed, holding on for dear life. He rubbed it up and down my slit and started putting pressure on my hole again. At this time I realized the 10 inches length was not the immediate problem I was going to have to deal with right now. It is the 9" around part that's gonna kill me. This sucker is FAT, REAL FAT!!!

    I guess I started to slide back on the table. Maybe subconsciously trying to get away. He pulled me to the edge of the table and reached around my waist, again touching his hands together, “Damn you got a little waist. It's gonna be like fucking a funnel!”

    He took one hand, put it around me, and held his cock with the other at my hole. He applied a little pressure to my hole, and he asked, “ARE YOU READY!”

    I said, “Slow and easy?”

    He said, “Slow and easy!”

    He pressed forward with a little more pressure. The way his cock was tapered, it started to go in a little. At this point it was big, but I wasn't dying.

    “Oh God,” I said. “It's big, Jamal.”

    He kind of poked it in and at the opening.

    “More?” he asked.

    “A little,” I said. He applied more pressure. “Oh shit, it's getting fat, wait.”

    He was really starting to stretch me. “I think it’s too much, Jamal.”

    “Ok, just relax and get used to it.”

    “Jamal, IT'S SO BIG!”

    “Ok, Relax.”
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    “How much is in? Is all the width in yet? Does it get thicker? I'm afraid I will tear!” I tried to reach down and feel.

    He stopped me. “Yeah, baby, The width is in.”

    “OK,” I started to relax now that the fear of even more width was gone. I thought, “This is OK, it hasn't killed me yet.”

    He asked, “are you starting to feel more comfortable?”

    “Yeah, how much is that?”

    “A few inches, maybe 3 inches” he said.

    I thought, “OK, he gets as fat as he gets at this point, and actually, now that I'm relaxed, the 3 inches feel good!”

    “So,” he said. “Let’s work that a little.”

    He started working his 3 inches in and out of my pussy. My lips clung to his thickness when he withdrew, then turned inside out again as they hugged the masculine invader.

    “He's big,” I thought to myself. “but this is feeling pretty good.” He did the 3 inches for a few minutes and I adjusted.

    He said, “I think you’re ready for some more.” He put his hands behind my back and held me firmly. He said, “Now, you've got to relax!”

    He pushed forward with a lot of pressure. A lot of pressure! UH, It felt like a baseball bat was being forced in! It felt like I was going to tear! Oh Shit, I tried to back up but he held me tight, his hands were behind me, “OH GOD!” I screamed. He felt like he was getting wider. “OH Jamal, Stop, too MUCH! Too MUCH! NO! NO!”

    He said, “GOD DAMN YOU ARE TIGHT! Hold on,” and he pushed into me even harder.

    “Oh goddamn IT'S HUGE!!! NO!”

    I could feel my pelvic bones clicking as they spread, “Oh NO, Stop! I THINK I'M TEARING OR SOMETHING! PLEASE Stop! IT'S TOO FUCKING BIG!!!! Stop JAMAL! Stop right now, damn it.”

    I was getting pissed and scared now. It was hurting like hell and he wasn't stopping. It felt like he dislocated my pubic bones or something, they popped. It felt like my pussy broke! When he did stop pushing it felt like he must have buried all 10 inches in me. I was squirming to get away. He held me tight.

    “Pull it out Jamal!”

    He said, “Look, just calm down, you have got it now. Relax!”

    “It hurts, Damn it! PULL IT OUT!” I was freaking out, pissed and scared.

    “Calm down, it will be OK.”

    “Pull it out,” I was trying to squirm away, “It's too fucking big it hurts, I don't want to do this any more!”

    He said, “Ok, Just stop freaking out and let it stay there for 2 minutes, Just give it 2 minutes! It will be OK! If you still want to stop after it's in there a couple minutes we will stop.”

    “I thought you said it didn't get thicker. GOD DAMN IT!, it's Thicker. What happened?”

    He said, "I guess I lied to you!"

    "You Son Of A Bitch! WHY?"

    "Because you were so tight and it was being so difficult I knew you would quit if you knew there was more. And I know once you get used to it, you will love it. See, it's not so bad right now, is it?”

    I guess while my mind was being pissed off at him for lying, my pussy had started to adjust to his cock. And my pussy was liking it.

    He was right!

    “Ok, so is it all the way in now?”

    “No, not quite, but the fat part is in now. The first few inches are always the hardest to get in, the pelvic bones sometimes make it real tough.”

    “Pelvic bones? You often have to spread pelvic bones?” Then I realized my real problem. “It's not all in? How much is it? How much more is there? Let me see.” I sat up and he moved so I could see. I looked between my legs. HOLY SHIT! I only had about 4 inches, more than that was still left. “Oh god,” I thought as I looked at my pussy, “my pussy is ruined!”

    I was stretched paper-thin on my lips. I reached down and grabbed it, stroked it, and indeed, I did have all the width now.

    He asked, “SO?”

    “SO what” I said?
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    He said, “2 minutes are up, are you mad? Should I pull out and leave? Or just jack myself off in your pussy?”

    “I don't know if I can trust you anymore! You lied to me!”

    “Look, the hardest part is over, it gets good from this point on. I had to lie or you never would have gone this far!”

    Amazingly, I had gotten used to what I had in me. I was so full, so stretched, the feeling is sooo incredible, “Let’s work this around, BUT NO MORE UNLESS I SAY, stern voice. NO means NO! Or I will quit. Deal?”

    "Deal," he said. “Lay back and relax.”

    I did and he slowly pulled his cock back a little and in a little. Almost more like wiggling it, not fully stroking it. OK, not bad. We did this for a while; it started to feel all right. In fact, it was starting to aggravate me. I wanted more action! “Oh, that feels good Jamal.”

    “See, I told you. Tell me if you like this?” He pulled back, way back, until I slid down the taper, and my pussy started to close. Back in he pushed.

    “UH! Oh God that kills me!” I could feel my pubic bone close and then click as I opened when he reentered me. It was kind of unnerving to feel this and it made it hurt again.

    “No, Jamal, I can't handle that! That hurts when you do that.”

    “OK” he said. “Man, you are a tight one! Most girls would be loose by now!”

    He continued to wiggle and move it slightly back and forth. I finally was getting used to this and was really liking it now. I was moaning and squirming constantly readjusting. I relaxed, closed my eyes and laid back, I wasn't clutching or squeezing anything with my hands, I was just relaxing, concentrating and feeling it, REALLY FEELING IT!! The fear had left and I was getting comfortable with it. He said, “Baby, you’re little pussy is so horny. It's giving in! Your pussy is getting all opened up and it likes it.

    I said, “I KNOW! I'm HORNY!”

    “I told you, just let the magician open up the magic box.”

    Everything he said was right, I was squirming around. The full feeling was just indescribable. I was loving it! I actually wanted to feel more. I said, Jamal that feels really good, it's Ok, A little more Jamal, REAL SLOW! Holding my hips he pulled back and pushes in harder, passing the previous stopping point. Oh Shit! It was unbelievable, I loved it. He said that is about half of it. I wanted more, Jamal, push More! It was feeling real good, this was just half his cock!! I'm going cum, I said, DEEPER! It's Ok Jamal, I want it DEEPER. It feels GOOOOOD!!!”

    “Let's go slow” he said, “I don't want to turn it bad. Let's not get carried away and move too fast now.”

    I was going to go crazy, he was making me nuts, I couldn't believe it! I had went from scared to death to demanding more of his cock! And now he was refusing me, WOW, how things had changed!

    “Jamal, I'm so close to CUMMING, PLEASE! MORE!”

    “No, you’re small, I'm too big, REMEMBER!” He was being a smart-ass, teasing me now. Then he pulled out!!! And left me hanging on the verge of a killer orgasm!!

    What the...

    He said, “if you want more, you’re going to have ride me and take it as you want it, because you're too small and I am too BIG, remember?”

    Fucking smart-ass! He said, “It's the safest way. This way you can stick the whole thing in you until you're a human Popsicle if you so desire!”

    I thought to myself, right this second I wanted it stuck in me till it came out of my ears. I was so close to cumming, I was going nuts. I needed that cock NOW!

    He laid on his back on the sewing table, I told him to move a little so his feet were facing my wall mirror. I wanted to watch! I looked at him lying there, God he was a huge physical specimen. A giant. I was so turned on right now, I wanted him to FUCK me till the end of time. I climbed up on top of him facing him, I started hugging him and kissing him while sliding around on his cock through my lips. God he was just so, just so, Oh god, I've got to get him back in me!

    “Do you want your cock back in my pussy,” I said?

    He had his hands on my ass, palming my cheeks like a mini basketball. He said “I love your little ass. I want you to turn around so I can look at your little ass while I split you. I want you to take the whole thing up that little pussy of yours! You want it?”

    “Yes,” I said, “I want it SOOOOO bad. I want you to split me with that huge cock!”

    He had broken me!

    I turned around and sat at the base of his cock. My legs were spread wide to straddle his body. I raised his cock and held it against my belly to just kind of see where it was going to go. My pubic patch disappeared behind his thick cock, which reached past my belly button a couple of inches. If it all goes in, he will be poking my stomach! It's going to kill me, I can't wait! I tried to mount it on my knees but his cock is so long I had to get on my feet to mount it, he was just too long to mount on my knees!

    I held his cock with one hand and rubbed my pussy with the other. I looked in the mirror, and I couldn't believe what I was going to do, this thing is going to kill me! And I can't wait! I was so wet and slippery. As I rubbed my pussy I could feel how open I was. I put a few fingers in with little effort and rubbed the juice up and down the end of his cock. I was so loose I was getting a little worried. I hope Becky wasn't lying about being ruined. If it stayed like this, Bob could stick his in and I would never know! I was thinking it would suck to have to find a cock like this all the time just to feel it, there couldn't be a lot of ten inch cocks around! Knowing all that, I still wanted it, I and wanted it now! I didn't care at that moment if it ruined me, I wanted it now, I was possessed! I positioned his mighty cock at my opening and I looked in the mirror. The visual on this was unreal, this super fat 10" black cock pointed at this thin little white pussy. It almost made me start to wonder how it would go at all. It looked like an obvious mismatch!
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    I held my breath and eased down on it. As open as I was, the first few inches were still was like starting all over again, except this time I craved it instead of fearing it! I was pushing him in, and I watched in the mirror as the fat part tried to disappear between my lips. This was definitely the hard part. It is just so fucking thick. I couldn't get it to go in past the initial bulge, my lips were turning inside out and acting as brakes!

    He grabbed his cock at the base and said, “let me hold this and you spread your little pussy lips.”

    I looked in the mirror and pulled my lips apart with my fingers. I raised up, got some juice and I pushed down with some FORCE! I closed my eyes and concentrated. My pussy bones clicked and, OOH, Oh Shit! I GOT IT! He felt huge again! I was leaning back on my hands. I looked in the mirror, FUCK, that is HUGE! The way my pussy was stretched was inhuman. My pussy was so wide! Oh man, I hope this isn't ruining me!

    After the initial shock, I adjusted much quicker than before and started using about half of the 10". I got comfortable with the first half pretty quickly, kind of been here done this! I was working half his cock pretty aggressively. It was feeling better than anything I had ever felt, sex or otherwise. I was close to cumming since the second I put it in me! I was soooo horny!

    “You want to go DEEPER in my pussy” I asked?

    “Oh yeah, take it DEEP baby! Deep in that tight little pussy!”

    I pushed another inch or so in. I was about to the end of what had been used in my pussy until now, about 6" deep, but it felt like I had 2 six inch dicks at once, Jamal was so wide. It was feeling so good, “I'm cumming, right now” I said.

    He tried pushing.

    “No, Let me cum, I'M CUMMING!!!”

    I clamped my pussy down on that sucker, and was rewarded with incredible spasms.

    “Oh God,” I said out loud! “I did it, I came from intercourse!”

    “No” he said, “not intercourse, WE’RE FUCKING!”

    I had to stop to catch my breath.

    I settled after my orgasm and started again sliding up and down this cock from hell. I was really getting into watching in the mirror, I could actually see the outline of his cock inside me. My pubic area would bulge as I was working up and down it.

    “God, I'm gonna cum again, after 1 minute, holy shit this is good.” I reached down to rub my clit at the same time and that's when I realized why size was so important. I was stretched so wide his cock has my clit turned inside my pussy and is rubbing my clit the whole time he is in me! I was really heating up, and I asked him again if he wanted to go deeper.

    “Oh yeah! DEEPER!”

    I told him, “you know, I'm a virgin up there, if we go deeper we will be in uncharted territory.”

    “I know” he said. “I want your next cherry.”
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    I pushed down using most of my weight. It was difficult to force it in. I decided I was going to go for it, ALL OF IT! All at once! Even if it did hurt! Kind of like jumping in cold water, the best way is just jump right in and then get used to it. After a while it will feel good. I wanted his whole cock, I knew once I adjusted to it that it would be even better than it already was! I pushed another inch or so my pussy and worked it up and down, slowly. GOD, it hurt, but it hurt good. I was breathing like I was having a baby. I was concentrating on pushing him in! I worked it and pushed more, and worked it. He was DEEP in my pussy, it was killing me. I was so stretched deep in my pussy, I became obsessed, I wanted it all! I pushed hard as I could, I was having to push with more than my weight, he was pulling down on my waist. He said, “The funnel, the funnel, this tiny waist makes it like a funnel!”

    I knew now what he meant. It almost felt like I got tighter as we went deeper! I was fucking dying, he was destroying my pussy and I LOVED IT! I was at about 8", maybe almost 9" and pushing as hard as I could. I was at my bottom, I had no more pussy left to give.

    “I'm CUMMING again!” He pushed, I pushed, he was at bottom, and I was maxed out, I couldn't take any more. I could see his cock all the way in my belly. My waist was actually expanding from his FAT LONG COCK! I came sooo hard I almost passed out.

    I settled down with his cock buried as deep in my pussy as it would go. I looked in the mirror and almost 2" were left.

    I said, “Jamal, I'm sorry, that's all I can take.”

    He said, “Don't worry about it, most girls can't take it all, and I will tell you, I think you’re the tightest ever. You’re being a real trooper, you're taking it pretty good now.”

    I was sitting there with his cock as deep in my pussy as it would go. I was out of breath from orgasms.

    “Can I ask you one thing?”


    “Do you ever cum?”

    Laughing, he said, “yeah, only when you’re done and ready for me to.”

    I asked, “What makes you cum best?”

    He said, “Two things turn me on and make me cum. Fucking your tight little white pussy deep and hard, and most important, is you CUMMING.”

    I said, “I've had mine a few times, more than ever before, now I want to do something to make you CUM.”

    He said, “DOGGIE!”



    I climbed off and got on my knees on the table. He stood beside the table and pulled me to the edge on my knees. He is so tall. He can fuck me doggie standing at the edge of the table with me on my knees on the table! It didn't seem like a mismatch now, it seemed perfect. He slid his cock to my hole and forced it in with a pretty firm push, going at least half way in one stroke. Uh, damn that first few inches is tough even after all the fucking we had already done. He started working it, working deeper and deeper. Even after all the fucking we had already done, it still was a challenge to bury it to the bottom again. But, I tried hard, and it wasn't long before he was buried in my pussy as deep as it would go. I reached under and felt the rest of his cock. About 2" left, 9" inches was going to be all I could take! Just no more pussy left, I was truly maxed out! He was working me slow and deep, pulling back just a little and grinding it against the bottom. A real slow deep grind. It was so good, He is so BIG , I am so FULL. “I'm gonna CUM again.”

    He was grinding it to the bottom and said, “You like that?”

    “Oh, God, do I like that!”

    He said “I really want to FUCK THE DOG SHIT OUT OF YOU!"

    I said, “You are!”

    He said “No, I want to REALLY FUCK YOU!”

    With that, he pulled way back but not all the way out and drove it back in. He said, “want me to long stroke you?” and he did it again.
  19. Humblestud

    Humblestud New Member

    Jan 27, 2007
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    “Oh shit, yes!”

    “Yes, what?” he said.

    “Yes, do it!”

    “Do what?”, he asked.

    “Please Jamal, long stroke me.”

    “Baby, you gonna get some miles in tonight. 10" adds up quick!” He started pulling back about 6" and grinding it in. This was awesome.

    He said, “You like?”

    “Oh yeah,” I said.

    He said, “GOOD, then you’re gonna love this.” He put one hand on his cock and held my lips with the other. He pulled slowly all the way out and pushed slowly all the way in. UH! WOW! He did it again slowly, all the way out and all the way to the bottom. My pussy was being abused! My pussy was clicking every time he did it as my pelvic bones adjusted, it was the most awesome feeling!

    He started slamming it in me, full strokes, fast and hard! ALL THE WAY OUT, ALL THE WAY IN!

    He said, “You like that, don't you?”

    “Oh yeah, I love your fucking cock.”

    He said, “My cock looks so good splitting your tight little pussy!”

    He seemed to be getting even bigger at this point. He was getting close to cumming! He was stoking all the way out and to the bottom with every stroke, HARD! His cock was harder! He was holding me tight by the waist. Faster now, he was killing me, fucking tearing me up! He was drilling the shit out of me! I couldn't catch my breath, I was going to cum so hard, he is so fucking big. He's being pretty rough, his cock is swelling even more, I'm stretching.

    Oh Shit, I think I'm going to tear, oh god it's good, He did this for a long time.

    I started cumming, “Oh shit Jamal, I’M CUMMING!!”

    He didn't stop and let me finish though. “Stop Jamal, I gonna die if you don't stop!”

    He kept stroking forever. I was having a constant orgasm the whole time he was stroking! “Please Jamal, I can't catch my breath!”

    He said, “Just another second or so and I will cum with you!” He was stroking hard and deep, hitting the bottom with force. My lips were getting raw, his cock must have swelled even bigger, he was tearing me up and I was cumming my brains out.

    He said, “God Damn you're tight girl, it's cumming, it's cumming, I'M CUMMING!”, He pushed to my bottom and held with heavy pressure. I felt his cum from the base as it came to the end, his cock bulged and stretched me more one last time as his cum shot to the end. His cock felt like a snake that swallowed a rat. I was cumming so hard, I was so maxed out and so full he had to pull back a little to give his cum somewhere to go! Oh god, his hot load was dumping deep in my pussy and I was cumming with him. This was the best moment in my entire life!

    We stayed locked together for a few minutes after our mutual orgasms, just trying to digest what just happened. He spoke first, “Damn, baby, I’ve had a lot of pussy but yours has to be the tightest ever, I thought you were going to rub me so much I would come out thinner. That's some good shit!”

    I said, “I used to have a tight pussy, I think it's safe to say you ruined that tonight! You fucking stretched me out big time. I think you fucking ruined me, thank you!”

    He was still mostly hard, and he started to move a little. “You want some more?”

    “No,” I answered, “I'm pretty raw, I need a break, I can't handle anymore tonight. Can I get a rain check?”

  20. Humblestud

    Humblestud New Member

    Jan 27, 2007
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    “You bet”, he answered, “anytime.”

    He said, “How do you get home?”

    “I usually walk, but that could be a challenge tonight after what you did to my pussy!”

    “You need a ride home?”

    I said, “Sure that would be nice.”

    We got dressed and went to his waiting limo. Walking to the limo, I was SO SORE, I was bowlegged as hell. He really tore me up! We snuggled all the way. He tried to get me going again, I stopped him.

    “Jamal, I can't, I'm really sore!”

    He pulled up to my apartment.

    So I asked, “Can I see you sometime after I heal?”

    He said, “I insist!”

    “I hope so” I answered, “I'm going to have to get regular visits I think, your suits aren't the only thing tailor made for you in that shop now. After the way you bored me out tonight, I think my pussy has been "tailor MADE" for you! No one else will ever hit the sides again!”, I said, laughing!

    I kissed him good-bye,and walked (as best I could) to my apartment. When I entered Bob was waiting for me.

    He said, “Why so late? What's with the limo?”

    I said, “I had to stay late and measure a customer and he gave me a ride home.”

    I must have looked rung out, he said, “You feel OK, you look all flushed and sweaty.”

    “No,” I answered, “I think I'm coming down with something. I'm really, really sore,” laughing inside!

    “Why don't you lay down and rest,” he said. “I guess I won't be getting any tonight!”

    “No honey, maybe tomorrow!”

    “So,” he asked, “who was the customer with the limo, anyone I would know? Anyone famous?”

    “Maybe,” I answered, “A basketball star named Jamal Bonito!”

    “Holy shit, really, he's awesome! Did you get anything autographed?”

    I laughed inside, and thought to myself, if you only knew the way he autographed my pussy!

    He said, “You had to measure him for a suit, he's a BIG motherfucker isn't he?”

    Laughing again inside, “He's big”, I said. “He's so big in fact he has to have everything

    Tailor MADE!”

    So that's it. As I usually say when I share,

    Courtesy of The Deep Throat Tech Group
    Google Groups

    Later I'll post some of my own stuff.

    PS- Does this group like vids?
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